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While I Was Out

I wasn’t planning to blog again until Monday, but never let it be said a little thing like an out-of-state trial would stand in the way of me picking up lots of gossip, rumor and blatant political innuendo.  You know you all have been waiting for it, so here we go…

  • Last week’s debt ceiling votes by Indiana lawmakers had me scratching my head, especially when it comes to the Tea Party movement in this state.  They blasted U.S. Senator Dick Lugar and U.S. Representative Larry Buschon for their votes in favor of lifting the debt ceiling, but said nothing about Mike Pence and Todd Young who also voted the same way.  There is also talk the Tea Party will try to run a primary challenger against Buschon in the 8th Congressional District.
  • Speaking of races, I tried to get some more details on Club for Growth’s poll numbers involving Lugar and Richard Mourdock and got nothing.  The guy who answered the phone was a bit of jerk.  Their poll showed a 2-point difference between the two.  Lugar’s poll showed him under 50%, but with a double-digit lead.  Not spectacular, but I got a lot more info from them, than Club for Growth.
  • The Jim Wallace for Governor campaign tells me their recent television ad is paying off, saying since it ran they’ve been “pulling in some serious cash”.
  • Efforts by the Marion County Democrats to play the race card against incumbent Mayor Greg Ballard haven’t been working too well, so now they are trying a different tactic.  They are accusing the Blacks who are working with the Mayor of being “Uncle Toms” and on the Mayor’s payroll.  For example, City-County Councilor Vern Brown has been looking to see what checks the 10-point coalition has received from the city so he can say they are on the “mayor’s plantation”.  Several McDems are still upset that the Melina Kennedy’s polling reportedly shows the Mayor running strong in the black community and when you throw in the fact no one got shot at Expo (despite their best wishes) you have to start doing something.
  • Speaking of plantations, Al Sharpton is reportedly threatening/promising/vowing to come back to town in the wake of the Justice Department’s decision that IMPD did not violate Brandon Johnson’s civil rights.  I’m not sure what Sharpton is going to protest, seeing how it was the Obama Justice Department who made the call.   I just hope that if he does come he tells Stephen Clay of the Baptist Ministers Alliance of Indianapolis to stop avoiding my question and answer (with a simple yes or no) if he was ever the subject of an investigation by the Indiana Department of Child Services for inappropriate contact with a minor.  I can’t get a straight answer out of that man.  No pun intended.
  • IPS Superintendent Eugene White is the gift that keeps on giving.  He penned a letter criticizing David Harris of the Mind Trust because of Harris’ position on education reform.  Just a couple years back, White was praising Harris and the Mind Trust for their efforts.  What a difference calls for accountability can make.
  • Speaking of IPS, Dr. Tony Bennett is scheduled to address the IPS School Board at their meeting on Monday night.  That should be interesting.  If I can use an old WWF reference, watching Tony Bennett and Eugene White go back and forth would be like watching Hulk Hogan take on Special Delivery Jones.
  • I hear anti-smoking advocates are getting ready to re-introduce another total smoking ban ordinance here in Indianapolis.   I also hear that because of Smoke Free Indy’s shenanigans last session a number of lawmakers are looking at drafting pre-emption language which would prohibit locals from banning smoking in tobacco shops, private clubs and cigar bars.  So if something does happen this year or next year, there’s a good chance it will be short-lived.
  • And a big congrats to my friends at Hoosier Access and Capitol & Washington. They, along with Indiana Barrister, made the Washington Post’s list of best state political blogs in the country.   Indiana Barrister also made the list back in 2009.

That’s all for now.  I have a few more items to post over the next couple days, but they get special treatment.  It’s nice to be back, even if it’s a day or two early.

  • Anonymous

    The Lugar people didn’t release details on their poll either, not at least that I saw.  Regardless, the Lugar poll wasn’t very good for Lugar.

  • Think Again

    It was good enough to beat back Mourdock.  Handily.

