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Indiana Barrister Wins Professional Journalism Award

There’s nothing like a little recognition from your peers.  I received word this afternoon that Indiana Barrister has won the best Journalism Web Site award in Indiana from the Society of Professional Journalists.    I’m not all sure who entered but last year the award went to the Indianapolis Star and WTHR-TV came in second.

The award ceremony is next Friday in downtown Indianapolis.  Looks like I’ll have to clear my calender.    Special thanks goes to Kevin Hood who keeps this thing up and running.  And thanks to all of you for reading.

You will note how I did not take this opportunity to take a cheap shot at my critics.  I figured this news alone should be more than enough to do the job.

Who’s up for martinis and cigars?

  • http://www.urbanophile.com/ Aaron M. Renn

    Congrats. I'd definitely join you for a martini and cigar, but alas I'm no longer in Indy. Enjoy an extra on my behalf ;)

  • pogden297

    Sorry, Abdul, I already have an award from the Indiana Society of Professinal Journalists, a first place award for “issues writing” for an article I wrote for Indianapolis Monthly about my experience grading ISTEP exams. Kind of devaluaes your award doesn't it when you find out a kooky conspiracist has previously won one?

  • Indiana_Barrister

    Not really. I hear they've raised the standards since you were a contestant. By the way, have you ever been to court to defend yourself against stalking allegations?

  • pogden297

    Really…I've been accused of “stalking?” Do tell, because this is certainly news to me.

    I've never been accused of “stalking” in my life. But, hey, Abdul let's not let the facts get in the way of the truth, right? Better check those facts out again.

  • pogden297

    Oh, and let me clarify, I have NEVER been to court on stalking allegations.

  • Indiana_Barrister

    Wow Paul,

    I ask a question in the comment section of my blog and you immediately feel a need to do a post. Well, like we say from my acting days, methinks the lady dost protest too much. Enjoy your existence.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Congrats, Dude.

  • Dave

    Congratulations Abdul! “Fresh horses & cognac for the men.”

  • Guest

    Maybe not a stalker but definitely creepy. Why does it always have to be about you, Paul? Can't you be happy for someone else without feeling threatened?

    Congratulations to you on your award.

  • varangianguard

    Congratulations! If I were in town I might drive in for a martini, but would I have to dress up for it?

    You know, I enjoy reading both of your blogs, so could you guys just attempt to be “mutually disinterested” in each other, or something? :roll

  • Just Askin

    I heard Brizzi may consider resigning today? Any truth to that rumor?

  • cole

    He sure seems obsessed with you, but Paul Ogden sure is weird. His stalking of bob grande and his firm because Ogdens ex-wife works there has eveybody snickering knowing his motives. Losers always complain, he is on the outs of everything and just complains.

  • cole

    On rumors I had not heard that of brizzi. He does not strike me as a guy walking away but who knows. His ex-bff tom john needs him also with all of brizzis funds as county gop can't raise anything.

  • Name

    Me thinks that Paul is jealous of the fact that Abdul has a hot young wife.

  • Think Again

    Doth. Methinks the lady DOTH protesteth too much.
    Good Lord Abdul do I need to follow you around? LOL

  • Think Again

    Hot young wife? Good for Abdul!
    And good for his award. Well-deserved. The gap between good journalism in this town, and bad journalism, just got wider. Good for Abdul, bad for all of us. We need MORE good reporting from others.

  • melyssa

    Good to see all those nights up late drinking with GOP insiders Carl Brizzi and Tom John paid off for you!

    It's not cool to make false allegations about people. You should be above it.

  • lindsayG

    Poor form for Paul for mentioning his award. It isn't always about you, that's what you have YOUR OWN BLOG for.

    Seriously bad taste.

  • ibviral

    The good thing is that these two are both very good for our city. I have no idea what the personal attacks are all about.I highly respect both people. If these two would ever come to the meeting of minds, great things could happen.

  • IndyAries

    Prob'ly not…he needs to complete his term to collect his pension.

  • Fed up

    I wonder if “our good friend Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi” will show up to support his 'good friend' Abdul!

  • Fed up

    Apparently the stalking allegation began with this:


    The link has many names of previous criminals along with mugshoots.

    Someone named Paul Ogden, in another state, was arrested for stalking. Obviously its not Attorney Paul Ogden in Indiana. I think most of us can google our names or peruse a criminal database around the United States and find someone who shares it that is accused of some heinous crime(s). Most members of the bar have readily access to such databases to confirm charges and criminal histories. It of course only matters to us if its a person we are aquainted with.

    I'm not sure whether mentioning this to the Attorney Paul Ogden from Indiana on a statewide political news blog for thousand to read and to draw “horrible conclusions” about a fellow member of the Indiana Bar is neccessary, and I dare to guess the underlying intent.

