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If You Can’t Take the Heat

I received a copy of the following statement in my e-mail tonight from the Indianapolis Bar Association.  The organization took issue with my recent blog post Treacy v. Parker? As a big believer in free speech, I have no problem with the Bar Association criticizing yours truly.

I stand by my blog post.  This blog has always been about open debate and respecting honest dissenting opinions and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Like the title says, I’m a big boy and I can take the criticism.  It comes with the territory.  I’ve always said if you can’t take the heat, find another cook.

  • indyernie

    I’d tell them to pucker up and kiss it.

  • Wilson46201

    Indeed you would, Ernie – indeed you would !

  • Black Bart


    “To cover our rears we will say that we support free speech and open dialogue. Having thus declared our commitment to free speech and open dialogue, we will criticize Abdul for engaging in free speech and open dialogue. Then we will conclude by reaffirming our commitment to free speech and open dialogue.”

  • Dave

    Beyond or apart, from this specific flap, the bench has become something of a hammock, for the politically coddled; ignoring the professionally dedicated.

  • Pp

    Abdul cannot have it both ways. You either are a news commentator who can make these comments or you are a lawyer (even if you aren’t admitted in Indiana) who has to show appropriate respect for the judiciary, or follow the rules set out for making such an objection. I rarely agree with Gary Welsh, but I do on this point…

  • Black Bart

    Gary’s gift for gab would make him a natural for a talk show. Maybe Abdul can get him on at the radio station.

    However, we must take pause to while Gary recovers from the realization that America’s first retarded president may actually have been born in Hawaii and have the long-form birth certificate to back it up.

  • innocent bystander

    This is a common mistake amongst idiots. Free speech means free from legal prosecution, not free from criticism. I’ve seen nobody suggest Abdul should be arrested. They’re just criticizing him for not having the decency to have solid evidence before slandering a judge with an impeccable record.

    Kudos, Abdul, for taking it like a man. IBA is absolutely right, however.