    The Lugar folks answeered multiple questions from the media about poll methodology.  

  • Think Again

    I wasn’t trying to make an excuse.  I was just saying it’s easy to make the charges.

    If so, and if the charges were never processed further, so be it.  He could easily admit it.

    “No comment” sounds guilty, or at the very least, there’s smoke and potential fire.

    He is under no obligation to answer the questions.  But if he keeps sticking his head above the PR radar, and demanding justice for others, he’ll have to kanswer these charges.  Glass houses and all.

  • Think Again

    Perfect observation and question, Dave.

    These “rating services” are baloney.  They’re bought and bossed.

  • Anonymous

    Me too. :)

  • Anonymous

    You know there are cameras affixed to the back of cars that can see whats behind you. Maybe you should get one for the back of your head. I agree with you on the Dem/Reps backstabbing to get what they want. All those guys, do whatever they have to in order to keep their phoney baloney jobs. We desperately need smaller Government, staffed with real Americans, who actually care about this country. I am sick of the greedy rich who only care about themselves. I don’t mind being middle class. Hell, I love being middle class. The folks in Washington want there to be 2 types of people. The ultra rich (them) and the ultra poor (us).

  • Anonymous

    Just let Wilson continue to choke on his hatred. You can cure ignorance with knowledge but the is no fix for “just plain stupid.” Give it up. He cannot be enlightened. He and “Rev” Ajabu should get married and raise a passel of militant little haters so they can take over the World. This is followed by an evil laugh “Bwahahahaha”

  • cynical sam

    Yes, its the same age old game.  It never ceases to amaze that the more things change, the more they remain the same. A study of history is elemental in understanding ones future.  Funny so few folks study it (or even care to read some).

    BTW, those who depend on technology for security will be sadly unprotected.  Oneself is the best, most reliable, source of safety. One must then project and protect, otherwise, all is lost.

  • Abdul

    I agree,

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness though, We are ripe for this kind of violence. When the Criminal Justice system refuses to punish these thugs. They know they will only get a slap on the wrist.
    What we need to realize is, these little thugs grow into big thugs who are used to hurting, killing and robbing people without consequences. People are so worried about offending other races, but these thugs have no problem with offending and victimizing every race. The Wilsons and Ajabus of this world, need to realize, when the race war they desires so badly, becomes a reality, they will have to live in the world that is created. I am finding a lot of white people becoming less and less politically correct, and they need to be, in preparation for what is to come. America has suffered more for racism than people realize. Reparations have broken the back of the African American and middle class whites are beginning to feel put upon by it. Why should healthy people continue to get section 8 housing, welfare, WIC and food stamps? No one alive today was a slave or owned slaves. I am sick of paying entitlements to drug dealers and prostitutes. There are some people who genuinely need assistance and I’m all for that, but the Brandon Johnsons of this world and his family and people like his family (and there are A LOT of them) should not be getting our tax dollars. Their free ride is what made them brave enough (stupid enough)to challenge authority and it is contagious apparently. There is no respect for Law Enforcement, the East side is the worst. East District guys should get combat pay. I am really afraid for the future of our children and grandchildren. They will inherit the mess we make.

  • Scooter

    Didn’t Pence give up his Catholic upbringing about 10 or 12 years ago, and ‘convert’ to one of the Protestant faiths?   With the only ‘REAL’ difference being transubstantiation during the Mass, seems like a man who claims to be such a hardened Christian would have no problem with the Son of God making that happen.

    To me, that was more a move to make himself more palatable to the voters, than for any other reason.

    I do not trust Pence, and this vote that just occurred sets me more firm against him in Congress, and against his gubernatorial aspirations.

  • Wurstnitemare

    Lugar………………$ 3.9 Million
    Adolf Mourdock…..$400K

    Good luck Adolf

  • Wurstnitemare

    Forget Wilson???,,no way, he is such an easy target.

