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Kennedy Shoots, But Does She Score?

I was hoping to make the former Deputy Mayor’s news conference last week on illegal firearms, unfortunately my other obligations kept me away.  Luckily, I managed to get a hold of most what she said; the nice thing about also working in television.   And for starters, let me give Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy credit for wanting to crack down on illegal guns.  It’s a much better position to advocate than offering amnesty to gang members like she did when running for prosecutor back in 2006.

However, there were a couple parts of her plan that had me confused.  I’m all for stricter penalties for those who use weapons in the commission of crime, but Melina also wanted the current Mayor to sign a pledge proposed by the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns to show his opposition to illegal guns.  I guess the 2,000 or so illegal guns taken off the streets last year wasn’t enough to demonstrate that point.   But if the pledge is good enough for four other Indiana mayors to sign out of  460,  I guess it’s good enough for Indianapolis.

Melina also wanted to target what she says is a “loophole” in the law that in some instances a criminal can go to an existing gun show and buy a gun with no questions asked and no background check.  That’s not the entire story.  Anyone can buy a gun at a gun show without a background check if they are buying the gun from another person and not a dealer.  They can also do it at 86th and Meridian, 62nd and College, 115 W. Washington, 148 E. Market Street or 912 N. Delaware.  The gun show is not the issue, in fact according to FBI statistics, less than 1% of guns used in crimes are purchased at gun shows.

Ask any experienced law enforcement officer and he or she will tell you that the gun used in a crime was likely stolen or traded for drugs.  No criminal in his right mind is going to walk into a place, full of undercover law enforcement by the way, and buy a gun that can be traced back to him.  The real world doesn’t operate that way.   And if you look at latest shootings in Indianapolis, I don’t think the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show was responsible for weapons ending up in the hands of criminals.

Like I said early, I have to give Melina credit for wanting illegal guns off the streets.  We all do.  Of course if you go after gangs and illegal drugs the venn diagram will also show you getting most illegal guns, too.   However, if she and her campaign really wanted to do some good, they would take some of the money they’ve done a good job raising, head over to the east side of town, and start doing some illegal gun purchases and turning the weapons into law enforcement. Instead of hanging around 1202 E. 38th Street drive down to 9000 E. 38th Street. That will go much further in immediately getting illegally possessed guns off the streets than targeting a gun show.

  • Think Again

    I’ll give you this: you waited five days to criticize.

  • Abdul

    I’m mellowing out in my old age. :-)

  • iwin

    It appears Melina’s campaign people are a little too eager in finding platforms for her to take a stand on against the current mayor.
    Maybe a little more research would benefit them as well.

    What law abiding citizen doesn’t want to have “illegal” guns off the street. If only the criminals who carry and commit the crimes would just work with us, wouldn’t this be a beautiful world we live in.

  • Pogden297

    Of course, Melina Kennedy’s proposal wouldn’t do a thing to prevent criminals from getting guns. And of course the proposal was about politics. But given that she has an opponent who is to the left of her on the gun issue, she really has nothing to lose politically and everything to gain by making the proposal.

  • Dave

    Fire! Ready, aim…

  • Dave

    Fire! Ready, aim…

  • Wurstnitemare

    Melian is very thin on thsi whole thing. It’s really very simple. If you commit a crime wiht a gun, you get five years. No if’s ands or butts. Second time your caught with a gun in a crime, you must sit in front of a TV and listen to Mayor Ballards speeches for three days straight.

    That should just about cure the problem

    Either that or be sentanced to be the caretaker for Pat Bauers head rabbit.

  • John Howard

    I prefer the 10-20-LIFE program as Florida implemented it several years ago. Have a gun when committing a crime get 10 more years, discharge that gun get 20, shoot someone with the gun and get 25 to life. Consecutive years, not any of that concurrent-sentence BS!

  • indyernie

    Background checks are done at Gun Shows just like any gun store. The only way to buy a gun without a check is person to person. Person to person sales are sales happen on the street or in some back room somewhere.
    Attacking gun shows is a desperate grab by Melina for political exposure and headlines at the expense of hard working merchants who are doing business legally in Indianapolis.
    Melina couldn’t stop crime when she was Peterson’s right hand. What makes her think she can make a difference now? Crime was at an all time high during Melina’s tenure as Deputy Mayor. The Ballard administration has lowered crime across the board. This is all smoke and mirrors crime will again be out of control if Melina is elected.
    Next Melina will want to stop the sales of liquor and cigarettes because they fall into the hands of minors.

  • Wurstnitemare

    Wilson? Are you going to let Ernie, get away with this?

  • Wurstnitemare

    Wilson? Are you going to let Ernie, get away with this?

