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Time for New Leadership?

If you don’t think it’s time for new leadership to step up to the plate in Indianapolis’ Black community listen to these two interviews.  One is with State Rep. Bill Crawford and the other is with Rev. Charles Ellis of the 10-point Coalition.

I spoke to both gentlemen Tuesday about Black Expo and the new task force being formed to address some of the issues stemming from Saturday night’s shooting that sent nine people to the hospital.   The Crawford interview is about five minutes long, the Ellis interview just a couple minutes long.

Bill Crawford

Charles Ellis

See what I mean when I say there is time for new leadership.  By the way, my very reliable sources tell me the members of the Baptist Ministers Alliance were furious that they weren’t allowed to stand at the podium and speak during today’s news conference.   Hey, if I was all about cameras and not getting results, I’d be pretty upset too.

  • Lawstunna01

    Wow…All I can say is wow. I listened to Mr. Crawford, and about dropped my jaw. How easy the opinion changes when one of the same color makes a fool of themself. This is the same individual that was marching for Mr. Johnson. This is the same one that was on the bandwagon of Al Sharpton to Bless us with his presence. Did I hear him say, innocent until proven guilty? Funny, I didn't think that saying existed anymore. Oh yea, I do want to comment on the media, and Expo saying that there was only 16 Arrests made at Expo. I'm sure there would/could have been more, but I would bet that many Officer's are now afraid/ well really missing a few pay checks to do their job for fear of being fired or a another visit from Al Sharpton. It has become a hands off approach. Shame I read somewhere, why run to a fight, when you can walk to a homicide. We are creating a more lazy Police department.

  • Think Again

    Before I type this, let's all be aware that we'll be reminded by at least one poster, that Bill has been re-elected by his constituents 15 times.

    Sheep exist everywhere.

    Bill's time has long come and gone. He needs to retire before he embarrasses himself any more. The seat is a safe Demo seat, and there are plenty of qualified candidates.

    Others who need to go: Phil Hinkle, Pat Bauer, Phyllis Pond, Cindy Noe, Chet Dobis….do I need to go on?

    Village Idiots have ample representation in the House.

  • Indy4U2C

    Come on, Abdul, who really considers Bill Crawford a “leader.” Crawford, a former drunk Black Panther is always talking black, pimps the black community and speaking that nationalist BS. When he ran the Indiana Black Expo, he helped to bankrupt it while he was president and did not account for the funds. This sounds familiar with Detroit.

  • John Howard

    Evidently you didn't see the video of a least dozen cops running to fights downtown last weekend.

  • Rev.Right

    Crawford has been n the “take” for years.He is the master Race Card player.He basicly does the same thing that Tony Sapranio does. If you donate to my campaign or to my personal accounts I will not call you a racest.Extorsion at it's finest.

    Crawford is notihng but a little old gangsta with a title.No education,no class and a big bottle of Hennesy in his pocket.

  • Think Again

    Law, you might want to take your morning meds before you type.

    What a bunch of drivel.

    It may surprise you to know this, but…you're a part of this big problem. You and everyone who thinks like you. Because the solution must involve all of us, and convincing you of anything, other than your hard-headed nonsense, is going to take time-and-a-half work. And it probably won't be successful anyway.

  • Rmoney

    Abdul –

    I haven't listened to the tape and from the above comments I take it they are pretty bad.

    Quick question – Who are some of the people you would suggest should take this FICTIONAL mantle as Black Leader ?? How about interviewing them and getting a different voice heard out there instead of doing what most people do and that is run to the people you and others criticize the most to get a sound bite.

    Help solve the problem stop just stating it. We all know what the issues are.

  • Nick

    Rev. Charles Harrison gets my vote based upon his statements after the shooting regarding parenting and not turning thugs into heros.

  • YoungBlackGifted

    I totally agree. Abdul, over the last few weeks you've routinely critiziced and derided just about every African-American spiritual leader in the city but you never praise or bring up the good work that a lot of ministers are doing in Indy.

  • Abdul

    Actually I have. We had Rev. Charles Harrison on our crime panel. We've had Pastor Ellis' comments on the air as well. These guys actually do real work and not pimp for the cameras.

    And as far as black leadership goes, it's going to have to come from the business class that actually creates wealth and real jobs, as opposed to a group of preachers who have their hand out all the time.

