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With All the Power…

omes all the responsibility.

Pardon my play on words from Peter Parker, but that is my sentiment now that Democrats have seized complete control of Indianapolis government for the first time nearly eight years.

With Joe Hogsett as Mayor and the Democrats controlling the Council 13-12, they now have the opportunity to put their vision into play and they also get the responsibility if things go south.

They get to be responsible for crime.

They get to be responsible for the budget.

They get to be responsible for the economic development.

They get to be responsible for potholes.

Unlike President Barack Obama who can point a finger at Republicans and label them as obstructionists for blocking his agenda, Democrats do not get that luxury.  They can only point the fingers at themselves.

However, as easy as it would be to start the early criticism, Democrats should be given an opportunity to prove they can govern.  Numerous times Council Democrats have said they can’t work with Mayor Greg Ballard.  Now the voters have given them Hogsett.   So now there’s no excuse.

They control both branches of government, so let’s see what they can do.

It’s all theirs.  Or if I may quote one of my other favorite films, “son, you’re on your own.”


  • RAM500

    Tax bills will rise.