  • Think Again

    I love this, BUT, if you’re going to do it, you have to build more prisons. How can we do that in this economy?

  • Think Again

    285 days Ernie. How are you spending them?

  • pascal

    Has anyone noticed the common thread? Dumbocraps have no answers, no ideas, not even good slogans posing as thoughts.

  • pascal

    Wilson is still occupied counting up all the jobs Andre created with the Monon Trail. When you have to use your fingers and toes it does take awhile to reach 10,001. Now, if you interrupt him, he has to start all over again. At the risk of his ire one might ask who will be the first to note that the Dumbocraps have nominated a brainless twit?

  • Wurstnitemare


  • Anonymous

    I agree, for the most part. Melina’s track record is less than stellar, and whenever I hear a mayoral candidate talk about stopping crime, I just shrug it off. They all say that, and unless you have stats or hard evidence to suggest that you have done/are doing something about it, then it’s b.s.

    I do think that everything that can be done to stop people from acquiring guns illegally should be done, as long as it does not infringe upon my rights to own one (or a few).

    The sad fact is that no matter what programs you put into place, or policies that you enact or talking points that you spew, criminals WILL have guns. It’s indisputable. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a fool.

  • Mainsilk

    I think TA’s comment that if the mandatory sentencing idea was implemented where are we building the new prisons and where will the money come from to build and staff them is an example of a someone thinking about what they say. It is one thing to make some chest thumping proclamation that we should impose mandatory sentences but another to fund the idea. Ballard has done nothing about jail overcrowding in 4 years and the issue is now with us again. Ballard has no money to add beds……..he also has no ideas.

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    No fan of Ballard, but aren’t the jails controlled by the Sherrif’s office? How much power does an Indy mayor have over the actual construction or running of the jails?

  • Dave

    Didn’t someone in the previous administration, propose amnesty for gangs?

    That reminds me of a middle school english teacher, Mrs. J. (nice lady but no control of class), who, during one regular session of mayhem (paper planes, paper wads, etc.), announced to the class, “Kids, do whatever you want but just don’t hurt anybody.”

    Oh, in case you’re wondering, it was a public school…

  • Think Again

    Money for jails is appropriated by the CC Council. The mayor is involved, only inasmuch as he pushes his Republican majority caucus on the issue, as part of the overall budget/tax ppicture. I am not aware that he’s done anything, good or bad, on the jail overcrowding issue. I think he’s left it alone.

    To be fair, it’s very complicated. The far-right folks scream “don’t give prisoners a country club,” without stopping to realize, 75% of the folks in jail are not yet convicted of anything. They’re awaiting trial.

    And without considering: no less a conservative than Judge Sarah Evans Barker, a Republican, concluded the original jail was overcrowded. Almost two decades ago.

  • Think Again

    If we’re strictly trying to keep guns off the streets, or reduce the carnage, buying them back makes some economic sense.

    The sad fact is, the low-lifes will find more, and turn it into a cash cow for themselves.

    Adam, please explain this to me: why would a conscientious gun owner like yourself, need a rapid-fire rifle or handgun? Or several? And why would it infringe upon your rights to severely limit and tax the availability of ammo?

    Guns don’t kill folks–bullets kill folks.

    And another thing: I worry about the firepower of our LEOs. If these large-scale guns are readily available to thugs (they are), our LEOs need proper armament to protect themselves and remain somewhat equalized.

  • Think Again

    YOUR public school?

    That explains a lot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not so much of a NEED as it is a WANT…keep in mind that gun collecting (in all its various forms) is a hobby much like any other. My brother is currently 2 parts away from completing his AR-15.

    To be quite honest, the kind of rifles you’re describing are a blast to fire (pun intended). If you have never fired an MP5 or other assault rifle (at a designated firing range, mind you) you should.

    One thing I find to be a prevailing motive for those who are “overly zealous” about gun control is that they are literally scared of guns.

    Guns deserve a healthy respect to be sure and I would love to see some sort of mandatory gun safety class first timers must go through, but I think a petrifying fear of guns is irrational.

    Regarding the ammo, it could be just as easily asked why it infringes upon someone’s rights to severly limit and tax cigarettes or alcohol.

    My point being that neither guns nor bullets kill folks (well, literally they do, but roll with me here), but those who choose to use them improperly…the bullet will not kill if not fired…the gun will not fire unless someone pulls the trigger.

    We don’t blame the tree that crushes the skier in an avalanche, we blame the cause of the avalanche itself.

    Rest assured, that if someone were being robbed (with a weapon involved) they would want someone on the right side of the law to put a stop to it…and when it comes right down to it, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be a victim…

  • pascal

    That would be Government School-you know, the little islands of applied socialism that TA constantly defends even if he has to hold his nose at the waste of tax dollars and children’s lives.