    And no, I am not apologizing for my comments either.

  • Abdul

    And to set the record straight, my primary criticism has been targeted at the Baptist Minister's Alliance and pimp-in-chief Stephen Clay. Who despite his assertions that they've been around for 141 years (the national branch) they've only been incorporated in Indiana since March 2010.

  • Nick

    Don't expect the Old School Leadership to take any responsibility or want to hold anyone accountable.

    In a channel 13 interview, Bill Crawford is very upset after Tanya says she is forming a task force to improve Black Expo. It proclaims that it is a complete over reaction and that the event is being “racially profiled”.

    Excuse me but I don't think it is a over reaction to form a task force after several shootings that injured 10 kids and sent 2,000+ people running for their lives.

    The community needs to find new leadership because the old shakedowns and silly knee jerk defence of very bad behavior is now unacceptable to most.

  • Think Again

    A fair observation, Young. But…ministers, by their job choice, are SUPPOSED to do these things. And frankly, the Bible asks them to walk humbly. As in, quietly.

    Abdul has criticized the big-mouthed black ministers. Rightfully so. They deserved it. If they were in Texas, we'd say they were “all hat and no cattle.”

    The Harrisons of the world go out every weekend. Without cameras. Talking to gang leaders and trying to make peace. Quietly, somewhat effectively. They do not seek office in this or that ministerial group. They do the work the Lord asked them to do. They recognize their efforts work best when they work quietly.

    The one word in your screen name that tells me the most is “Young.” When you've lived longer than a couple decades, you'll see, IO hope, that diplomacy comes in all forms, and seems to work best when it's not accompanied by headlines. You'll come to realize that some day.

    Lesson Two would be the BBL, a/k/a Broad Brush Lesson. Always be careful with that one. For your friends, and especially for those who are not your friends.

  • Joe

    There does need to be a change in the leadership within the black community, but not just in Indianapolis, but across the nation. Far too many in “leadership” positions have developed the “entitlement” mentality.

    Because of “this”, I/we, is/are entitled to “that”. The only thing you are entitled to is “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    This entitlement attitude has extended its reach into our political landscape to the point where a grandson is “entitled” to his late grandmother's seat in Congress, and incumbents feel they are entitled to a life appointment to office.

    Once politicians and others in leadership positions begin to think as John Adams did, then we will have a return to civility and proper governance.

    John Adams: “What is to become of an independent statesman? One who will bow the knee to no idol, who will worship nothing as a divinity but truth, virtue, and his country? I will tell you; he will be regarded more by posterity than those who worship hounds and horses, and although he will not make his own fortune, he will make the fortune of his country.”

    IF our local and national leaders would stop bowing before the idol of popularity, and do what is best for our city, state and country incidents such as occurred this past weekend at IBE would be lessened, if not eliminated.

    There needs to be a demand for accountability on the part of parents. There needs to be a demand by the community that people respect authorities.
    There needs to be a demand by the community that people act responsible.
    The list is endless, but the point is this; we as a community and nation need to demand from our leaders that they stop pandering to the cameras and popularity and do what is BEST for the city, state or nation. Otherwise, God help us!

  • Nick

    Here is another name as a new community leader.

    Richard Rowley

    He is a attorney, Arlington High School grad, chief legislative liason for Governor Kernan, former general council for the Indiana Department of Commerce and held positions in the Indiana Civil Rights Commision. His wife is a teacher and he has adopted several disadvantaged kids.

  • Rmoney

    I disagree with you Think Again –

    Just because The Harrisons go out in the world and do what they do doesn't mean that the spot light can't be put on them. They might not seek it but it doesn't mean it can't be put there.

    That is the media's call – if Abdul and his coworkers would ignore the old school Black Leadership that he thinks does such a horrible job and puts the black community at a disadvantage then he should stop running to them and sticking a microphone in their face everytime something happens. And then coming on here saying look see how bad it is.

    Sheeed show us some light. Stop showing us the darkness.

    I am talking about totally ignoring them. Put the people he thinks is actually out there working on the air. Talk to them. Let them tell the people of the programs that they have going on that is trying to combat the issues in our community.

    I am just tired of hearing all this about the old school leadership. Stop using them as your paycheck then.

