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Life Just Got Interesting…

Although today is the filing deadline for candidates who want to run in the May primary today is also the day Indianapolis Mayoral hopfeful Brian Williams announced that 200 of his supporters have filed to run for precinct committeemen spots in the Marion County primary.

As if Democrats didn’t have enough on their plate this year.

In Marion County, Democrats and Republicans have 590 precinct spots.  Democrats are up for election this year and the Republicans are up next year.

Here’s an excerpt from Williams’ press release put out this morning…

The Williams for Indianapolis campaign (“WIN”) has exceeded both of its 100 x 100 campaign goals in six months. The first goal, finishing calendar year 2009 with over $100,000 in cash on hand, was exceeded. The second goal was to secure over 100 persons who support WIN and who would file for precinct committee persons.

Over the past month, over 200 WIN supporters filed to serve as precinct committee persons. These supporters reflect the diversity of Indianapolis. They represent all nine townships, every City-County Council district and three excluded municipalities.

“I am humbled by the breadth and depth of support our campaign has earned in just six short months. Our goal is to build a city that works for all of us. Working with this team and securing the support of others within the Democratic Party and bringing new people into the political process, we will return inspired leadership to the Mayor’s office in 2011,” said Brian Williams.

If Williams is successful in getting his PCs elected, he can go a long way to taking control of the Marion County Democratic party, or at least becoming a major player and making his chances of getting slated for Mayor next year a lot more likely.

Stay tuned.

  • Bump Beck

    Glenn Beck is imploding


    Glenn Beck has totally lost my support and those around me.
    He needs to apologize for his actions or resign.

  • Think Again

    What changed, Bump? He's always been about three seconds away from complete implosion.

    Abdul, Mr. Williams's accomplishment is truly something. There are, I think 547 precincts. So he controls about 36% of them. That's more support than I thought he had.

    The real accomplishment will, be holding them, and expanding.

    He is swimming upstream. The party structure is solidly behind Melina. As in Schellinger solid.

    Oops–did I type that out loud?

  • joneaster

    With due respect to Brian, I don't know anyone in Decatur that is completely behind him. Many are undecided or haven't even really thought about 2011 yet.

  • Think Again

    Jon–Decatur is what, 35 precincts? If he swept Decatur, he comes upw ay short.

    Not that he should ignore it. The votes are in Washington and Center.

  • Hector

    He doesn't control anything until he gets them elected and many of them have filed against current committeepersons. It is difficult to unseat a committeeperson who has been doing his/her job. If Williams' candidates lose then they have alienated the current committeeperson.

  • pogden297

    I highly doubt Decatur is 35 precincts.

  • wilson46201

    FWIW, Decatur appears to have 15 precincts…

  • Alex_Ralston

    My question remains, does the “200” number include all of the duplicates? Of the 175 or so forms Brian turned in, a substantial number were duplicates (multiple supporters filing in the same precinct).

    There were LOTS of duplicates. Three people filing in the same precinct = 1 PC at slating. And that's only if they're registered to vote (several aren't) and win the spot in May (many won't).

    Nice press hit, to be sure, but not totally factually correct.

  • Name

    Word on the street is that the filings today were only part of Williams PCs. Dozens have been filed over the last few weeks. Now the fun part begins as people try to figure who they are.

  • Mayor McCheese

    Oh dear. My McCheesie instincts tell me that ya'll just got suckered. Abdul, take a close look at who these people are that filed. Take an even closer look at who they filed against. Then you might want to ask those people who the WIN filed to unseat long-term, loyal, hard working PCs if they knew what they had gotten themselves into. Many cell phones are burning up right now, and its not good for the WIN. You want word on the street? I'll give you fact: many, many Marion County Dems people including your favorite County Chair are furious at the stunt WIN tried to pull off.

    The filings should be available from the County Clerk. Let's see how many pull their names out by the Monday deadline.

  • pogden297

    Having people run as PCs is a “stunt?” For about 100 years that's how political parties in Marion County have refreshed and reenergized themselves.

  • Hector

    In addition some of Brian Williams supporters being republicans or not registered, some are filed in the wrong precincts. It appears that there is some mighty sloppy paperwork involved.

  • Think Again

    Paul and Wilson: I meant votes…PCs and VPCs….that totals 30, right?

    Do the Dems allow VPCs to vote? I think they allow ward chairs…

  • Mayor McCheese

    Yes, in this case, its a “stunt.” The filings were quite comical, as noted above – Republicans, dead people, unregistered voters, duplicate filings, etc… This is no “grass roots” Obama type movement, this is merely a grasping at straws, tossing sh*t at the wall lets see what sticks stunt. The correct way to do this is to canvas and research, find openings or weak spots and then try to fill them with credible, or harder working, PC candidates. I'm all for that. But that is not what happened here. This is a “stunt” that has backfired severely amongst the party faithful.

    Like being Mayor McCheese – you can't just fill out the suit and expect results…now can you?

    Why don't you go look at those filings Mr. Ogden? Let's see if you see what everyone else sees.

  • joneaster

    Williams did indeed file people in Decatur. He phoned me last evening with a sort of snarky response to my comment here.

    We do only have 15 precincts, but that could be 30 votes at slating because PCs get to appoint their own Vice PCs. Decatur has always been resistant to the stuffing phenomenon, and we never take straw polls as to who votes what at slating. Our PCs have always been welcome to vote however they want to vote. We don't pressure them. I'm quite certain that Williams could have gotten the results he wanted with hard work and shoe leather rather than strong arm, revolution tactics.

    As I commented on another thread, I'm highly offended as a Ward Chair that he would try to overthrow current, hardworking PCs rather than talk to them and make his case.

    He should have left Decatur alone. We may be small, but we are LOUD.

  • pogden297

    I can only speak for the Rs. PCs and WCs are allowed to vote. VPCs can't unless the PC isn't voting.

  • pogden297

    I don't know that I would necessarily know the people who filed for Democratic PC much less whether they are R or D or registered.

  • democrat

    Jon, listen to yourself. You're acting as the party in Decatur Twp is your private club. What'd Melina do grow the party yesterday?

  • Mayor McCheese

    The mayor agrees Jon. This thing smells bad all the way around. Like a stinky 2 day old Big Mac with large fries.

  • ibviral

    Whats the big deal here…Tom Tom does this all of the time…Hmmm Center Township PCs. Tom is the master of appointing PCs at the last second, then dictating to them how to vote.
    Both parties are a bunch of sleezeballs.

  • joneaster

    I have no objection to the tactic. I'm just offended by it. The “party” here is not a private club, but we are a group that is working hard to put the “D” in Decatur, and it's my duty as a Ward Chair to foster that spirit. Putting in unknowns and people we've never heard of in a clear effort to exploit the slating convention's rules is counter intuitive for our goals of hard working PCs who know their communities and represent more than just the party…but who are a voice for their constituents.

    Again, Williams could have made his case to them instead of simply trying to overthrow the good, hardworking PCs in those precincts.

    How is what Brian is doing growing the party? Sure seems like he has his own interests here and is interested in growing discord.

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