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On Demand

Between Al Sharpton coming to town tonight to speak about the Brandon Johnson case and the “March for Peace” slated for tomorrow around the City-County building, I must take a moment to give credit where credit is due.  Some people in this town believe there was an injustice and so they’re stepping up and taking action.

However, like most good causes, their worse enemies are truly themselves.  For example, the Black Ministers Alliance, which says says it is the official voice of the African-American Community in Indianapolis, says it wants the following demands met.

  • An Internal Affairs Department in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department with civilian oversight and involvement.
  • A revamped IMPD Training Academy, not just with minority instructors (including Blacks) but with a curriculum that teaches officers, in the academy and in continuing training, about the complex racial and ethnic community they serve.
  • Because of the distrust within the community towards the excesses and negative attitudes of some police officers, there must be Federal Justice Department monitoring of IMPD. Even though the Ballard administration was rolled by the Bush administration and ended IMPD’s efforts to promote and hire qualified minority officers, Indianapolis is still under a federal order. That gives Washington the justification to monitor IMPD and help them end their insensitive ways.
  • Finally, to restore trust, terminate all five officers involved in the Brandon Johnson case.

Meanwhile, the “March for Peace” organizers have put out their own list of what they want done…

  • For Prosecutor Brizzi not to wait on the completion of the federal investigation, but to immediately bring charges against the officers so the community can get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  • Internal Affairs Department be re-organized to include civilian participation
  • Re-organization of the IMPD Training Academy
  • Justice Department to get involved in this process
  • IMPD work force be more reflective of the community it serves

Like I said, I give these guys credit for their demand list, because what they’re asking for has already been done, for the most part.    Here’s what I can tell you…

  • The findings in the Brandon Johnson case have already been turned over to the Justice Department and it is reviewing it.  Public Safety Director Frank Straub says he will be more than happy to live with whatever decision comes back.
  • There are already is civilian oversight of the internal affairs department.  It’s called the Mayor and Public Safety Director.
  • The department is already reviewing it’s curriculum to add more cultural understanding of all ethnic minorities, not just blacks. It’s looking at the Hispanic community, Chin community and several others.  Sorry guys, you’re not special, you’re just like everybody else.
  • The department is also looking at more minorities in its ranks, but you can’t compromise excellence for equity.  No offense guys but remember back in 2008-09,  the skin color of the officers who kept getting in trouble?  Who ran the which law enforcement division they came from?  Here’s a hint, one of them is running for Sheriff and another for the State Senate.
  • The Officer IMPD believes was responsible for the excessive force against Brandon Johnson was relieved of duty.  Why would you want to fire someone who didn’t do anything?  That doesn’t sound like something Jesus would do?

Now to date, no one has asked for a straight out check, but I guess becuse the individual organizing these guys had told them not to ask for money right now because there will be a payday around the corner.  However, I’m sure if the city offered some of these “leaders”  cash they would take it.

Remember, you don’t pay a hooker for sex.  You pay her to leave.

See you at tonight at Al Sharpton, if it starts on time.

  • pascal

    You won't see me listening to a Black Racist invited by other racists. Having such a POS in town stains our reputation. And,it stains those who invited it.

  • Ray Spate

    Black “leaders” demands or old blue D-mands? Community divided by black & white = Green ($$$), to the extort possible

  • Curious

    Do the ministers understand that once federal guideline figures are met as a result of a consent decree, any further hiring of minorities may result in additional discrimination law suits being filed by the former majority becasue the consent decree has been satisfied Better be careful what they ask for

  • Rmoney

    Why would hiring more qualified minorities be a issue?? That doesn't make any sense.

  • Rmoney

    Yeah we all know were you will be on Monday. Isn't there a white supremacy march planned also to oppose the firing of the white police officer.

  • Rmoney

    While I am not condoning the acts of the police officers back in 08-09 it is funny that you cherry pick a two year period to back up your slanted views.

    To suggest somehow that hiring minorities will somehow decrease the performance of the police department because of a few black officers got in trouble is ludicrous to me.

    So you mean to tell me you couldn't find any white officers that were dismissed from there positions for doing anything wrong??

    When Black people are asking for equal rights we are asking for the same thought processes that are provided to white people without a second guess.

    That means the next qualified minority wants to compete for the job without being shackled with actions of some bad apples black cops that came before them.

    That is where the racism lies now. It isn't in overt actions of the so called KKK. It is in the sub conscious thought processes of the decision makers of the city.

    When white people mess up, the next white person is hired without prejudices to what the previous one did. Quality isn't question and life goes on.

