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Time To Call a Spade a Spade

As you can tell by the headline, this is going to be one of those blog posts.   At 1:30 this morning, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police got a call to the 9400 block of East 44th Street.   When they got there, they found 19-year old Dwight Moore shot.  He died later.  During the 4th of July police had to respond to several shootings in the downtown area, once again, young black men, using each other for target practice.  If you look at the 52 (est.) murders we’ve had in Indianapolis this year nearly 60 percent are black, although blacks only make up about 28 percent of Marion County’s population.  And if you look closely at the assailants, you will find they tend to share the same pigmentation.

Leaving the politics of all this aside,  it’s time for some tough love in this town.   There is a criminal element in this town that consists primarily of young black men.  The recent attacks on the Monon; the perpetrators were young black men.  The “Pop It Off Boys” gang; young black men.   The most high ridden crime areas of the city, who are the bad guys?  Say it it with me, they are usually young black men.

This may be painful, but the truth hurts.   What’s really sad about all this is the city is hosting one of the leading historically black fraternities in town this week, Kappa Alpha Psi. There is something wrong when in one part of town we celebrate achievement, academics and perseverance in the face of adversity and at times open rand hostile racism meanwhile, a 19-year old who should have been applying to get into the fraternity has his life snuffed out by gunfire.  There is also something even more wrong when people will read this column and get mad at me and call me a “sellout” or an “Uncle Tom” because I was the guy who was brave enough to tell truth.

Indianapolis, you have a problem.  Your problem is young, black men who are out of control and com.  It’s time to step up and start making examples out of people.  Decent citizens black and white should not have to live in fear of urban terrorists.  The elderly man who marched for civil rights in the 1950s and 60s should not have to live in fear because some Robin Hoodlum doesn’t know how to honor the social contract.  Young people who are trying to do the right thing, shouldn’t have to live in fear because a bunch of cast extras from a Spike Lee film don’t know how to behave.  And I shouldn’t have to write blog posts like this because young black men act like social predators and terrorize the very neighborhoods they live in.

It’s time to step up people and call a spade a spade.  And for those of you who want to complain about why I’m not talking about Casey Anthony, I want you to know that as soon as she shoots someone on the Monon Trail, I’ll will.

  • pascal
  • Scooter

    Hey Homer, you’ll be speaking Spanish in about another 15 years anyway, so you may want to think about that one-way ticket to ______________________ (fill in the all-white country, if you find one).

  • Nick2169

    If it wasn’t for the White Man, you’d still be living in the Stone Age.  If White never came to this land, you’d be sitting around in a Mud hut today, sticking bones thru your nose, elongating your lower lip with wooden pallates, and engaging in Cannibalism! 

    You would have no electricitiy, running water, central heating, no laws, no transportation, no car, no airplanes.  You are a Stone Age individual. 

  • Nick2169


    I am a White racist.  I openly work for the advancement of the White race.  I have no interest in helping the other races or interacting with them.  There is a growing pro-White movement in America.  I encourage all White Americans to join the pro-White movement. 

  • Anonymous

     There’s something wrong with the black American lower class.

    But this is endemic to the human condition. It’s not necessarily inherent to black people. It’s actually all pretty predictable.

    Nobody asks about the women behind this.

    The women in these cases seem to be egging the men on – they’re definitely rewarding this thuggish behavior with sex. Several interviews have young black men referencing “hos likin’ this shit” – This is what women do: to be blunt, if there was no “pussy” at the end of the tunnel, the vast majority of men everywhere would stop doing anything at all. Impressing women (supplicating, being nice, being a good feminist, being a conservative jerk, making loads of money, being ambitious, being creative, being funny) – is pretty much what men do almost all the time. Women often don’t get this, but we think about sex or preparing for being able to get sex more or less constantly. It’s our reason for living and the primal status marker we lord over other men: Our ability to get and maintain the best pussy.

    Humans are basically chimps that are really good at making tools.

    The whole status-fight for its own sake is almost wholly a female phenomenon. Men buy cars to look cool for chicks; even when they seem to  do it for its own sake, it’s for chicks. Women buy handbags to look cool – in the race for status with other women.

