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How to Leave a Comment

It’s really easy to leave a comment on Indiana Barrister, but not everyone gets it. You can register to the website, and subscribe to the daily email, but you don’t have to be registered or signed in to leave a comment. Here’s how easy it is:

1. Pick a name (your real name, nickname, blogger id, etc)

2. Always use that same name (do NOT use different names or the subject of your comment as your name)

3. Always use the same email address (it can be real or fake, just use the same one)

4. Comment Away!

After your first comment is approved, the rest of your comments will be automatically approved. (If a comment contains a few links  it will have to be approved by the admin to prevent spam.)

If you use a different name or email address for your next comment, your comment will not be automatically approved like everyone else. The admin will get an email telling him to approve your comment. If the admin keeps getting bugged with emails to moderate your comments because you keep changing your name / email address, your comments will be deleted.

Keep your language semi-clean, be nice to the others leaving comments . . . and most importantly – be nice to Abdul.

Thanks for reading (and commenting.)