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When in Doubt, Shoot the Messenger

One of nice things about being a political pundit is you know you’re winning the debate when people attack you instead of the argument that you make.    This is especially true in the case of Democratic City-County Councilor Vern Brown.

In a recent letter to the editor in the Indy Star, Brown said he was offended by my recent comments regarding black men in Indy killing each other.  I find it funny that Brown seems more upset with me than the criminals who are doing the shooting and killing.

Now this would also be the point in the narrative where I would tell Brown the urban equivalent of “give me a break”, but I doubt it would do much good, so my advice is for him to redirect his anger.

Brown says, as black man, his life should not be valued less than other races or ethnic groups; then maybe he should be telling that to black men who are killing each other.

Brown says he’s offended that we are allowing people to die because of the color of their skin.  You’d think he’d direct that at the people pulling the trigger because they also the same skin color because the last time I checked the guys who show up in the ambulance are trying to save black lives.

Brown closes out his letter by saying that we will only succeed when the murder rate at 42nd and Post Road is the same as 86th & Meridian.  Well one way to make that happen is for the folks who live on 42nd street to start behaving like they live on 86th Street.

It is much easier for people like Brown to blame the bearer of bad news rather than the individuals who are actually responsible for the bad news that was created in the first place.

Give me a break!


  • Raw Hide

    Brown’s misery theology is the soft bigotry of no expectation.

    What has Brown done to protect young lives he claims to “value” like those exposed to his lack of discretion in promotion of police merit board appointees?

    There are those who were aware of allegations but preferred the pay they received in going along with the Penn State football program…

    The only skin that concerns Brown is his own.

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