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Indy’s Most Liberal?

Some are Tea Party folks just put out their list of “most liberal” reporters in Indianapolis.  They were debating posting something this weekend.  I will save them the trouble.    I came in at #7.   I guess this just means I will have to work harder next time.   On the plus side, I guess doing stuff like this is actually easier than getting out and working to make change.


Here’s the bulk of the e-mail.

Below is a summary of tea party inputs and rankings:

Indy’s Ten Most Liberal Reporters

1- Mathew Tully, Indianapolis Star
2- Jim Shella, WISH-TV CH 8
3- Sheila Suess  Kennedy, Indianapolis Star
4-Dan Carpenter, Indianapolis Star
5-Kevin Rader, WTHR-TV CH 13
6-Mary Beth Schneider, Indianapolis Star
7-Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, Gadfly & Former Radio Jock*
8-Mary Milz, WTHR-TV CH 13
9-Mick Mauer, Indianapolis Business Journal
10-Steve Hammer, Nuvo

A “Liberal’ or “Progressive” subscribes to some or all of the following:

Anti-tea party, world government; weak local government; centralized state government; weak states’ rights; high progressive tax rates; pro Common Core; anti school vouchers; free universal health care; pro gun control; full rights to gay marriage; abortion without restriction; centralized economy; tax on hydrocarbon fuels; open international borders; lower national defense spending; and European Socialism.

*I take issue with the Gadfly part, since they don’t get paid!  I’m off to the bank this morning to make another deposit!

  • Rhonda Starr

    I love how “anti-tea-party” is the 1st criteria for their definition of liberal. If you are not with us, you are against us!!!!

  • Indyernie

    I think Hammer should be insulted, he should hit the list right after Shella.

  • Wsti88

    Stupid is what stupid does

  • http://www.politicalseason.blogspot.com PoliticalSeason

    I totally agree Rhonda. The fact that disagreeing with them is the #1 reason to be labeled liberal is exhibit A as to how lacking in seriousness this silly list effort is. And the other reasons they give, many are pretty silly sounding, vague and undefined as well.

  • CircleCityScribe

    Amos Brown isn’t on the list?

  • Steve

    Wow Abdul. Congrats. They call you liberal? I hope that you can find a way to cope with that. As. long as the tea part gets to elect the candidates in the primary, the 30% democrats and the 40% independents will keep electing people who can find their way out of a room. Oh yea that was the liberal media that you now belong to that defeated poor Richard. My bad.

  • Chris

    Just how “pure” do you have to be to not make this list? Purely ignorant that is. The party are way way over on the right. Nuts!