    But we have you on here so quick to try to pacify your white republican readers that you don't see that you actually are doing more harm that good when it comes to race relations.

    To date there hasn't been any documented research that shows quality or production has diminished due to diversity initiatives.

  • Abdul

    No one is saying diversity isn't good. You want a diverse police force that looks like your community, it's good for law enforcement and everyone else. However when “leadership” talks about diversity, all they want is a black face and that's good enough. Sorry, you don't trade excellence for equity. Deal with it.

  • gtrubble

    I can't help but be reminded of a Sanford and Son episode that aired earlier this week. Lamont took Fred to get a bad tooth pulled. Fred kept insisting that a white dentist do the work. He was greeted by a black dentist. After Fred made a fool of himself, the white dentist emerged, took a look at the complexity of Fred's tooth problem, then informed Fred that the more qualified dentist needed to perform the work. Then, the original black dentist emerged, and being the more qualified, instructed Fred to first “open real wide and remove your foot first.”

  • pascal

    RMoney you have no idea where I will be Monday. Don't overworry about it however, since I won't be conjuring up a list of White Demands to be made on the dysfunctional Black Community several of which would come easily to mind if folks had them. Contra Abdul, I see no value in “diversity” at all.
    No idea about any white supremist group meeting or march but I do know that the fired officer has a Fraternal Police membership and a grievance procedure the fact finding of which would be of more interest to me than any political correctness bullarky. I don't think much of the R prosecutor and even less of the accuracy of the Indianapolis Star.
    Thanks to Wilson, the half wit of the 10,000 jobs canard, I did read up on Matthew. The Bible is not well understood by me and so the following from Matthew might not refer to Rev. Sharpton but I'd bet that it does, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will know them.”
    Ah, the diversity….the mufti of Jerusalem in 1944 had his own version, “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion”. I think muftis are Muslims. I think Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi is a revered Muslim scholar whose idea of diversity, “Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one”. Every time I am flown in an airplane I am more certain that Muslims should not ever be allowed on them or near them and that for the sake of diversity all Muslims should walk or ride their own cars. Muslims cause great inconvenience to travelers.
    Since dolts too often ask for sources The Flight of the Intellectuals is probably available in your local library.

  • Rmoney

    Wrong – Never once did have I heard or seen Black Leadership call for unqualified Black face to fill a position. Unlike you I pressume qualified is a prerequiste along with being a minority.

    You keep assuming the worst of Black leadership while I willl assume the best.

  • Abdul

    Go with what you know.

  • Rmoney


    Your right I don't have a clue where you will be on Monday, but I was making an assumption similiar to what you do about alot of topics without any real facts to back them up. LOL

    As far as diversity it has it pros and cons. I don't want to nor have the time to go into them at this time.

    I don't know where the remainder of your post came from but I will just take from it you don't like flying with Muslims.

  • pascal

    Muslims are part of diversity. When you look into the cons of diversity (after you fail at defining the term) consider Bakke and look up the performance of the person who stole his place in school. While you are doing your homework there try looking up anyone you ever knew with Navy experience and find out why assume, as a word or policy isn't used in the Navy.
    I think there is a word limit on posting so I won't be able to discuss what you don't know. People who actually do know things often come to conclusions or opinions based on a great number of facts. It is sort of a short hand manner to not list all those facts in detail as it is assumed that readers hold them in common. I'm not in the business of tutoring the ignorant except for TA who is now nearly the sole financial supporter of Haiti.

  • Rmoney


    I don't see a definition of diversity from you either.

    I looked up the Bakke case.

    I happen to think in college admissions that schools should take into account the economic status of the student more than race.

    But that decision wasn't against using race as a factor for inclusion it was because it used it as a reason for exclusion.

    I don't give a rats butt why the Navy doesn't use the word 'assume'

    So what facts did you use to come to the conclusion that diversity (how ever you want to define it ) is bad. I would love to hear this explanation.

    I definetly don't need any tutoring from you, because from what I have seen you haven't provided anything worth learning.

  • Jessie Jackson

    Pascal will be at the dry cleaners picking up his robe

  • pascal

    And, so, you will remain invincibly ignorant. Your powers of looking were marginal. The scum who took Bakke's case went on in life to compile a very poor record, a documented record, the documentation you asked for, dolt. I'm not surprised you didn't find it because, locked in ignorance, you didn't want to find it-you assume things and those with navy experience are laughing at you.
    Come back sometime when you know what you are trying to say beginning with being able to define the terms you use, like “diversity” which means, actually, bull excrement.