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We have received over 40,000 comments in the past six years from our loyal readers! What local Indianapolis or Indiana site has 40,000 comments?

36,000 page views a month! #Indy #Local

Indiana Barrister has been one of the most important political websites in the State of Indiana since 2005. Radio talk show host, lawyer, professor and blogger Abdul Hakim-Shabazz provides daily commentary about Indiana politics, taxes, education, crime and other issues important to Hoosiers.

In April 2009, The Washington Post named Indiana Barrister as one of the Best State Blogs in all 50 states. NUVO listed Indiana Barrister as one of the online sources for political coverage in Indianapolis on October 31st, 2007. And Brian Howey of “Howey Politics Indiana” has listed Indiana Barrister as one of the most influential blogs in the State.

Hardly a day goes by when a policymaker or elected official from across the State does not read Indiana Barrister. And with a very engaged demographic from central Indiana, contributors to Indiana Barrister visit and they visit often. 20,000 visitors view over 40,000 pages each month. Over 80% of the website visitors are from the State of Indiana. Indiana Barrister users have spoke their mind with nearly 40,000 comments to the unique local news Abdul provides, and have helped to improve their community.

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blog advertising is good for you