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Going, But Not Exactly Gone

Yes, the rumors are true.  I started them.  Friday will be my last day as the morning show host at WXNT-AM.   I’ll fill you in the morning.  However, I can assure I was not caught in a company vehicle with three hookers and blow.   If I had you would have seen the pictures because I would have posted them. Full scoop in the morning.

  • cynical sam

    I guess it was one interview too many with inane, ridiculous, bombastic, arrogant, criminal politicians. I am surprised you lasted 5 years.  I would not have made it 1 week listening to the swine.  Tip; throw your recorder away or sell it on EBAY.  Life is too short for that stuff.

  • disruptive element

    Say it isn’t so. No one else exposes  the errors of the powers that be like you. No one else digs up the written trail – you are what reporters are supposed to be.

  • Anonymous

    Unless it’s errors of the Ballard administration.

  • Guest1

    He will probably blame it on Obama as the reason WXNT is cutting him.  This is strange.  Why would he be cut from the radio when Marion County has a fairly strong conservative/GOP base that would listen to him???  Hmmmm.  Rumor is he will be picked up by someone else, possible TV.  Cats like him always end on there feet.  Why did you “leave” Illinois, again????  You need Bart Peterson as mayor.  He was your bread and butter and you bit the hand that fed you.  Now your  programming is nothing but good ole boy GOP politics with Mitch Daniels, Mayor Greg Ballard and Carl Brizzi.  Lets be honest, the height of your show is when that crackpot Larry calls up.  Honestly, your show was pure humor.  Orson Wells would be proud.  Well I guess I will have to listen to the other joker Garrison. 

  • cynical sam

    I began to get worried when all the commercial spots on weekends were PSAs.  If you haven’t noticed the economy is not getting better and ad dollars are tight.  I worry about radio. Screw TV. Look who owns the channels (GE/Comcast, Viacom, Disney. Rupert) to see a recipe for propaganda.

  • johnulrich29

    Haters don’t matter Abdul. You are the only reason a lot of us even tune in to that station and now I have no use for it and I know a lot of other people are already saying the same thing. I’m hoping we get you in some other form of media whether it’s another station or TV. Sure as hell am not turning to listen to your competition.

  • Mely

    I learned a lot listening to you Abdul. That’s the truth.  

    Sorry to see you outta here…but that creates a vacuum to be filled with something!  Curious what that something will be. 
    You and your bff’s Brizzi and Tom John going to join forces? Are you going back to Illinois?  Are you going to be a papa to a baby?   Can’t wait to hear. 

  • Chris Hodapp

    You will be sorely missed, my friend. Here’s hoping you stay here in Indianapolis at another media outlet.

  • cynical sam

    There is competition? 

  • Mely

    Heard rumor that the vacuum left by Abdul will be filled with a syndicated show that is less expensive.  

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    I’m al for a good conspiracy, Mel, but not at THAT early in the morning before I’ve had my coffee!

  • cynical sam

    Jerry Doyle please.

  • Yours Truly

    You are hilariously funny in your “off the cuff” moments. Whenever I’m out of town, I make sure to listen to your show via podcasts-don’t want to miss a thing…Your willingness to say what no one else would dare to, made you a local treasure and a “must” to listen to.
    My very, very all time favorite show was one you did on MLK Day at a time when Chris Spangle would join you on air as your Ed Mc Mahon type sidekick.  I think it was 2008(maybe 2007).  Please, please dig it out of the archives and play it again before you leave.
    My hope is, that you will balance the “bad” news with good news-that your are moving up market share-wise to a broader audience.  If not-thanks for the memories, friend.

  • Rico

    I haven’t listened to the show in awhile, Abdul,  but I hope you continue this blog.  I’ve given you a hard time over the last several years for jumping on the Obama bandwagon, but have always enjoyed your thought-provoking posts. And your headlines are award-winning quality. 

  • Dave

    When I saw this post, my guess was Abdul’s being syndicated- who would be surprised by that?

    There are no bigger, on air shoes to fill in this town- none.  If this isn’t a syndication deal; Emmis Broadcasting, has a daily, market soft spot, between 6-9AM…

    Whatever the case Abdul, say it ain’t go.  Oh, and should we all march on the station this Friday, in protest, starting say, at 6AM?     

  • Think Again

    Hmmmm.  I missed that “jump.”  Oh well, what Rico said.  Good luck.  You’ll do well wherever you land.

  • Notwaitingforsuperman

    So Dr. White keeps his job longer than Abdul???  I will miss the Friday film reviews. Abdul will probably go to work for a Charter Academy. I hear they are enticing parents by offering FREE before and after school care. Obviously it’s NOT a better education they’re looking for..just babysitting. How can they provide this??? They don’t pay their employees…Notice I didn’t call them teachers??

  • Rico

    Then you weren’t paying attention.

  • Rico

    …and you’re proud of the success rate of IPS?

  • Steved608

    Man Abdul, tough crowd, even when you are leaving. See my comments on your article in the Star. Sure hate to see you leaving and wish you the best in the future. I may not have agreed with you all the time, but I sure appreciate your willingness to hear another opinion. That is rare in talk radio.

  • BigRyno

    Sorry to hear the news – really enjoyed listening to your show in the morning. I really do hope that you stay in Indy.

  • Sam

    Ha Ha. I’m glad to see you go.

  • Scooter

    Your opinions, observations & candor will be missed.

    Best wishes to you & your Bride, and hope that you’ll continue to voice what you see.