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Mass Transit Advocates Pull Out All the Stops

Indy connect now open letter to members of the indiana general assembly from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • Peteboggs

    “Investment” would require the fiscal sincerity of those endorsing Mass Transit- with their money (!!!); not OPM (other people’s money) / taxpayer dollars / public subsidy.

    Legoland costs money, but axpayer dollars shouldn’t be spent on wish list leveraging of a politically contrived identity crisis or little brother syndrome (“if only we were like Chicago”).

    Nobody “saves” money while using coupons & taxes on the income & property of taxpayers are spent- not invested.

    Our government is the metaphoric equivalent of someone who weighs 1200 pounds & proposed / projected to weigh 1500 pounds next year- bad idea! Citizens don’t need higher taxes, they need Constitutionally relevant / responsible government. Why add to the morbid proportion of that which is not working?

    Where does mass transit pay for itself? If there is such a place (Oz?), why can’t the wizards attract free market investment?

    Imagination, allows that a task force of people with that collective resume would generate dynamic, free market solutions; not unimaginative, fee market dependency of cash grabbing statism.

    There are fine folks on that list, who unfortunately & contradictorily, disconnect by their endorsement, from those they claim to “connect.” Their endorsement of more government as the “solution,” is a clear disconnect from the economic reality of those required to pay for it. This task force would more aptly be named Indy Disconnect.

    Where are the leaders (?!?), of the small / limited, Constitutionally reconciled / relevant / responsible government party? “Me too socialism” or slow-cialism, is no answer to the problems facing this country.

  • Peteboggs

    At his hour, Indy Politics reports that proponents are interested in “compromise.”

    Sane compromise would require advocates to design a self SUSTAINING, big-G-free solution; no income or asset taking, just sound free market principle.

  • Peteboggs

    P.S. When did public transportation appear on property tax bills?

    Public Transportation is itemized on Marion County property tax bills (State Form 53569 / Treasurer Form TS-1A, Table 3 under “Taxing Authority” the fourth item from the top or first). The itemization was sent earlier this month & accompanied by a note from the County Treasurer.

  • pascal

    Are these co-signers pledging their lives, their own personal fortunes, and their honor that costs won’t exceed their rosy estimates, that their cronies won’t profit a lot from pillage(or any), that taxes won’t be raised more than the one time? I didn’t think so-just names with no accounting, no responsibility, no nothing.

  • Peteboggs

    Archetypically, the disconnected-connected, place wear on the cliche but rarely have skin in the game; instead being adept at leveraging the hides of unsuspecting “others.”

  • streetfighter

    I am retired so I am out and about and see there is a bus stop within walking distance of most areas and I see the mostly riderless busses. They couldn’t continue the express busses after the federal subsidy due to it not being sustainable due to costs and that was on the one supposedly successful route. The other Greenwood route ceased due to lack of interest. This is another fleecing of the taxpayers and will increase property taxes also for Marion county giving Indy Go more authority to obtain more money as they choose. Not to mention the COIT, etc. Bad enough they have managed to circumvent the 1-2-3 tax cap with their lousy assessment system or shall I say its a system that allows them freedom to take more from us. Pay attention and fight back citizens. Liberals have little sense of logic.

  • streetfighter

    Naturally: California awards billion-dollar high speed rail contract to firm partly owned by Dianne Feinstein’s husband

    **Written by Doug Powers

    All aboard the crony capitalism train!

    Remember the good old days when Dianne Feinstein would insist her husband remove his name from consideration for government contracts in the state she represents because she didn’t want there to be any appearance of impropriety? Me neither.