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The Loyal Opposition

Today’s blog post comes to you courtesy of  both state and local Democrats.

Equal Time

City-County Council Minority Leader Joanne Sanders told a recent gathering of Ds that the proposed transfer of  the city’s water and waste water facilities was was moving full steam ahead and Democrats were feeling run over.  She also alluded that the media had not done its job in presenting the Democrats’ argument against the proposal.  So in fairness to Joanne, I present to you my interview with her where she makes her case against the deal.

Joanne Sanders

Never let it be said that I am not fair.

Are Democrats Getting Stonewalled?

There is a growing rift between State party Democrats and LGBT Democrats.  Reliable sources tell me that House candidates who are sympathetic to gay rights have been “advised” by the director of House races to keep their distance from gay-friendly events like last weekend’s Indy Pride festival.

Gay Democrats are reportedly upset lawmakers like U.S. Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth and State Representative candidate Brett Voorhies and legislator Ed Delaney stayed away and Rep John Barnes didn’t walk the parade this year. The Marion County Democratic party did not by booth space at the event and instead tried to piggy back on the Stonewall Democrats efforts.  Stonewall Dems donated about $10,000 in the past to Democratic candidates, but that support might not be there in the future if state Democrats don’t start giving back.

In and Out

As we blogged yesterday, Brian Williams is out of the race for Mayor.  He joins political heavyweights Kip Tew and Joe Hogsett in taking a pass on challenging incumbent Greg Ballard next year.

And a big thumbs up to Tanya Walton-Pratt for her appointment to the federal bench.  Not only did she make history as the first African-American   federal judge in state history, but she is a first class jurist and a heck of a great person to know.

  • Think Again

    You don't get it do you Abdul? Joe, Kip and Brian didn't exit the challenge against Ballard. Any of them could beat Ballard. The real challenge is the primary. This is still a 56% D county. Regardless how much you parrot the Republican line, that won't change. The only way you beat the Ds is to have them fussing among themselves. And waddaya know–their primary path is now clear.

    And yes, the Stonewalls are upset, but not enough to sit on their hands. They know the score. Pride had only a handful of officeholder-Ds in attendance. Pity. They missed a big crowd.

  • Indiana_Barrister

    TA, there is no argument that Marion County leans D. However, you forget that with those top of the ticket races, voters are more likely to split their vote. Think Barack and Mitch. If you want to place a friendly wager (dinner) over next year's outcome, I'm willing to do it. Melina has a lot more baggage than your side is willing to accept. Also I argue her running for Mayor is like Walter Mondale running for President in 1984. And how is she going to explain things like her “gang amnesty” plan she offered up when she was a prosecutor candidate? Ballard isn't perfect, but I would argue that Kip, Joe and Brian would have been stronger candidates because they don't have her baggage.

  • Melyssa Donaghy

    Abdul? Would you be willing to make a $500 public wager with me? I'll wager Ballard will lose the election next year.

  • anony mouse

    Actually John Barnes and his wife were there for a large part of the day.

    If the Dem party director of House races has requested that LGBT supportive candidates stay away from Pride, it is not the smartest strategy, the community watches carefully who is and who is not in attendance.

    55,000 people from all over the state in attendance that lean heavily Dem and let's make sure we stay away from them.

    Brilliant strategy!

  • Ed Angleton

    There's always room under the Libertarian tent for our LGBT friends.

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    I don't know about Abdul, but Ernie has attempted to bet on that against myself and Think Again. I'm sure his offer is still open.

  • wilson46201

    More stunning was the total boycott of Indy Pride by any and all Republican candidates and officeholders. Nary a one was seen! In past events, there was usually a token Republican or two. This year not a single GOP officeholder or candidate participated or attended.

    On the other hand, a whole gaggle of Democratic incumbents and candidates participated in the Parade and Festival. Congressman André Carson spoke at the opening ceremonies.

  • joneaster

    Abdul, what are you doing hanging out with Democrats? hehehehe

  • Think Again

    Dinner it is. Get your wallet out. The Mondale reference is just dumb. And Gang Amnesty was accompanied by a stern exchange of info and guns. Under the right scenario, it might work…but narrowly.

    How is Buffet Ballard going to defend four years of nonsense? That's the main question. And again: you don't beat top-ticket Dems in this county, unless the Dems are fighting among themselves. Ala Schellinger/Long in 08.

    And don't forget: Dems were in the cold wilderness until bart won that first term. They didn't know what it was like to run the city. They got the power trip and they miss it BIG TIME now.

    This isn't even going to be close.

  • Think Again

    I'm sure there is. Even if it's a pup tent. Kinda like early 1980s Marion County Dems–you could hold that meeting in a phone booth.

  • IndyErnie

    Mel don't blow your money…Ballard will win re-election and Matt is right I will take the bet.

  • IndyErnie

    Muslims don't believe in homosexuality. Muslims behead gay’s in the Middle East.
    Is Andre conflicted with his religion or just confused? I have to ask …everything else confuses him.

  • wilson46201

    so Ernie, what's your excuse for you and the rest of your Republicans totally shunning this Parade and Festival?

