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Some Thoughts on Ferguson

I’ve been out of town for a few days, but even in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan my wife and I couldn’t get away from news coverage of what’s going on in Ferguson, MO.

I think I can speak somewhat intelligently on this seeing how I spent three years going to law school in St. Louis, so I am somewhat familiar with the lay of the land.

With respect to Ferguson, it is a classic example of how everything that could go wrong did.

The robbery over a pack of cheap cigars, police overreaching by arresting journalists, outsiders coming in and looting, you name it.

But deep at heart with this entire situation is the issue of relationships, particularly between police and the communities that they serve.

The Ferguson Police Department did not look like the community it represents, nor did it have the relationship with the business and faith-based community that it should have, because if it did, a lot of this might have been avoided.

That is something that should never be lost on Indianapolis and other major cities. No matter how many police you put on the street, it won’t make a difference unless the department has an open, honest and trustworthy relationship with the community that it serves.

People don’t take to the streets for the last thing you did, it’s all the other stuff beforehand that should have been dealt with a long time ago.

Just a few thoughts; it’s nice to be back.




  • AWB

    >because if it did, a lot of this might have been avoided.

    I doubt that. You give too much credibility to the thug mentality. To the POS thugs it doesn’t matter if the cops are 100% white, 50% white, or 100% Black. Thugs do what they do best and the end result is almost always the grave or prison.

  • malercous

    Actually Abdul, the only thing that really “went wrong” was that the media reported the first witness’s statements only. The additional info that’s been coming out seems to vindicate the officer. Apparently, the first witness to speak (Mike Brown’s buddy) didn’t mention things to the media that he did to the police. It seems the other 12 or so witnesses contradict some very important aspects of his statement.

    If the LEO in question was black, I doubt this story would have made it out of page 5 of the STL Post-Dispatch. I agree with you that if the local constabulary looked more like the community it was serving, a lot of this would (not “might”) have been avoided.

    I’m not saying the local media as biased, just that they didn’t have all the facts when the story broke. (Simply shocking; has this evber happened before?) I’ll still wait for the results of the investigations to be completed before passing judgment.

  • http://www.prashantthakur.in/vision-mission/ Maharashtra politicians

    Yes.. it’s nice to have you back too Abdul… Nice columns and insights…