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Call Me, Cuban Pete

When you love cigars and have a wife who speaks Spanish, there’s no better news than the President moving forward to normalize relations with Cuba.

He made the announcement last week.

Now granted, we won’t be flying down anytime soon, and there is that matter of that little matter of the embargo, but I can’t wait to use Expedia to book my flight to Havana.  I have never understood why the embargo is still in place, when it sure hasn’t worked.

The embargo has been in place since 1959.  And what have we gotten for it?  The Castros are still in power, in fact, they’ve managed to outlast eight American Presidents and no other country cares.

And please spare me the human rights arguments.   I love it when people posted how wrong I was about the embargo on my Facebook pages using their iPhones that were made in China.  Not to mention the relations we have with Vietnam, which killed 55,000 Americans.  And don’t even get me started on Saudi Arabia.  Heck, even Saddam Hussein was our “ally” during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s so it seems a little hypocritical to get worked up over Cuba when we’ve been in bed with some of the worst actors on the planet.

I believe that if you want people to appreciate freedom and liberty, you have to engage them.  And what better way to engage them by going to where they are and letting them see that freedom face-to-face.

And what better way to engage the Cuban people with a good cigar, mojito and conversation?

Hey Cuban Pete, call me!



  • malercous

    Actually if Fidel hangs on for a few more weeks he’ll have outlasted 10 Presidents (outliving 7) since sanctions began. He won this battle decades ago, since at least the `70’s we’ve only looked petty with our embargo. This should have been done 25 years ago.