    Besides anyone that hangs out in the parking lot of Omalias has some splaining to do.

  • Wurstnitemare

    The East side is bad,but Haughville and the near west side is much much worse. 

  • Wurstnitemare

    Clay should hire a good PR firm.

  • Ibviral

     I have a feeling that Mr. Pence is hearing footsteps.

  • Think Again

    And Wurst wins the kewpie doll again.

    If Mourdock is to survive, he’s got to get busy raising some money.  The gap is just too large, and Lugar won’t quit–he’ll keep raising money at this rate or better.  He has 35 years of political IOUs and he’s rarely cashed in–because he hasn’t had to.  His last serious race was 1982, when he could’ve lost if the opponent had enough money.  (Sound familiar?)   Pretty soon, Mourdock’s campaign won’t have credibility with the political class.

    You can maybe pull off an Indy mayoral race with that kind of outsider rep, once in a blue moon.  But a US Senate seat? Never.

    And on top of that political reality, I’ve not seen a more limp campaign than Mourdock’s in a long time…well, I take that back: Jill Long Thompson.  He’s one inch thick and eight miles wide.

  • Think Again

    Is this true?  I’d not heard it.

    I generally don’t fault any politician–of either party–for religious institution choices.  The choices are intensely personal.  

    But if true, this Pence transformation panders to the far-religious-right, and it’s suspicious.

    For now, nothing more–just suspicious.  But one of many facts voters should consider.

  • Think Again

    From whom–God?

  • Dave

    Tea Party Folks tasted blood alright, after being hit in the mouth by their government; not much to like about that, establishment media hype notwithstanding.

    Generally, Mike Pence relates well to the Tea Party movement; which can’t relate to his debt ceiling vote.

  • cynical sam

    Which is why this nation is doomed. Thanks.

  • MH

    Ok.  And let the record show that henceforth, any derogatory reference to any politician, incumbent or sitting, by any poster-be met by You with Silence.  “Chicken-shit” indeed, not to mention the play on his name.  I see you on here alot genuflecting and handwringing about the ‘loss of decorum’,   ‘respect for the office’, etc. etc.

    For consistency’s sake.  Thanks in advance.

  • Scooter

    Easy.  The same can be said for many organizations that are race-centric. 

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot more differences between Catholicism and Protestantism than that.  The number one being that Protestants believe accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior is all that is required for heaven.  They don’t believe good works matter.  Catholics though do believe good works are important and play a roll in who gets to heaven.

  • Mely

    Wilson, do you think there is any chance that black teen mob beating on white fair goers is a racially motivated hate crime? 

  • Scooter

    Catholics vs. Protestants even vary as to the number of Gospels in their Bibles.  During the Mass, the Catholic transubstantiation of bread & wine into the body and blood of Jesus is a big difference.  

    I find it interesting that Catholics do study Abraham (as do Jews & Muslims) in the Old Testament,   Catholics have a Jew (Jesus Christ), as their Lord, while Protestants, (at the behest of normal men), spun away from the original Christian faith, (Catholic), and Muslims found their own way in Jesus’ home town at the say-so of a prophet that voiced opposition to some of God’s teachings anyway.

    It’s all to complex for me, so I’ll just stick with my King James version of the ‘Book’, and rely on explanations that the original Christian Church has authored.

    Not sayin’ one is better than the other, just that I’ve found one that has worked for me.

  • Abdul

    How about this for a commandment, “Don’t be an asshole!”  Seems like a good universal rule to live by.

  • Anonymous

    I am gonna have to go with “YES”.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it’s “Thou shalt not be an asshole”

  • Scooter

    That #11 should be chiseled in the stone.

    Very good Abdul, very good.

  • Rico

    You’re an idiot.

  • Scooter

    Long sigh…    I had really hoped that we as a society were beyond this.


  • cynical sam

    Then who would fill the politician/lawyer slots?

  • Scooter

    Point made.  (Damn, that was a good one too.)