  • Think Again

    My gramps used to have a phrase for folks like you Ernie: nuts in the head. Basic electoral math is galloping right into your face, and you ignore it. It'd be different if Ballard were Lugaresque or and the personality of Hudnut (without the extra stuff). But he doesn't. By a long shot. he's appointed dimwits everywhere. His deputy mayor speaks jibberish and thinks likewise. his parks director doesn't miss a chance to piss off anyone–including multiple longtime GOPers. Nope. You're wrong. Ballard's gone. There is nothing he can do to stop this tide if the Ds are untied, and it looks like they are.
    Is Melia my favorite candidate? Nope. Will I work to defeat here in the primary? Absent a stronger candidate, nope. She's worked hard and earned it. She's smarter asleep than Ballard is awake. Her law firm ties bother me, but in a town this size, that's almost unavoidable. If she'd come out with a “blind trust” type of attitude about legal work in her mayoral tenure, she largely eliminates that issue.
    I have three words for you, Ernie: Mary Catherine Barton. If she could get elected surveyor in 2004, capitalizing only on baseline D vote, then Melina wins.

  • IndyErnie

    TA you need to change your on screen name to Dream Again, or better yet… Think NOT. I may be “nuts in the head” but Ballard will be re-elected.

  • IndyErnie

    Wilson I had a gay uncle whom I loved very much. He lived his life with dignity and without walking in parades. If he didn't walk why should I? The family knew his sexual preference and accepted him. A parade isn’t going to make any difference in anyone life. If you want to celebrate your sexuality have at it, I won’t be attending heterosexual parades either.

  • Guest

    IndyErnie, besides brushing on your grammar, you need to get over the fact that Andre is Muslim. Andre votes for his district and always will. Andre is not confused. He is a strong supporter of Americans being able to love the person they choose.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Hey, this is the same guy who eloquently railed for separation of water management from infrastructure improvements? When the rubber meets the road, Kennedy is going to be that much different than Ballard? She's not just as beholden to law firms and influential blocs that donate money instead of the average working taxpayer? I respect your going outside the box sometimes, TA. But, what is the big difference in these candidates other than one is from the party to which you are loyal, and therefore that one will get to divide the spoils if victorious?

    There aren't some times, ANY times, when it's virtuous to vote for the “pup tent”- given the corruption of the alternatives?

    Never? Ever?

  • wilson46201

    You still didn't answer why NO Republican officeholders or candidates attended this major community event. There was a total political boycott by all Republicans. Why is the Republican Party shunning LGBT Hoosiers?

  • Think Again

    Folks don't need to march in parades to gain approval of anyone, most especially you, Ernie. And if they do march in parades, as long as no laws are broken, why do you look down on them? Your condescending attitude is boorish. Parades don't make a person. Character does. Dignity and parade-marching CAN go hand-in-hand. They are not mutually-exclusive.

  • inDglass

    Members of the GLBT community should consider giving their money to Libertarian candidates like Rebecca Sink-Burris (running for Senate against Ellsworth and Coats). The Libertarians are not embarrassed to support the rights of all people. The Democrats and Republicans have plenty of special interest money as it is, and they are concerned more with polls and votes than with principle. Do the right thing and put your money and your votes behind your principles.

  • Think Again

    Voting for a pup tent? Never. Ever. It's wasted.
    Insisting that my favored candidate come-clean on potential law firm relationships and policy under her mayoral tenure? Priceless.
    I still think the water deal, by itself, could make sense. Stacking debt on top of it, with sidewalk promises, is idiotic. Voodoo economics.
    Go ahead and vote for it, Republicans. It will be your Waterloo, I promise you.

  • IndyErnie

    Wilson I don't know why they didn't attend. Why don't you tell us why Andre votes as directed by Nancy Pelosi over the wants of his constituents?
    I don't think anyone is “shunning LGBT Hoosiers”. It might help if the parade organizers would censer the content so children and families could attend without being subjected to sexual overtones.

  • Think Again

    Ernie, you're just dumb. Math. Think about studying it. Soon. Fifty-six percent baseline is almost impossible to overcome, unless you strip away some of the 56, as happened with Peterson in 2007. Won't happen next time. Plus, with friends like Deputy Mayor Williams, and Parks Director Lowry, Ballard doesn't need any enemies. He starts from a minority ballot position, and has done nothing–zippo–to endear him to Independents or recalcitrant Ds, of whim there are fewer than in 2007.

  • IndyErnie

    Guest if you don't like my grammar then skip over my postings.
    As to Andre Carson being Muslim I could care less, my comment was to expose him as the hypocrite he is. Andre votes as directed by Nancy Pelosi and everyone in Indiana knows that to be true. Some like you believe that he is the Messiah and that he can walk on water. I can't wait for the day that his boat sinks and that day could be sooner than most think.
    Anybody desiring a political opinion yard sign that reads “It’s as simple as…ABC Anybody But Carson” can e-mail Anybodybutcarson@aol.com and request one.

  • IndyErnie

    TA I might be dumb but I'm also right and that's more than I can usually say about you.

