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Second Saturday Night Special

As I write this blog post at 1:30 a.m. there is a 10-year old in the hospital who was shot Saturday night in downtown Indianapolis because a bunch of idiots don’t know how to behave in public.

I was there in downtown Indianapolis when nine people were shot this weekend.   I was doing my annual tradition of working the door at Nikki Blaines Cigar and Martini lounge.  At about 8:50 p.m. I got a call from a  friend that the silliness that marks the second Saturday night of Expo weekend had begun.  After making my way around the corner through the crowd of hoochies and hoodlums I found him.   While we were talking several shots rang out.

People were screaming and running and we were trying to figure out what was going on.  The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had cordoned off large sections of Illinois Street, Maryland,  Meridian and Georgia.   I was at Illinois and Maryland as a 10-year old boy was on the phone, I assumed it was his parents, trying to telling them where he was so they could come get him.  He didn’t know exactly where so I helped him out.  I thought to myself that should not have been necessary because he should have never been out in the first place.

And that is symbolic of the problem with the second Saturday of Expo weekend.  I’ve written about this before, thousands of teenagers and adolescents running around unsupervised is just asking for trouble.   And despite heavy police presence, a bunch of knuckleheads still came to a crowded public area, armed and looking for trouble.

What’s even more pathetic in all this is that the preachers who have been so quick to criticize police regarding Brandon Johnson were nowhere to be found in helping to keep the order.  As one person put it to me “Now where’s Al Sharpton?”

For 9 and 1/2 days Indiana Black Expo is a great event.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Corporate Luncheon, moderate a workshop designed to help women and minority-owned businesses and I emceed the Governor’s Award ceremony.  But the good work of those events, as well as all the other decent work that took a lot of man hours to put together all went up in smoke, because a bunch of youth not only don’t know how to behave, but I would argue have been emboldened because of the professional protesting class.

I already told you about a teen purposefully resisting arrest so his mother could sue the Department for excessive force.  And anyone who would pull out a gun and shoot at someone in area filled with law enforcement is obviously someone who doesn’t care and needs to be put away.

I saw several teenage girls arrested for fighting  and a number of young men carted away in handcuffs.   And what gets under my skin to absolutely no end is the fact that I have been complaining about the behavior of some of these young people for weeks.

This is going to sound really bad, and maybe it’s just the anger talking,  but as far as I’m concerned after Saturday night, if an officer has to use excessive force to keep young people like the ones who did the shooting under control then so be it.  That is not my problem and I frankly don’t care.   There is a 10-year old who was shot because somebody decided to demonstrate they have no home training.

And that sentiment is being shared by a lot of people I spoke to this evening.   The good work of Black Expo is going to be tarnished because a bunch of people don’t know how to behave.   This is behavior is totally uncalled for.

And for those of you think this is about race, it isn’t.  It’s about people being taught how to act in public.  And if their parents won’t do it, which was pretty obvious Saturday night, maybe it’s time society did.  I’ve always said that they only thing some people understand is a good you-know-what kicking.  I think I have a pair of boots in the back of the closet that are up to doing the job.

  • pascal

    “And for those of you think this is about race, it isn’t”. What Elephant in What Room?

  • IndyhardR

    I would love for Abdul to check this out.Most of the omeny comes from a Republican admin, so he may not.But he does have the balls to get it done , if he wants

  • Elizabeth

    Hearing about stuff like this makes Indianapolis sound like Detroit. Why don't they just move IBE there?

    Every year, it's always something. People getting shot while the gas station a block away is being robbed, the guy who drove drunk into all of the parked cars on our street and killed himself, and drunks walking through our front gate to pee all over our sidewalk and throw up on our bushes. Littering is especially bad.

    Enough is enough. IBE really ruins it for us every year it goes on.

    This is just one of the many reasons why I hightailed it out of Indianapolis in January. I feel bad for my family that's still there.

  • Think Again

    Hey Jessie read again you bird brain. I didn't bash them. Far from it. Label someone else.

    And Ms. Bell is sadly mistaken.

  • Think Again

    Where? Not here.

  • Think Again

    You could only hope to feed your racist nonsense, Rico. Alas, this Justice Dept. is far more civil than its predecessor. And Liberty U. law grads aren't in charge of important departments.

    Mail-order lawyers doing neocon business That was perfect, huh?Perfect.

  • Indy4U2C

    Do we have a Public Safety Director in Indianapolis?

    How can a Public Safety Director allow IBE to continue, year after year, to be the catalyst for an incomparable alchemy that results in mayhem, tremendous police and EMS resources donated to Expo by the Public Safety Director, property damage, and multiple trauma center admissions (paid for by taxpayers as welfare)?

    Our Liberal Public Safety Director, with Slick Willie's pic behind him in many photos, even provides IBE with babysitting service during the mayhem at our expense, which he calls “curfew sweep.”

    The results are predictable and recur every year because the Public Safety Director lacks moral courage to do the right thing and take all necessary action to end the mayhem!