    The old joke is by and large true: “What do men want from women? Show up naked. Bring food.”

    The whole idea that powerful men have to keep it in their pants is patently absurd to almost all men. The entire point of having power is to have as much choice as possible and to exercise it. This is the entire point of having a penis. It’s the reason it does what it does. It’s the raison-d’etre of being male.

    Women don’t get this or dismiss it, because both men and women engage in projection. We project our own desires and motivations onto others. Women can’t imagine what it is to be almost wholly motivated by sex – not having boyfriend, not being in a relationship – having *sex*.

    Men can’t get why women do what they do because they can’t fathom all this definition/social status obsession women have – “So, where are we in this relationship, then?” – because once you’re having sex, … the guy is pretty much hunky-dory. Goal accomplished. The only thing remaining is possibly keeping the chick around for extended access to sex. Any guy who has options – ie, the guys that women really like – will resist closing off options for as long as humanly possible. Those with fewer options will feel like settling.

    Half of our moral and legal and religious value codes are designed for several limited purposes.

    – To control the sexual impulses of men. Shame is the usual tool. We see it everywhere, including in the generalized hatred of prostitution and porn. Men are visual creatures; face it, male sexuality operates on the basis of objectifying women. Complaining about it is complaining about being human. It’s impossible to stop. Capuchin monkeys trained to use tokens to exchange for food: one of the first transactions was, you guessed it, exchanging a token for sex. The customer was male. The seller was female. It’s not fundamentally just human: It’s economics. Men want sex more. Females required. Gives females power. But females who sell it to men reduce the incidence and power of other females: they’re breaking ranks, thus dropping the social price of “pussy”. Hence: almost all anti-sex religious right or non-pro-sex feminism is obsessed with “moral rectitude” – meaning, controlling male sexuality. Why?

    – Channeling aggression. Sexuality in men is by its nature a need, a want: it’s defended aggressively on an instinctive level. Deny a man or woman food, and they’ll get aggressive. Men want sex a lot more than almost all women; hence men apply the same instincts to getting sex. We don’t need to posit a rape gene or patriarchy: Bald economics once again shows that male sexuality will be pushy, by the nature of wanting it more than females want it. The margins will involve sexless, uninterested men and really aggressive men. It’s a bell curve. Expect nothing to ever really change. It’s no so much genetics, but the basic fact of having two different sexes, one with a womb (certainty of parenthood), one without. Intelligent deer or dolphins or mice would be the same, because they have the same sexes; basic game theory. If we went through a hundred million years of evolution as hermaphrodites, it would be different. Alas.

    – Controlling female sexuality. No less than controlling male sexuality, female nature has to be controlled. Otherwise, women will upgrade their partners and cuckold resource providers. It makes perfect sense; scamming for resources is a human universal. But if males and females are allowed to follow their natural best interests, sexually, then you end up with social chaos. The females choose the top male performers and discard the rest, except to trick them into providing resources. Lower status females make do. Alpha males monopolize women and literally become the fathers of their nation (Capac Inca in Peru 500 years ago had an estimated 4000 immediate children, among them 2200 sons; they had dozens of children each. The average Tunisian patriarch in the 12th century had between 4-15 legitimate children by several wives as well as dozens of illegitimate ones through slaves. This got increasingly true as you went back in time. Ghetto black dudes take pride in having sired lots of kids, but aren’t interested in them as offspring. Same deal. It’s about banging it on through).

    At some point, societies figured out how to tap the resources of the loser, beta males, the vast majority. They’re not going to work without access to pussy (genetic future).

    So laws preventing women from jumping around at will, or cuckolding men, gave men a stake in society. There’s a point in working. Now, the alpha males and females could count on large surpluses.

    Take a long look at all human societies that don’t have tight controls on both male and female sexuality. if they allow men to become shiftless and sexually frustrated they get wandering, listless men not inclined to do much of anything. Petty crime ensues.

    If you allow them to run around fucking everything they touch, there’s again no reason to work. You get the Serious Criminal Rogue Alpha Male – deeply attractive to women. Serious disorder and crime ensues.

