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My Top 10 Post-Election Tasks

Now that our long, national nightmare (the 2016 Election) is over, I can get back to work on a few things that I’ve put on hold.  Here are the top 10.

  1. Get back to work on my novel, “Sub-Leasing Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
  2. Rebooting the stand-up comedy routine and hitting the area club circuit.
  3. Break out the colored pencils and sketch pads.
  4. Finally get past the sabertooth that keeps killing my character Takkar in Far Cry Primal on my PS 4.
  5. Get a few thousand comic books bagged, boarded and boxed and into storage.
  6. Get the annoying, yappie dog to the groomers so he doesn’t look like a mop with legs.
  7. Get back to a regular workout routine and lose the 20 or so pounds that have been creeping up since January.
  8. Purge all the crap out of my office so I can see what the top of my desks look like.
  9. Hit the IRT, Symphony, the Museum of Art and try to see Voyage of Time at the IMAX at the State Museum.
  10. Take a few days and do the “giant triangle”  road trip with the Lovely Mrs. Shabazz and go visit friends and family in Illinois and Missouri.

You may look at this list and say “so what”, but what’s important is that none of this has anything to do with politics.  There’s been enough of that for a while and I don’t think it would hurt to take a step or two back and focus on some other things for a while.

We’re not taking our eyes off the ball, because there are a lot of important issues to focus on.  We’re just recapturing some perspective to focus on those personal things that are just as important, if not more so; especially number 10.

I suggest you do the same.


  • malercous

    The national nightmare is only just beginning. I will be crying in the shower trying to wash the stank my fellow Americans have left on me. I hope the hot water lasts for 4 years.

  • The_Amazing_Abdul

    Donald Trump has actually done me some good. His victory is annoying the hell out of some people who I can’t stand. Allah really does work in mysterious ways

  • malercous

    Hey, when you come to IL & if you get down to the STL area, you have an open invite from me to take you to my gun range & put you behind some serious fire power. It’d buff your GOP cred to have pix of you shooting guns.

    I’d get a kick out of introducing a black Muslim with an Arabic name to some of the right-wingers there. While their heads are still swimming, I’ll tell `em you’re a Republican too. Since it’s a shooting range we have ear plugs. The old crusties will need them to keep their brains from oozing out their ears.

  • Mark Duwe

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would think someone in this country can’t be two things at the same time, things that they don’t see going together. I was going to say, like Gin and Rootbeer, but someone will say they drink that all the time. Being and believing different things is exactly what this country was founded and built for.