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Seriously Simpson?

I had no idea  Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett’s recently released anti-crime plan was racist.  At least that’s what one Democrat elected official is saying.

Democratic Councilor Joe Simpson has been attacking the Mayor’s 100-day crime plan, basically saying it’s racist, because it unfairly targets blacks and makes them look like the face of crime.

I am not making this up.

Here’s what Hogsett’s “racist” crime plan does…

  • Returns to a more traditional community policing and reassigning more officers to the city’s troubled spots.
  • Calls for more collaboration between state, local and federal law enforcement.
  • More aggressive pursuit of the more 1,400 individuals with outstanding felony warrants.
  • Use of more real-time crime data.
  • Increased community outreach, including the hiring a full-time employee to tackle the issues of poverty and hunger.

Did I miss something, because this plan obviously has the KKK and Aryan Nation written all over it.  (Sarcasm!!!)

Apparently, Joe Simpson says going after the 1,400 individuals (which he says are mostly black) is where the real racism kicks in.  No offense, but let’s say for argument that’s true, seeing how 80-percent of most crime is intraracial, those black suspects with outstanding warrants committed crimes against other black people.   Once again, someone cut two holes in my white sheet so I can see what I’m missing here.

Hogsett’s plan is not racist and it’s silly to think so.  We can debate how effective it will be especially since Indy has had its 10th homicide by my last count on Sunday.  However, tackling these these problems will come from serious adults having serious conversations, and I can’t take Joe Simpson seriously.  For that matter, no one should.