    Despite advances by radical feminists, or even because of them, women are very deeply turned on by the “bad boy”. Her genes get passed on to potential future bad boys. Women seek providers but sexually desire bad boys. It’s an optimal strategy.

    So WHO WOMEN CHOOSE TO REWARD has a profound effect on male activity and sexual desire.

    This is a basic principle of human social order and behavior. The oppressive control of female sexuality isn’t so much a control over women, though it seems to be. It’s some men (and women) controlling the vast majority of men. In essence, powerful men and women are using women to control men.

    Okay, so we can complain about it.

    But among this class of black Americans, humans have literally “gone feral”. They’re reverting to a wild state.

    This class of people has reverted, through low IQ or random sorting or social patterns into a literal “state of pre-civilization.” Those that can get out do; the rest slip back into something that more closely resembles out distant, pre-agriculture ancestors.

    And have no doubt: It’s directly cued to male sexual response. There’s a reason black American men of that class are seen as hyper-sexual and black American women of that class are seen as hyper-promiscuous (like their men).

    The result is obvious.

    Female hippies noticed this, too. For men, the free love movement was all about getting lots of sex without consequences. Aging hippies usually freely admit this. It’s great for women in their 20?s with lots of options. It’s significantly less good for women in their 40?s with fewer options, no longer able to attract the alpha males, who at equivalent ages are still chasing 20-year old tail. And it’s disastrous for actually raising children.

    “In the wild”, we weren’t really meant to live longer than about 30 years, anyway. A 40-year-old was ancient.

    Organizing ourselves into tightly-regulated, socially ordered societies in which our basic instincts were controlled, or even better, CHANNELED, was a huge step up.

    By indulging the most basic of human instincts, we’ve created this mess.

    The solution is politically incorrect. It’s to place women and men under tight sexual social sanction, again. If men need to fork over resources and social status to get sex, and women need to worry about survival for themselves and their children – because they need male resources – then it’ll all fit neatly back into place at some point.

    Conservatives were on to something. They didn’t know what it was, but the formula worked.

    Of course it was oppressive. Of course it denied basic instincts. But we’re not naturally little unicorns playing la la la in an equitable world of light and joy. The denial of wishes was key to becoming more than a bunch of hunter-gatherers.

    We’re genetic machines designed by evolution to pass on our genes in the most efficient manner possible. To choose mates with the highest  social value possible – in a species designed by evolution to live as hunter-gatherers from moment to moment in a changing environment. We’re economic opportunists. Our instincts are the instincts of a large primate living in small groups from water-hole to water-hole picking a living out of out environment and in a constant state of social one-upmanship with each other.

    Welfare? Instinct: Take as much advantage as possible. Work? Do as little as possible for the largest reward. Sex? Follow the basic human strategy, modified depending on presence of womb or not (male or female; remember, the same genes encode for both. You don’t know if your genes will end up in a son or daughter – the genes need to carry behaviors that are maximized for both sexes. Mothers’ genes make sons and fathers’ genes make daughters).

    None of these instincts are particularly Politically Correct. We weren’t designed as Pure Fairness and Equity Machines.

    That old Protestant work ethic? A social construct designed to channel male vice into virtue. It had great value in building societies.

    Monogamy? A neat trick to guarantee paternity, to allow for property which allows for self-interested investment in the future. A way to guarantee male resources for women and in return guarantee pussy for beta males.

    Anti-cuckoldry laws in many forms: A way to protect beta males (against the sexual priorities of women) and therefore guarantee their investment in society – and allow for labor surpluses.

    Anti-crime laws are second-level responses. That’s for the individuals who fall outside the social system that support, essentially, large, complex societies. That indicates failure on the part of the individuals and on society.

    You can channel instincts, but you can’t always control them. People cheat, kill, lie to hide it, plot and scheme. We’re still the same animal.

    Civilization really is founded on the principles of group and individual self-control. Allow people to break this social contract, like much of the liberal progressive movement has been doing for 50 years, and the inevitable result is the breaking of a 10,000-year social experiment.

    With it goes civilization. Polite society. Order. Reintroduce rank tribalism, internecine strife, fratricidal violence, poverty due to lack of individual investment.

    Lower class black society just got there first. It shows all the signs of humans reverting to a kind of pre-complex society feral state.

