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Trump Should Welcome a Contested Primary

You know for a guy who supposedly got rich because of his negotiation skills, you would think Donald Trump would be French kissing the idea of a contested Republican convention instead of whining about the possibility.

Think about it.

What happens in a contested convention?  If no candidate has a clear majority of delegates after the first vote, the wheeling and dealing begin.  Trump has gotten rich doing that so why worry?

Trump claims that he can build a wall on the border and make Mexico pay for it.  He says he can renegotiate our trade deals with China and Japan and eliminate our trade deficit.  And he called the Iranian nuclear deal a sham and says he could do a lot better.  So if he can negotiate all these items, why should he be worried about a few delegates?

And when you break it down, it’s really not that many.

Remember, to get the Republican nomination for President, you need 1,237 delegates.  After Wisconsin, Trump has 740 or 47 percent of the current total.   If he stays on this trajectory he will have about 1162 delegates by convention time, which is 75 delegates short of what’s needed to win the nomination..

So you mean to tell me one the most famous billionaires in America who has been negotiating multi-million and billion dollar deals for decades is worried about convincing 75 people to change their minds and support him for President?  Seriously?

Trump who plans to bring the Chinese to their knees, make Mexico fork over a few billion pesos to build a wall and bomb the you know what out of ISIS is worried that he can’t 75 Republicans to change their mind and support him for President?

If that’s the case then it appears that rumors of Trump’s deal making abilities may have been grossly exaggerated.

  • malercous

    Good analysis/opinion/view Abdul. You ought to opine more on national affairs.

  • RAM500

    Maybe Trump expects to be outbid for the available delegates. Plenty of his enemies are richer than he is.

  • http://www.screenplays-christinavahlsing.20megsfree.com/ Vahlsing

    2016 – Its election time again for a new U.S. President.

    Grand Old Party dwellers Cruz and Kasich need to drop out and stop beating on dead campaigns; and ignorant commie Cruz needs to move to Canada. He doesn’t symbolize real “American Freedom”. Stop using religion in political campaigns!

    “Separation of church and State!”

    I was raised as Catholic; and most of my education was attending private (with very strict Franciscan sisters if I remember) Catholic schools in New Jersey and New York. I would never push my religious beliefs onto someone of a different faith or of no faith. Electors must respect individuality; it’s what “American Freedom” is all about!

    There could be three candidates running for US president in Nov. –

    GOP: Trump … Democrat: Clinton … Independent: Sanders

    Clinton has no chance against Trump; but Sanders could give Trump a run for his money! Trump has got to get his derriere moving and shaking to pull those undecided voters towards his campaign team. You have too many “independent” voters that are not participating in the primaries; it is obvious looking at each State’s voter turnout for the primaries and their population ratio. No one is voting! …and the media and gallop polls are delusional!

    …and many like myself who are registered as a Republican do not and has never voted for someone because they were a member of a particular party; and I never will in the future. I am a member of a party for one reason and that is to be able to vote in the primaries.

    There are over 50,000,000 people in the U.S. that live below the poverty line and cannot participate in the economy who are able to vote. Who are they going to vote for, huh??? Most of them are old people on their minuscule Social Security benefits. Social Security benefits should be no less than the federal minimum wage whether you paid in or not –(making sure that everyone is not suffering). Women are the ones that are suffering the most.

    … You also have the young people (between ages of 18-24 – 31.5 million) who can vote and are struggling trying to get a good job in the private sector; and suffering the consequences of not being able to walk into an old persons job because they (the old people) can’t retire because they can’t afford to lose that income. Social Security benefits do not meet the expense of basic needs of an old person like a roof over their head, nutritious food, clothing, medical & pharmaceuticals, basic necessities, etc., etc. … “Essentials of Human Life”! …and how about some of that extra fun money! –(of which the economy needs that extra cash flow as a whole). The retirement age for Social Security benefits needs to be rolled back to age 55 so that young people can fill those old people’s jobs. The overall Social Security capital cash flow depository should come from immediate workers (both from the private sector and government sectors Local, State & Federal). It would all balance out if you would get rid of the many over lapping government agencies that have too many government employees with bloated salaries. –(Also, over paid bloated government contracts needs to be slashed). Government employees overall (Local, State & Federal) all agencies needs to be reduced. We have too many people working for the government for bloated salaries. These people should be working in the private sectors.

    …We also need to change our fundamental school system from twelve years of education to ten years of education – (meaning that we need to have a year-around (twelve months non-stop) school year and get rid of the middle school. Whereas, elementary school is kindergarten to sixth-grade and high school grades are seventh-grade, eighth-grade, ninth-grade and tenth-grade. You would have less of a dropout rate and more young attending higher education. …and higher education must be a continued education, whereas the State of where those young people reside the State pays for their higher learning. This result will cause an increase of a very educated future workforce in all fields.

    The Republican Party must stop their abusive crazy uncaring / heartless antics. The world is a crowded place; and every individual on the planet does not have those lucky opportunities come their way; and a caring U.S. President would have the intelligence to acknowledge that. Trump has those qualities. He is keen sighted.

    … “Seasoned politicians can sell wool sweaters to a flock of sheep” … I am a moderate-LIBERAL; and on certain issues I stand my ground. I support a Republican ticket for 2016 =

    DONALD TRUMP president / Dr. BEN CARSON vice-president

    …the U.S. needs Dr. BEN CARSON for vice-president … (he complements the Trump team).

    Make America Great Again! Trump for Pres.

    “We cannot pretend freedom for ourselves and impact restrictions on others. Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!”