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Minnesota and the Marriage Amendment

If you want an idea of what could happen if the marriage amendment gets on the ballot in Indiana this November, you may want to head north to Minnesota.

The North Star State took up the amendment in 2012. It was defeated 52-47 and cost Republicans control of the State Senate.

We spoke with Jack Tomczak of News Talk AM 1160 in the Twin Cities on WIBC-FM’s “Abdul at-Large” program.  He has observed the issue since 2000.

You can hear his comments below, they run approximately 15 minutes.

Leon-Tailored Audio: KTLK Radio Hose Jack Tomczak on Minnesotans Rejected of Marriage Amendment

The Indiana Senate Rules Committee will hear testimony on HJR-3 Monday afternoon.


  • AWB

    I tend to disagree that passing such an amendment would cause a change in the Indiana GA. Remember, we’re talking Minnesota which seems to be trending to the left. After all they DID elect that complete moron, idiot, failed comedian and just dumb !@! Al Franken to the US Senate.