    Reintroduce social norms. Castigate and shame and exile those who don’t perform. Make the price of breaking social conventions so high it’s discouraged. Hunt down the rest. Rescue their children. Save a generation.

    It will mean a lot of jails; a lot of former welfare moms starving or seeking private charity. Their daughters will see this and choose different paths. So will their sons.

    The next generation is salvageable, but in this case, social order is crucial.

    You can’t have freedom without responsibility. You can’t have civilization and safety without order. These things require constraints on human instincts, even those we were raised to believe should be free.

    This is the root of the problem. The solutions involve re-examining the “freedom from responsibility but absolute granting of civil rights” movement that started in the 1960?s.

    All of the New Left is informed by this. The conservative black Christian movements, and even the Nation of Islam, are definitely on to something: There’s a reason why these groups are able to foster positive social order. You may disagree with their specific dogmas, but there’s no doubt that their prescriptions – personal accountability, restraint and good judgment – are effective, if people listen. The message differ little from the messages of conservative Catholics, moralist Atheists, or libertarians.

    They differ hugely from the “Nobody is responsible for their own fate – SCREW THE MAN!” radical left-1960’s cultural Marxist social movements.

    Why not create schools that fail students who don’t study at home? Why not create better conditions? Private schools that cater to black America often do well and produce great results. But the underlying attitude – that the kids are OWED something, that the poor are OWED anything – just enables this insanely bad behavior.

    The kids that succeed in the black community share a lot with successful Asians and whites – and it’s these values of sacrifice, personal responsibility and restrained desires.

    White liberals curse the urban black poor by indulging the worst of their natural human instincts and excusing their behavior. In reality, it’s not Republicans that are black America’s worst enemies – it’s Obama and his democrats. Stop treating blacks like little babies or children. It’s paternalistic. Expect the best – and punish outrageously behavior with efficient and massive response.

    I’ll put money on black America rescuing itself.

    The problem is that both the left, especially radical feminism, and extreme male conservatism don’t want checks and balances on their individual constituents’ freedom – call it license – to do whatever they want.

    All of our cultural movements, from feminism to male reaction to anti-racism to race realism, are informed by this 1960?s attitude of selfish irresponsibility. it’s the basic zeitgeist. The poor have nothing to do with their poverty, of course, says the left. Th rich have no responsibility to the indigent poor, of course, says the right. Women should be free from all social proscriptions. Anything else is sexism. But men should be under control or discarded. nanny statism can look after children and families. Men say no way, my interests are in having a stupid, obedient wife and children guaranteed to me by law.

    Well, the prevailing link here is rights without responsibility. I experience this when women love the advantages equality gives them, but them pine for the special rights their grandmothers had when men were Men and were chivalrous. Virtually every women I know laments this  passing in America, and yet, none would put up with what their grandmothers had to deal with in payment for this chivalry.

    Civilization is a social compact. It requires reciprocation.

     The black underclass has repudiated this, for various reasons, some of them quite understandable. Racism sucks. But the upper class learned the right lessons; the lower classes learned all the wrong lessons from the Black American experience, and their failure is now largely self-reinforcing and self-generated.

    This “feral” behavior will just get worse.

    The root cause goes right back to men – and women.


  • Scooter

     See what happens when there’s unchecked immigration?

    Folks like Nick move into the neighborhood.  I’ll pass on the Columbus Day celebration.

  • Scooter

    You’re funny.  

  • Anonymous

    Who writes your material Nick? You are such a genius. That is the best burn I have never heard.

  • Anonymous

    Your mom should have swallowed!

  • Anonymous

    You are kinda, totally brilliant!! Please run our Country!!

  • Anonymous

    You are kinda, totally brilliant!! Please run our Country!!

  • Anonymous

    If it wasn’t for the white man bringing disease over from Europe and then raping his land and people and stealing his heritage….well…who really knows where they would be? God Nick, did your parents have any children that lived?

  • Nick2169

    Go stick a bone thru your nose. 

  • Nick2169

    If we were blind we could still smell Niggers

  • Anonymous

    You wouldn’t like the solutions that would fix these problems. The problem is that the solutions that would work would be politically unsellable.