    I believe Attorney Shabaaz owes Attorney Ogden and apology.

    Can't we all just co-exists?
    “First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

  • Fed up

    My apologies, the link above was broken, I hope this one works:


  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    Abdul is not licensed in the state of Indiana to practice law (he does that in Illinois). He is listed as Of Counsel at the law firm of John, Lewis and Wilkins. Of Counsel can mean a lot, ranging from a retired founder of the law firm who just keeps a desk and office in the building to a fancy title for consultant.

  • Indiana_Barrister

    Actually my question stemmed from a deposition Ogden gave during his failed lawsuit against the State Department of Insurance.

  • malercous

    Abdul; Just because the “reality-based” community recognizes your adherence to journalistic principles does not mean that you will be acknowledged as a spokesperson for the GOP. Republican/right wing punditry requires a special disdain for fact and reason. This is an area in which you come up short. (Not a crack about your height)(Well, not a good one anyway)
    Your complete lack of ignorance of the subjects you cover is appalling as it allows you to cloud these issues with facts. If you haven't yet got the memo, this is verboten. Please quit it out now. Yesterday, if at all possible. You have a Chinaman's chance of being recognized as a GOP talking head with your current view of reality. Witness the current GOP head, Michael Steele, and his pillorying for speaking truth, as if it were reality. The GOP trotted him out front and center to show that they weren't all racists (and, to be sure, not all of them are) and he spoke the truth. (This, as you well know, went back at least to the 2008 elections when he said the GOP wouldn't have as big a sweep as hate radio was saying they would)
    Again, to be recogniozed as a GOP stalwart, you cannot let reality get in your way.
    Being as such, kudos to you Big Brown. You deserve it as you put in your time writing and analysing. Even when I don't agree with you, I still respect your views. (If not that goofy-looking cigar you Pose with)

  • http://www.bilerico.com/ Jerame

    Congrats Abdul!

  • Nicolas Martin

    it is apropos that, while preening himself for receiving an establishment journalism award, Abdul would engage in undocumented collateral defamation. The Society of Professional Journalists is celebrating the centennial of the oxymoron “journalism ethics.”

  • Indiana_Barrister

    I have a copy of the deposition. It's very documented.

  • nicmart

    But, like Joe McCarthy, you merely allude to it and keep it in a drawer? Have you no decency?

    I love the irony of linking this cheap shot to the receipt of a journalism award. Perfect synergy.

  • nicmart

    You take an unproven cheap shot against someone, and then object when he responds. Your a journalist, alright.

  • Fed up

    Indiana attorney or not, its not cool for an Illinois attorney to accuse an Indiana attorney of committing a felony on his statewide political news blog.

    If I'm not mistaken, “of counsel” is still considered practicing law in the state of Indiana and one must have an Indiana license.

    Section 2. Business Counsel License

    A person who has been admitted to practice law in the highest court of law in any other state who becomes a resident of Indiana to accept or continue employment by a person or entity engaged in business in Indiana other than the practice of law, whose practice complies with Section 1(a)(ii), and is, or will be, devoted solely to the business of such employer, and who receives, or will receive, his or her entire compensation from such employer for applicant's legal services, may be granted a business counsel license to practice law in Indiana, without examination, so long as:

    a) such person remains in the employ of, and devotes his or her time as set forth in Section 1(a)(ii) to the business of, and receives compensation for legal services from no source other than applicant's said employer;

    b) the applicant is a member in good standing of the bar(s) of admission;

    c) the admission of the applicant is in the public interest;

    d) the applicant meets the character and fitness requirement;

    e) the applicant has paid or tendered the required fee; and,

    f) the applicant has not failed the Indiana Bar Examination within five (5) years of the date of application.

    Upon the transfer of such employment outside the State of Indiana, the right to practice law in Indiana shall terminate. Upon the termination of such employment, the right to practice law in Indiana shall terminate unless 1) such business counsel license admittee has secured employment from another person or entity within three (3) months of their termination, which employment meets the criteria of Section 2; or 2) such business counsel license admittee shall have been admitted to practice law in this state pursuant to some other rule.

    I'd lilke to know how one can be “of counsel” at a law firm, not be a resident, hold several jobs simutaneously, and NOT be considered as practicing law without a license. I have a friend in louisana who would love to set up shop here too. Please share with the rest of us…

  • guest

    Didn't Time Magazine award Hitler man of the year??? Awards are like used toilet paper, they have their purpose but begin to stink when you find out who and how they are awarded.

  • Nick

    Congrats on your award.

    Wish the personal attacks would end.