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About Indiana Barrister

Indiana BarristerIndiana Barrister is a weblog, or interactive online journal, with the most recent entry on top. Indiana Barrister seeks to be one of the Net’s best sources for Hoosier commentary.

In modern terms a “barrister” is simply “a lawyer admitted to plead at the bar in the superior courts.” Click here for more information about Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

NUVO listed Indiana Barrister as one of THE online sources for political coverage in Indianapolis on October 31st, 2007.

The best source online for Abdul’s opinions is his Indiana Barrister blog, updated just about daily, and a clearing-house for all his other Web-based material. You can get a flavor for Hakim-Shabazz’s colorful style in an excerpt from this September entry about a Lawrence mayoral debate he moderated: “However, there was an underlying theme that Lawrence should be ‘separate’ from Indianapolis. They wanted control of the major roads and zoning. I really don’t understand this need to be separate … Make them all one. Assimilate everyone. Resistance is futile.”