  • IndyErnie

    For TA to call me condescending is laughable. TA what's the big deal? I don't care who marches in which parade. I'm a veteran and I don't march in that parade either. I choose to attend what I want, not what Wilson or you think I should.
    Stop being such an asshole. I didn't bash the parade. I stated that I didn’t and wouldn't attend. Get over it.

  • Think Again

    Money down a rat hole

  • Think Again

    You're hilarious
    What are you FOR?

  • Think Again

    “He lived his life with dignity and without walking in parades.”

    You see, your problem is English. The language is pretty easy to understand. When you type a sentence like that you should, expect folks to interpret it as: my uncle was a dear man, but he had enough dignity not to walk in a Gay Rights Parade. Or something similar.

    You can do whatever parades you like. I will not pass judgment on you for the parades you don't or do attend or march in. Kindly do the same for others, and don't assume those who do/don't march in a parade have more/less dignity.

    I don't try to force any parade on you. I do hold you a accountable for what you type, which you apparently don't like. Get over THAT.

  • Think Again

    THAT, dear Ernie, is a fair observation, IF you had attended or knew the overall parade content. Pray tell, how did you know?

  • Eashearer

    “He lived his life with dignity and without walking in parades.”

    He was a gay man and he didn't flaunt or hide his sexuality.

    What the hell is wrong with that? You are reading more into this than I intended?

  • Taxpayer 834512

    1) Will your “insisting” come before the election, or after- during the division of spoils?
    2) It's impossible to have two candidates so corrupt, or similarly beholden and compromised, that the right action is to vote for somebody else that, comparatively, woule actually serve the public if they were only elected? That's an impossibility? The winner must always be from a party that has a probability of winning?

    Voting should always be an exercise in power, not nobility? (sorry- that sounds pompous to me as well, but for lack of better words….)

  • Think Again

    Read it again.

    Then get back to me.

    It's ENGLISH for cryin' out loud.

  • Think Again

    Not pompous, but, perhaps, wrong. And perhaps right, to be fair.

    Hell yes I'd insist on the lawyer-accountability thing BEFORE. I've already asked. It's less powerful after-the-fact.

    I'll also ask about the caliber of corporation counsels to be hire.d We've become a training ground for bad attorneys, who let the private-sector lawyers draw up everything from easement agreements to contracts.

    It's become a joke.

  • Indyernie

    I did….quit spinning and reading in Liberal Leftist

  • wilson46201

    Get the real scoop on André !

  • IndyErnie

    Please go to the sight above and read the propaganda. As you visit the site remember this Andre Carson has voted as instructed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time.
    Carson voted for Obama's Healthcare and he will vote in favor of Cap & Trade. These two votes alone will cost the average family thousands EVERY YEAR.
    Now is the time for Andre Carson to go.
    Visit Anybodybutcarson@aol.com and get your own Anybody But Carson political opinion yard sign and display it for all to see.
    Thanks for the leg up Wilson.

  • http://www.melyssasgarden.blogspot.com melyssa

    Pelosi has well under a 20% approval rating, yet Carson votes for what she asks 99% of the time. And we want this because? Where did the money come from that elected Carson in the first place? It was the DC Lobby and most of it was from out of state if I remember right.

    Maybe TA thinks Pelosi and the DC Lobby money is all groovy and all, but I don't. I want a congressperson who represents ME, not outside interests and the most duplicitous witch in this country.

    I'm going to get one of those yard signs.

    And Ernie, TA is a nice guy. You two should be more civil to one another.

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone


    You know I like ya, but first, you need the facts on your side. And in this case, they aren't. Open Secrets (http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/geog.php…) indicates that Carson's fundraising is overwhelmingly from the Indianapolis area, and his private donors (as a percentage) is a bit above that of PAC donors.

    And from an objective point, this talking point of 99% voting with the Speaker is implying that it's inherently bad. Is it going to be so bad if a GOP congressman does the same with a GOP Speaker?

    Carson probably hasn't voted for a single piece of legislation that I agree with him on, but cmon, let's get our facts straight.

  • IndianaStonewallDemocorats

    Indiana Stonewall Democrats released the following statement on their website:


    There have been some recent comments in the blogosphere about Stonewall and the Marion County Democratic Party sharing booth space at Pride this year. It would appear some are trying to paint division between Stonewall and the MCDP by using our shared booth space as evidence that MCDP isn't as supportive of the LGBT community as it should be.

    We would like to set the record straight, so to speak, about the booth arrangements this year at Pride. Indiana Stonewall Democrats invited the Marion County Democratic Party and all Hoosier Democrats running for office to share our booth space. MCDP paid their fair share of the double-size booth space we were sharing and a good number of our Democratic friends were present throughout the day.

    We are proud we were able to share our space with the Marion County Democratic Party. Any Democrat or Democratic organization that wishes to share booth space with us has an open invitation. Stonewall is the representative organization for LGBT Democrats and we believe in displaying that association at every opportunity.

  • IndyAries

    Maybe they were attending the “Heterosexual Pride” (aka 'Straight') festivities.

    Anything wrong with that?

  • Fedup

    Thongs, whips, chains…very family oriented.

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