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Are We Missing the Big Picture?

A report on the alleged police brutality incident involving Brandon Johnson could come as early as Friday.   IMPD officials tell me they are being very thorough in their investigation, however details are still hard to come by.  My political instinct tells me that the report will likely find that there was enough  blame to go around and that both parties probably crossed a line they shouldn’t have.

With that said, a noticeable portion of  the outrage in Black community has been directed at IMPD with a lot of people playing Monday morning police chief.  I think what some of these critics are missing though is the reason the cops were called to the scene in the first place.   There were neighborhood reports of a break-in in broad daylight. That individual being Brandon Johnson’s brother.

This is not excusing any excessive force that may have been used, but I think in the zeal to crucify the police department  some local community activists are forgetting  that had Brandon’s brother not been reportedly breaking the law, the cops would have never have had to come out in the first place and none of this would have occurred.

I still have a hard time trying to figure out  why this attitude is still sticking around.  Does anyone in this town want to hold these young men accountable for their actions?   Nine out of ten times when a young black man is killed in this town, it’s another young black man?   However, when reasonable people try to hold these young men accountable, you get claims of racism.  When reasonable people want to improve the schools these young people go to, they are accused of trying to destroy public education.  When reasonable say stop having children you can’t afford to take care, they’re accused of being uncaring.

No offense, but if the same people who make excuses for bad behavior would spend as much time trying to correct the bad actors as they do going after the critics, this town would be in much better shape.  But I guess it’s hard to grasp the big picture when you only see what you want to see.

  • Dave

    Yep, mold thinking gets to stinking.

    Journalism has been buried by code talkers, a blindset where the maintenance of problem defies the gravity of solution. Racism is among their “preferred” problems.

    Traveling the topics, the big picture seems more intentionally obscured than lost (agenda); stuff like cloak room drafted referenda, constitutional amendments counterfeiting variables (the commission schedule known as assessments) as caps, oedipal conflicts of interest dismissed as kissing cousins, public sectored amusement park development, etc.

    Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain… la dee la dee-dee, the cheat goes on…

  • John Howard

    I guess the theory is, if you start making hamburger out of a person's face, they will peacefully submit to arrest without reacting to the excruciating pain by trying to block the blows or get away from the person inflicting the damage.

    Given the arsenal of choices, from choke holds to pressure points to tasers, I wonder what the criteria for massive facial trauma is? When does that become the 'best way' to subdue a resister?

    Does force continuum address the instinctive nature of a person to shutdown logical thought and go into an instinctive 'self preservation' mode when under extreme physical duress?

    No, it does not.

    So a person can and will cease rational thought – and push the continuum higher and higher – resulting in more pain and injury which will excalate the force applied ad naseum.

    I think 4 expertly-trained cops in tiptop physical condition could subdue even a large pudgy 15 year old without the kind of force that was apparently used.

    I wonder if this type of police behavior hasn't simply escalated animosity and frustration on the streets, violence begetting violence, and thus made the standard police reaction tougher and harsher?

    I think the taser gets way too much use a lot of the time, like it was recently on a streaker or drunk at a baseball game. But to me, tasing this kid right at the outset would have been sensible (3 other officers freed up to deal with the older brother), appropriate and expedient. I fail to understand why it was not.

    This would never have become the story it has if it was handled differently.

    In fact, big brother might have been tased and not been in a struggle that gave opportunity the the younger one to incite anything.

    It does give an appearance that, just maybe, the police get too much from satisfaction from 'pounding some sense' into civilians now and then.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Abdul: I'm not sure you've written anything I agree with more, particularly the two paragraphs. Thank you for including education and childbirth because they cannot be “unentwined”. They're part of the whole problem and solution.

    The whole thing isn't only a “Black community” thing either. It's all of us.

    A wonderful piece. Thank you.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Edit: …particularly the last two paragraphs….

  • think again

    Well Abdul, since the charges were dropped against Brandon Johnson, and 1 or 2 or 3 of those police officers might lose their job, what does this do for the nieghborhood since those brothers terrorized them, now they are a cmmunity problem. Who will police thier neigborhood, because you better believe the police will adjust their thinking as well. And why aren't these same so called Ministers said anything or out cry about the African American Police Officer that committed Arson endangering lives. And the Aferian American officer that stole money from a Hispanic on a traffic stop.
    You know what's so amazing you never see a White Minister Parading around, like they have forgot what their real misson is, saving souls and moving people to GOD not away from GOD.

  • Rico

    Try using your own name. 'Think Again' is usually wrong, but would never post such a poorly-written piece.