  • cynical sam

    Konzentrationslager. Some wire, some towers, plywood barracks.

    If that is too scary, pay the russkies 10K/head and put them on a ship to Siberia or Kamchatka. We save about 25K/head/year. Internet conferencing with attorneys/judges. Voila. Deterent.

    Or like Kennesaw, Ga. where all are required to be armed. Double tap with 230gr .45 and we save even more and provide an even greater deterent.

    Or continue current system and watch the victim and perp body count rise.

    Your choice. Choose wisely.

  • indyernie

    Thankfully now that Peterson and crew (Kennedy) are gone. TA please tell me ….what sauce do you want served with your crow come November…buffalo or honey mustard?

  • John Howard

    You don’t like my preferred solution to that problem.

  • Dave

    Et duz?

  • Jhays

    You have no point of conversation if you truly WERE a Pubic school board member., as you have ASSerted. (NOTE THE EMPHASIS UPON THE ASS!) Noteworthy instruction: Slowly remove the pointy little protuberance you identify as a head from the deserted plain you may call an arse, and call it a day, Rodger Bummy-Jammer.

  • Jhays

    Thank you. There are some who were/are required to “reach out and touch anything from a mile away.” I can only imagine who’s side they will be on?

  • cynical sam

    That is indeed a scary thought. Knowing some of those types, they seem to be uberindividualists working on their own plane. I honestly don’t know where they come down.

  • Just a person

    “Adam, please explain this to me: why would a conscientious gun owner like yourself, need a rapid-fire rifle or handgun? Or several? And why would it infringe upon your rights to severely limit and tax the availability of ammo?”

    While I’m not Adam, I would like to explain this:
    First off, any handgun is “rapid-fire.” It isn’t shocking to me that liberals think we should only own flint lock pistols or rifles. Anyways, the reason I want them is because they give me the ability to defend myself. It isn’t a standing Army I’m worried it, it is out-of-control civil unrest.
    When the LA Riots kicked off, it was the Korean merchants who were able to protect their businesses by being armed with high capacity AR-15 rifles. The same could be said for what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. The government can’t protect the people if chaos grows to a certain extent. As we saw with LA and New Orleans, when facing rapidly declining odds, the cops flee until they can re-group and go on the offensive. That offensive could take days, or even up to a week. Until then, certain areas of this country could look like mini-war zones.
    This is why I feel I have an absolute right to own semi-automatic AK, AR, G3, etc. type rifles.
    Now, why the need for “rapid-fire” handguns? I simple want to be able to get a second shot off before being killed by thug #2, or #3, or #4. Modern day handguns, both revolvers and semi-automatics, give law-abiding people this option. I strongly favor standard capacity magazines that hold anywhere from 10-18 rounds because of the change we have seen in certain crimes. More and more crimes seem to be done on a group levels.
    -Craigslist killings out in the Pacific NW
    -Juneetenth riots a few years back
    -Riot at the mall in Wisconsin
    -Downtown Denver assaults
    -The four+ thug assault in Richmond, VA
    -The Iowa state fair assaults
    -The Kansas City flash mob incident
    -Florida movie theater assaults
    -Greenfield, IN home invasion
    -Most recently, Henderson, N.C.–A guy walks out into the road, gets hit by a car, and a large group of thugs attack the driver, almost killing him.
    All the reasons above are why I will always own high capacity, semi-automatic rifles and handguns. It is why I would support the legal right to own “high capacity” magazines. We are losing the cultural war in this country, and allowing PC-nonsense to spiral out-of-control. When we are now faced with pack attacks, a six-shot revolver may not be enough for personal safety. In past decades, a simple revolver would have been plenty to defend one’s self from the lonely mugger, or the rare group attack. Now we have groups of punks attacking people for no reason at all.

  • Ash

    TA, I have a hunch you and I disagree on every other facet of this debate, but you’re spot on here. I remember getting a legislative survey in the mail a few years ago (when the economy was ‘good’) and truth in sentencing laws were one of the issues. As it turned out over 80% of the respondents were opposed to anything remotely resembling truth-in-sentencing legislation. We have the government we deserve.

    You can be sentenced to 10 for aggravated battery (i.e. shooting without killing) and very easily be out in 3 or 4 for good time, taking some HVAC classes, and retaining a pesky lawyer. What’s the solution? Be armed and vigilant, because your country’s criminal justice system collapsed on itself a looooong time ago. We have an alarming number of people in this city with multiple murder convictions that are roaming free. That seems like a more pressing issue to me, but hey…

    I was in favor of turning the RCA Dome into a modern-day Thunderdome, but we’ll save that for another day, lol.