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Will Lugar Campaign for Mourdock?

I interviewed U.S. Senator Richard Lugar over the weekend and asked if he would campaign or help Republican nominee Richard Mourdock.  His response was interesting at best.  Click below to listen to what he had to say.  It’s interesting, especially since a new poll is out today showing the U.S. Senate continues to be a virtual dead heat.

Leon-Tailored Audio – U.S. Senator Richard Lugar – 2  (Run time – 5 minutes)


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  • M Theory

    Andy Horning is also running in the Senate race. Andy is the best candidate and has my vote!

  • http://www.facebook.com/AttyAbdul Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

    Andy needs to start campaigning.

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  • Lisa Wilken

    I think voters in Indiana need to be aware of Mourdock’s views on abortion. I get the different arguments of pro life and pro choice and everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but Mourdock doesn’t support an exception for rape and incest survivors in his pro life position. Do we really want a man who would revictimize a woman who has lived through a horrific event to represent us? Let me ask just the men in the state a couple of questions. How would you feel if it were your wife or daughter? Would you want a woman you love who has made it through something that changes you to have to carry the product of rape or incest to term if they didn’t want to? How would that conversation go…”I’m sorry this happened to you and in nine months it will be over?” This is something we need to make every voting adult aware of and send a message that Mourdock is not what Indiana wants!!

  • Dave

    Single gender victimization, LW, is assumption not rule. Pregnancies resulting from criminal activity are a low percentage exception; the heartfelt (and difficult) concern of pro life folks is the survival of the innocent not further victimization. Where victims are concerned, there don’t appear to be perfect answers or “fairness” in compensation, but their restoration should be one goal.