    IBE serves as the catalyst every year on the Saturday night in July; the city pays hundreds more officers than normal to be downtown, many gunshots will ring out downtown, people will be shot, property will be damaged, riotous crowds suppressed…and what will IBE do about it?

    Every year IBE releases the same old statement: “We are saddened by the reported incidents that occurred downtown this evening. The incidents were isolated from the IBE events…” I wonder if that silly release wasn't used on the first Expo. It's the same year after year! I'm tired of hearing it! I remember Charles Williams using it on me years ago when I asked about accepting responsibility for the violence.

    IBE must accept responsibility, acknowledge that IBE is the catalyst for an incomparable alchemy of violence, and take proper action to stop the violence! We all know what will happen on Expo Saturday night every year, yet every year IBE turns the other way and says the same thing in it's press release. Does that comment help anyone? Is it responsible?

    Why doesn't the Public Safety Director take a proper stand and end this violence? I'm starting to think the pic of Slick Willie says it all: Does anyone remember the famous liberal saying 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky…'

    Well, has our Public Safety Director failed to show any moral courage and stand up to IBE and tell them “enough is enough”, our Public Safety Demands an end to this???

  • Think Again

    Excellent thoughts, but are you aware that under Govs. Bayh and O'Bannon, welfare moms were subjected to 3X the inspections (than prior) ? And guess what it showed?

    Most on welfare deserved it. We were 4th or 5th lowest in the nation, per capita, for waste.

    Your point about parenting is superb. I don't know how to do it, but if I could wave magic wand, I would.

    Fault for these shootings remain at the feet of:

    1. The shooters
    2. The gun merchants, if the shooters should not have had a gun, and if they obtained it via normal retail methods.
    3. IBER, for planning a “Teen Bling” event, focused on 10-14-year-olds, on Second Saturday, and knowing full-well that a large number of collateral-hangers-on would be parentless and on the streets that night.
    4. Parents who allow their children out alone on a night like this.

    My God take one look at the IBE schedule, and you could predict the potential trouble. IBE: here's a hint, free of charge:

    Move your Gospel Event to Sat. night, make it a family event, and hold it in a large venue. If you put your ear to the ground, the offering on the current Sunday service isn't as large as pastors typically get, so they'd be happier to have “regular” Sunday services at respective churches. I love black gospel music, but won't miss my regular church to hear it on Sunday morning downtown at IBE.

    Or find some similar popular family program, so that Second Saturday stops becoming what it has become: parents go out to eat, kids maraud downtown Indy alone, too late, with too little common sense and too much attitude/swagger/mouth.

  • Think Again

    **IBE, without the “R”

  • Think Again

    On enough already with the Jocelyn references. Nobody pays attention to her, except when you post something like this. Don't you get tired?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EJI66Y6CEEXTR6H7REX7BHIIQI Shanna

    Elizabeth: This is South Gary, Indiana!

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Perhaps we're debating the chicken or egg: If we're talking about youth access to guns, then is that a bigger issue versus lack of parents riding herd on the kids? Is the whole of the Brandon Johnson issue the police behavior, or do we also include the fact that the officers showed up because his brother was involved in a break-in? Is the repetition of the cycle of poverty in this country because we don't offer sufficient monetary support to those who “deserve it”, or because we make it too easy to be a lifestyle choice?

    I don't think there's a single answer. My definite opinion is we don't demand enough individual accountability for the consequences of our actions- white collar or blue collar, regardless of race, age, gender, etc.

    We might agree that we're presently on the road to hell- whether it's real or a reasonable facsimile: morally, statistically, and fiscally. Unfortunately, there's a point at which the fiscal perspective doesn't care what the other two have to say.

  • IndyRacer57

    Did those Union members have guns drawed? Did they shoot anybody?

  • IndyRacer57

    Could you just see Public Safety Director (who is white) try to ban IBE? He would be labeled a racist at the start.

  • Rico

    What is racist, A-hole, is choosing not to pursue charges of voter intimidation if the alleged perpetrators are black. That is your justice department. Holder's former law firm represents Gitmo detainees for free. You and your Party haven't a clue how to keep America safe. And quit referring to me as racist!

  • fatcop

    I have been requied to work this event for many years. Every year it gets worse, and more people shot 10 this year. Lets not forget the explosion. It was not firecrackers it was a device that could have killed many. Guess the news needs to down play this and the fact that several Officers were shot at as they called on the radio of bullets hitting the building behind them. Don't think that made the news. I think it not verry responsable for the city to require police to continue to work an event that is a danger to citizens and police alike and do nothing to try to change the event to make it safer. Ideas have been given from the rank and file for years how to improve the safety but comming from a patrolman no one cares or will listen we are not good enough to help fix the problem.

  • Shanna

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    Every year we know that on Expo Saturday there will be rioting, shots fired, people shot, property damaged…..

    What's wrong with this? Why hasn't Expo changed? Why has Expo continued a custom of denial…Allow me to tell you next year's press release (unless the Public Safety Director does what has to be done) “We regret the events of Saturday, July, 2011. The events were isolated from Black Expo….”

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