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Mike Young’s Act Is Still Old

Back in 2007 I wrote a blog post about Republican State Senator Mike Young.  Back then, as the Republicans were picking their new County Chairman, Young said current Chairman Tom John would get the job over his dead body.  

It’s 2009 and I’m still waiting for Young to keep his promise.

In the true spirit of being a political obstructionist, Young managed to get Marion County exempted from legislation that could have put it on the road to reforming its Library system.

SB 348 would require library districts across Indiana to look at how they provide services and encourage them to consolidate into singe countywide library districts.  Young offered an amendment in Committee that would exempt Marion County, particularly Speedway and Beech Grove.

Please note, Speedway Library has a higher tax rate than the Marion County Library tax rate and Beech Grove recently went to the state asking to raise the property tax caps.  So why Mike Young would spend time protecting higher taxes and inefficient government instead of looking out for the taxpayers is beyond me.

He is the typical example of a piece of political cholestoral that clogs the arteries of government reform.

  • pascal

    There are some library systems in Marion County that were run into the ground by idiots and I’m sure no one would want to be associated or controlled by fiscal idiots. Speaking of which, I can’t remember the name of the Library whose expansion is mired in lawsuits and like most things government does came in Major Millions over budget. Corruption does have its costs and they are generally then embedded into tax rates. High tax rates are no guarentee of quality services nor are low ones.

  • Joe

    What do you expect, Abdul? His district is gerrymandered so badly he never gets a serious challenge.

  • http://www.ogdenonpolitics.com Paul K. Ogden

    Joe, that can be said about just about any legislator, including members of Congress. The challenge generally comes from within the party, usually out of touch party chairman and othe party leaders who rig slating conventions to throw out the incumbent who won’t agree to simply ratify whatever leadership wants.

    I’m generally in favor of consolidation, but I can see why a locality might want to opt out of the Marion County-Indianapolis library system for exactly the reasons “Pascal” cites.

  • whatyousay

    I was under the understanding that all the major millions over budget and the lawsuits had to do with the fact that the library was it’s own contractor, therefore they did not have an umbrella policy to cover the faulty work. Maybe they were more concerned with giving contracts to their special interest groups.

    Once again like the school board we have a group of people who do not have to answer to anyone.

  • Think Again

    Whatdoyousay: library boards are answerable to the persons who appoint them, whom we elect. School boards are elected. You might wanna think before you type. And its has no aportrophe, ya knucklehead. It can never be possessive.

    Abdul, I’m with you when you’r right. Mike Young was, is and always will, be a hack obstructionist. And my senator (sigh)

    Poof be gone.

  • Think Again


  • Uncle Tom

    Everytime I hear of this man’s name, of Senator Mike Young, it reminds me of every time I have stepped in dog shiit. The man is worthless and a social leech. He’s like those damn Democrats we cannot get rid of and a nightmare that won’t go away.

  • channing webster

    Vote for Phil Webster. He coached Decatur Central to its first and only state championship in 2008 and he is in the Indiana High School Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    This is the same jerk who pushed to get rid of the felony nonsupport law, and wants people who don’t pay their child support to have a reduced penalty for that crime. Under his influence, the $15,000 threshold to increase the crime of nonsupport to a higher felony was removed from the law books.