    And TA you sounded very condenscending to the previous poster.

  • Nomoremail

    The issue isn't the cops doing nothing at all, it is letting things get to a point to where the cops have 100% absolute probable cause to intervene. Why intervene with a bunch of idiots cursing at each other, flipping gang signs, etc.. If the officer intervenes and something happens, they might find themselves getting criticized for blowing small things out of proportion. So why not wait till things get really bad, then there will be no “Why did the cops do x, y, and z?”

  • Rs8722pcb

    Sorry if I offended your sensitive feelings, Rmoney. But I stand by the post. Emphatically.

    Read it again. I know Rev. Harrison. He's doing the tough groundwork when nho one is looking, and he's fine with that. The Harrisons of our world do not shun publicity, if it can help their cause…nor do they seek it. Unlike too many of Rev. Harrison's fellow inner-city pastors, like this Baptist Alliance, who have obviously attended the Sharpton PR School.

    And, too often, the Concerne3d Clergy types put forth solutions with demands for money and supoport of pet programs. Some of which may work. Too many of which employ relatives and friends first, and look for results later.

    If multiple good (silent) deeds preceed the PR, so be it. Too often, it seems it's the other-way-around. That's not good for anyone, except, probably, some pastors.

    And woudln't it be nice if we could point to a city elected official, wiith the same reverence and respect, as we do to pastors? I'm just sayin'

  • Think Again


  • Think Again

    Joe, your John Adams quote, is part of a largeer treatise, that eschews government involvement in churches.

    Excellent reading.

    In fact, it should be required reading. Especially for our Supreme Court.

  • Melyssa

    Ike Randolph and Eric Dickerson come to mind.

  • IndyErnie

    Amen Mel, Amen!

  • Peyton

    After hearing Bill Crawford say this was an over reaction, I was wondering what planet was he from. Did he not see the video of Sat night. If not for the grace of God we could have had 10 fatalities, instead of 10 injured.Then my reaction went to madd as !!!!!. This man is the #2 person in our House of reps, behind Pat Baurer. Thats scary! I agree he is in a safe district, and will be reelected. We can still remove him from power. If the Republicans win control of the House, Baurer and Crawford, lose their power! Everyone needs to vote for the Republican House candidates! A vote for a Democratic House Candidate, is a vote for Pat Baurer, and Bill Crawford! PASS IT ON!

  • Melyssa

    It's hard to ignore the old school ministers who are holding $25 million of our money and gave us nothing to show for it.

    We're in the astrological Grand Cross which means the planets are aligned in a big cross and influences are in opposition. It makes sense that we're having a debate about the good ministers who are in it to transform and save lives vs. the ministers who are in it for $1000 suits and their Rolls Royce or Benz.

    One just minister I started working with is David Scott who the media nick named The Hood Shepard. We met with the city again about our plan to work with the abandoned lots on the east side and things are progressing at a much faster speed than I expected.

    More to tell soon!

  • Lawstunna01

    Please re-read my post. I said that I read somewhere that was stated.

  • Rev.Right

    Melyssa, I agree.I would also add George Pillow and Aaron Williams

  • irviral

    You are starting to scare me. Your sounding more and more logical everyday.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of people across all demographics that this applies to. But, doesn't it strike you that some folks need to get back in the hot tub machine so they can return to the era they came from?

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I like Jeff White too.

  • IndyErnie

    I've read some criticism of Ballard and Straub because of the 2nd Sat events. However I haven't read a peep in the press from Kennedy and Evans…what's up? Does the cat (Ed Tracy)have their tongues or is it that they don't have an idea on how to prevent future issues either? Could it be that they are afraid to speak out when Crawford and crew are competing for the face time with the press?

  • irviral


    Since you think that we have such a lazy police department, I suggest that the next time you are in an acident or getting robbed dont call a cop, call one of your gangsta homies and see what happens. Lazy? Please.

  • Lawstunna01

    Look at my name, and ask yourself, does it seem that I have any friends that are gangsta as you put it. I'll be more than happy to show you good and the bad of the department or examples if you wish.

  • indyernie

    Charles Ingram would be a good choice.

  • Nick

    Larry Borst was reelected at least as many times, but voters through him out of office.

  • Shamus

    Crawford is on Crack