  • pascal

    Good catch.TA is nearly always off the mark but people who read can often tell who the author is. EG Bill Ayers has been fingered as Obama's author, “the one” being so ignorant that most all of his written materials have to be hidden and who, without a teleprompter is tongue tied.
    The real TA would be mortified to mispell a word (and probably curses the lack of spellcheck on this blog…..or grammar check for things like steak for stake).
    Concede not an iota of moral authority to Black Ministers. Suffer a demonstration of same instead. I still remember all those Mike Tyson fans and OJ fans and Obama's minister of 20 years.

  • Think Again

    Well, I guess a back-handed “thanks” is in order to Pascal, and Rico, for calling out the fraudulent poster.

    And they're both right–fat thumbs and typos are one thing. But my earlier “post” had a bevy of improper spellings. So Rico and Pascal are paying attention, and for that, I thank them.

    As for the subject of the post:

    When a tinhorn prosecutor like Brizzi fails to bring charges against the offender/victim (I'm not judging, just trying to put both titles “out there”)–then I'm inclined to believe one of three things:

    Brizzi is once again too afraid or politically/morally impotent to bring charges, ala Pea Shakes, or:

    There is not sufficient evidence, or:

    The young man was wronged.

    Take your pick–none of these answers will satisfy a large number of taxpayers.

    That said, Abdul is largely correct, in my never-to-be-humble opinion. For some reason, brown-skinned folks in this community are largely afraid of the police. I know some very respectable African-Americans who feel this way. So there has to be some historical context about which I have no clue–because I'm not, well, I'm not brown-skinned.

    But someone in this community had better have the balls, soon, to step up and tackle the larger issue, head-on. I have the sense that our new chief will try to do so. He has richly earned credible stripes as a community policeman who tries hard. Now if we could just get rid of that interloper Straub, and the position, which is a waste of taxpayer money…the IMPD chief should report directly to the mayor, even if the mayor is a dope.

    So, call me Mr. Optimistic, but I'm going to wait on the report, which shouldn't have taken this long (that time lapse helps contribute to the lack of trust, but that's another story). I'll read the report and form firm judgments then.

    And I'll monitor this blog to make sure some arrant grammatical goof isn't masquerading under my screen name. If rascals like Pascal and Rico have my back on that identity score, then I'll be fine.

    Keep wondering aloud, Abdul. Someone has to. It is one of the ways we get to credible answers.

  • pascal

    Are dirtyblues figures anywhere near being correct? I'm not challenging them-they just seem very high to me.

  • Close the Circle NOW

    I am not surprised that Abdul would take this view. Im sure that it's a direct quote right out of a Tom Johns weekly e-mail of orders for Abdul to follow . We all know where John stands on race situations. After what John did to the Black community about the CCC seat his racest veiw points are becoming quite clear.

    BTW, I wonder how Abdul will be recieved at the Saturday morning Concernd Clergy meetings.

  • Think Again

    I'm not sure the Concerned Clergy's reception is pertinent. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to anger them, but their “approval,” or anything akin, isn't worth much. Their history is checkered, at best.

  • guest

    Abdul, first off, delete the comments by dirtyblues. Second, if you were of a different skin color other than black, you would be called a racist. Lastly, I agree with your tert response and opinion. Spot on.

  • Think Again

    tert response? (Looking for dictionary…) Please advise: what does that mean?

  • stimy

    Basically IMPD policy now is office has to pretty much be assaulted before a taser is used. by then it's too late the fight is on. Then you would still have people crying that they tasered a 15 year old kid. it's a can't win situation. And I bet you and 3 of you're best physically fit friend would have one hell of a time trying to hand cuff me withought someone being badly hurt. and i'm no where near 6 feet or 200 lbs.

  • pascal

    And, for what reason would one delete the comments of dirtyblues? Are the facts factual? Actually, one can be black and still be a racist-a great number of people with black skin color are, you know. It doesn't seem to bother them much at all. It is sort of a cry wolf sort of thing these days-an automatic unthinking reactionary sort of thing.

  • fedup

    This entire thread is why 'decent' people, black or white, should flee Indiana. The racism that is promulgated by black and white leadership and media is soooo 1930's. Indianapolis is a plantation.

  • Adam Longworth

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I agree (minus the dig at the mayor) with TA…Brizzi shouldn't have bowed to what I believe to be perceived public opinion…whether excessive force was used is beside the point. If Brandon and his hooligan (I love that word) brother were breaking the law, then they still need to be held accountable.

    The one thing I don't like is a bunch of preening, pimp suit wearing, lifetime members of the Julia Carson fan club strutting around puffing out their chests and feeling better about themselves by playing the race/victim card.

  • Adam Longworth