    All the other ones are at best window-dressing, at worst they make the situation worse.

  • Nick2169

    Your mom was a Cannibal, back in the Jungles of Africa.  She was living in a Mud hut.  Her lower lip was ellongated with a wooden plate, like those pictures in National Geographic magazine.  And she had flies buzzing around her head. 

  • Scooter

    Oh Nick, you’re such a ‘coon hound.

    Lesson for today;
    Those sheets you got are meant for your bed, not your head.

  • pascal

    Lots to digest there but it hangs together.

  • Dave

    G1:  If the problem’s common to the human condition & not inherent to black people; how can the problem be with the “black American lower class” (vs. public employees, paid to promote & develop, an American culture of entitlement)?

    You make some sizzling observations about the sexes; stuff of the marketing profession.  But, the evolutionary efficiency of Darwinism wouldn’t much favor the development of human emotion, deliberation or self determination; more important than any tool competition with other primates, with whom we have no proven ancestry (as projected by Darwinists).

    In the 1950’s, black families had the same incidence of intactness as whites; but were later targeted in the 1960’s, by not so great society programs, often in exchange for their votes.

  • pascal

    The targeting began with AFDC but the disease really took off when American Liberals upped the ante.  I think a short list of prescriptions would, however, be in order.  We have listed a few ourselves: Poll taxes, elimination of minimum wages for Blacks and workers in the homes of others, ending AFDC and other illusions of government as daddy, literacy tests for voting, property requirements for voting.

  • Brdybnch0401

    A very racist thing to say. And people wonder why blacks have it so hard. Perhaps the truth is because of people like yourself.  Yes there has been a lot of help given to them.  But there has also been a lot of racist ready to stomp them into the ground.  Hard to rise above when some people simply refuse to give them a chance. Perhaps the world should refuse to give you a chance also.

    Better yet, perhaps you should lock yourself inside your home and never come out and by all means do not turn on the TV.
    Let’s see…sports, Basketball some of the most famous are black
    Football, again, some of the most famous are black
    Actors, Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, Denzel Washington,
    Music (well you got me there as I am a country music fanatic) but there have been some very good Black singers.
    Oh and let’s not forget our current president happens to also be black.

    So with all that you might as well pull the trigger and kill yourself because they are everywhere and you can’t simply deny they exist without choosing not so exist yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Uhmmm… I’m white dude. In fact if I were any more white, I’d be clear. Just because I don’t hate as you do, or agree with any of your asinine blurtings that doesn’t make me black, it makes me educated and enlightened. Yo are an inbred piece of trash Nick. Your color is immaterial (that means it doesn’t matter) you are stupid in any rainbow buddy/

  • Anonymous

    Gorby, you would be surprised at how open minded I am.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/terence.sommer Terence Sommer

    People need to speak openly as this writer has done.

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  • JT Fowler

    3. Those that realize that there are two separate and distinct Black populations. The first had 2 blue collar hard working parents who loved them, provided the foundation for a moral conscience and a desire to achieve goals based on their own drive and their own innate capabilities. They studied in school, they participated in sports, they attended their local church, eventually graduating from high school with a good education. They then went to a technical school, eventually opening their own service type business or, if lucky, or recognized for their personal achievements, they attended a local or State college, made it thru, and got a white collar job, making their parents proud. In either case, they met a fine woman, married, had children and lived a better life than their parents. And, resided in my neighborhood as a neighbor in every sense of the word.
    The second, had a single parent, 3-5 siblings, with 3-5 different Fathers, bossed around, slapped around, cursed at, unloved, abused, did not study, joined a gang, committed their first crime at 13, first arrested at 15, starting burglarizing the local homes and businesses in their neighborhood, then when able, began mugging, assaulting the elderly, infirm, handicapped, gay, moved onto armed robbery, imprisoned, slept with every hoe they could connive into bed or the alley, and are known throughout the local community, as a hoodlum/thug/felon/menace/SPADE, or in the new terminology a “niggly bear”! And would NEVER reside in my neighborhood.
    For me, a White American, I will call a “Spade A Spade”. But, my Black neighbor, I will call Jamall.