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Have a Cheat Sheet on Us!!!

Are you shocked that IPS Superintendent Eugene White is stepping down? You wouldn’t be if you read “The Cheat Sheet”.

As a community service, we’re offering a complimentary copy of the Jan 5 edition where we told you this was going to happen. There’s some other good stuff in there too.

If you’re not a subscriber, you really should be! And if you’re one of those people who ends up getting it passed along to you from a subscriber, be a dear and support our advertisers who help make it possible.

The Cheat Sheet is brought to you in part by the Indy Cigar Bar, the small business law firm of Thrasher, Buschmann and Voelkel and Downtown Comics.

And remember, when it comes to cheating, nobody does it better than we do!

The cheat sheet 01 05-2013 from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

  • CircleCityScribe

    Finally, a light on the horizon! IPS will now have the chance to reclaim the loss…although the damage is great.

    I feel like that song from The Wizard of Oz should be played: “Ding, dong, the witch is dead….which Old Witch? -The Wicked Witch!”


  • IndyAries

    I just don’t get it. It appears that White is leaving because of a differing vision. So, if his ‘vision’ collides with his EMPLOYER (aka the taxpayers, administered by the elected Board), then either White gets behind the Boards vision, or he hits the bricks WITHOUT his golden parachute.

    I really get sick and tired of these Superintendents getting these wonderful ‘bonuses’ for NOT working, or for NOT completing their contracts.

    So, what’s up? Can’t these clowns get fired?

    White should really be leaving on April 1st…’cause the joke is on us poor taxpayers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.dixon.18 Leon Dixon

    A competent reporter would look past the labels and observe that there are a lot of Bill Gates funded “grass roots” organs in Indianapolis.

  • IndyAries

    Just had a thought….this $800k is IN ADDITION TO his RETIREMENT. So, what is his ‘retirement’ package from IPS? Oh, and what did he walk away from Washington Township with?

    Why does each school district need a superintendent? The only ‘super’ addressed in Article 8 of the Indiana Constitution is the State Superintendent.

    Somehow, I suspect that those who framed Article 8, and those who ratified it, never suspected the amount of money that now goes towards ‘common schools’.

    This whole deal stinks for taxpayers.

  • Eric Rasmusen

    Remember that the School Board is not on the same side as Mr White. If they gave him a good deal, it must be they thought it was necessary to get him out (though they might be poor bargainers). It’s not too high a price to pay to replace a bad superintendent, if that’s what they have to do.