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The 5th District Forum

The four Republicans who want incumbent Congressman Dan Burton’s job took to the stage for the first time Saturday as a group to make their case to Howard County voters as to why they should get the job.

Susan Brooks, Jack Lugar, John McGoff and David McIntosh touched on job creation, taxes, the federal bailout of Chrysler and whether the four of them running meant Burton would be re-elected. Audio from the hour-long forum is below.  It is broken into four parts, each about 15-18 minutes long.

5th District Forum, Part 1

  • Opening Statements
  • Candidate positions on the Chrysler Bailout

5th District Forum, Part 2

  • Job Creation
  • Balancing the federal budget
  • Tax Reform

5th District Forum, Part 3

  • Committee Assignments
  • Term Limits

5th District Forum, Part 4

  • Will They Split the Ticket?
  • Closing Statements

The head of the Howard County Republican Party says incumbent 5th District Congressman Dan Burton made a mistake by skipping Saturday’s candidate forum in Kokomo.  Burton declined to attend, however Howard County Chairman Craig Dunn says Burton should have attended, especially as competitive as the race could get.

You can hear Dunn’s comments below.  They run approximately 5 minutes.

Interview: Craig Dunn

The most interesting thing I can say about the forum was the responses from the audience.  Virtually everyone said that they could easily see the four candidates replacing Burton.  That’s not a good sign for the incumbent.

  • http://diveboard-dave.blogspot.com/ David Sprowl

    Thank-you for posting this!

  • Pogden297

    Actually if they are all viewed as quality candidates that’s good for Burton.  The vote gets split.

  • Pascal

    One does wonder in this case just how many of these were and are good friends of Dan?  The R’s can figure it out sometime after Lucy pulls the football away and they land on their backs while Dan returns to his House.

  • Dave

    As Confucius never said, “A flooded field is best planted with futility.”  

  • Scooter

    Thanks for posting the audio.  As the old fogies pass away in Hamilton County, and the new district lines have been drawn, maybe that old fool Dan Burton will finally be ousted from his comfortable seat.

    How’s the boy, Congressman?

  • Think Again

    Please don’t tell me Burton’s breeding again…

  • Rico

    If you care a thing about your constituents, Dan, just go away!

  • Think Again

    Rico, I’m one of his constituents, and I’ve never voted for him, so on THAT, we agree!  But as a loyal opponent, I’d have to observe: if the GOP really wanted him out, they’d do it.  This district is now, and has always been around two-thirds Republican.

  • Turk182

    Is there anyone in this blog who thinks, old man Dan, need to be re-elected?
    My vote is NO!

  • Pascal

    Well, Turk182 Pascal does and also Lugar, for that matter. It may not be good political science but seniority in Congress is the major coin of the realm.  Both these guys have tons of it. Both have the ability, via seniority, to ensure Indiana gets a fair shake.  They may be Republicans but they are Indiana guys and that puts them way ahead of most.  
           Do you think Pat Baur is any prize for South Bend?  They all know that he stinks but does Pat look out for South Bend from a pretty lofty catbird seat, too.  South Bend smarter than Muncie folk.  They know that having Speaker in the House is better than electing some dipstick.  So, not saying anything bad about R candidates-just saying that only McIntosh has any seniority and he not too much of that.  
           Joe Donnelly, for instance, can’t get elected dogcatcher in his district-no seniority, now, wrong party.  After the election will have to get a real job somewhere doing something real.
            Dan can die of old age for all I care just so long as he keeps seniority. Same with Lugar although I think he will retire in a couple of years if Mitch would replace him.  The Senate could use Mitch-actually the Nation could, but Lugar has some scores to settle and those enemies (who are also ours) are out to get him if they can cause they know the hammer is coming down on them.

  • Think Again

    The void in which your brain operates is amazing.  You type about topics you know little of….for instance:

    Mr. Donnelly went to Congress from his family-owned company and a law firm, where he’d been an executive for 15 years.  Making payroll, paying taxes, hiring folks, dealing with buyers, suppliers, transportation issues, etc., for over two decades.

    His district has changed, to be sure.  He isn’t running for another term.  He’s running for Senate.  

    But to dismiss him as someone needing to “get a real job somewhere doing something real”–where do you get off?  Before you type, use Google for God’s sake. He’s probably forgotten more about the real world than you’ll ever know.

    Including the fact that his new Congresscritter after Jan. 1, 2013 is likely to be Jackie Walorski.  Who’ll add to the Bashit Craxy Bachmann Caucus.  Entertaining, maybe, but damn…..

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