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In Case You Missed It…

The Mayor made an appearance on C-SPAN yesterday.   He was interviewed as part of a series on the economy’s impact on cities.  My favorite caller was the Democrat from Indianapolis who said the Mayor was doing a good job.

  • Think Again

    Nice video. Thanks. As usual, I didn't see this anywhere else. I can only catch CSPAN in the evenings. The mayor did OK.

    And why am I not surprised, that you fell for the oldest CSPAN trick in the book? Callers often use the opposite party's call-in number, to jump to the front of the line, if they say something that's against the grain. Experienced CSPANers will tell you, it happens all the time. Producers like it when a Democrat calls to bash the President, or a Republican calls to praise the President.

    And I'm sure that never happens on your radio show, does it, Abdul?

  • Indiana_Barrister

    Actually, the only thing I know about the callers is what they want to discuss before they come on the air. But usually I don't find out what's on their mind until the button gets pushed. It was still interesting to watch, especially because the Democrat originally called to ask about Social Security.

  • pogden297

    I agree with TA. That is an old trick. I'm having trouble enough finding Republicans who think Mayor Ballard is doing a good job, much less Democrats. Now to think about it, since Ballard's policies are exactly the same as Peterson's, maybe he would be more popular with the Ds.

  • Think Again

    Well, Pogden, for those of us who want new leadership, I think Ballard is doing JUST FINE the way he is (wink, wink). I hoe he continues for two more years just exactly as he's led thus far.

    But I wouldn't go as far as to say Ballard's policies are the same as Peterson's. Far from it.

  • pogden297

    TA, I think the goals pretty much the same, except Peterson is more competent in terms of getting them enacted.

    I'm sure you favor Ballard running for a second term. If I were a Democrat, I would.

  • IndyErnie

    Ballard cut the budget two years in a row.
    We have more police on the streets & Crime is down.
    Our streets are repaired faster than ever in the past.
    Our sewers and water ways are soon to be clean and modernized.
    Overall Ballard is doing a good job.
    The CIB mess was a carry over from Peterson. The Band-Aid repair may not please everyone, me included I'm apposed to any tax increase but Ballard and the CCC dealt with it the best they could.
    Ballard will give any democrat who relishes the Mayor office a run for their money.

  • Fact Checker

    Almost everything you mentioned as an accomplishment was due to either former Mayor Peterson or President Obama and his stimulus money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Stone/27307256 Matt Stone

    Ballard's budget relies on stimulus money to keep it balanced. He's also using at least some of the stimulus money irresponsibly. As he said at the CCC meeting, he's using $11 million to hire 50 new police officers. While I find it hard to believe that $220,000 is necessary per officer unless every one of them are being trained, where is that money going to come from NEXT year? Or are we going to end up firing 50 police officers?

  • Dave

    Ernie makes reasonable observations, there's some very good news concerning this administration & ignoring that good news isn't fair. Most of the Bush bucks or stimu-lust dollars haven't arrived just yet & our former mayor had a dysfunctional relationship with law enforcement.

    The first caller did mention the CIB mess, which when viewed from the rear view mirror, will likely appear more significant than it does to some folks just now. When you push a button that lights a board with a green light, in favor of what you describe as “bad policy;” you're giving the people bad policy & don't expect a “thank you” for that.

  • IndyErnie

    The only thing Peterson did was leave us with the CIB mess-weak law enforcement- and a huge deficit.
    Speaking of HUGE deficits Obama is not doing any better than Peterson with his socialistic practices. We can take the stimulus money and put it to work or return it and let someone else spend it.

  • IndyErnie

    Matt every new officer needs to be trained. They also need equipped. Gun, uniform, vest holster, car etc. Attrition over the next year will resolve the need to layoff LEOs. Any extra monies will go to Public Safety.

  • Fact Checker

    IndyErnie, I think that your derogatory comments re: our local law enforcement are inaccurate. Our local men and women law enforcement officials work hard at a difficult job and at a pay rate that most of us would not put our lives on the line every day to earn. Please dont attack unfairly our LEOs.

  • pogden297

    IndyErnie, the budget by law has to be balanced. That's not a big accomplishment. The question is if, and how much, the numbers are being cooked to get to the balanced budget. Ballard is using some highly optimistic revenue numbers and stiumulus money to get to balance. They've also pushed self-funded insurance liabilities off to future years, a problem that's going to hit hard in 2011.

    Ballard has sold out taxpayers, sold out gunowners, taken the fall completely for Peterson administration shenanigans, and sold out about every Republican leaning group out there. There is a reason why Balalrd is so unpopular within his own party. Ballard is pursuing almost exactly the same policies as Peterson. He's just a less competent Peterson.

  • pogden297

    “Ballard and the CCC dealt with [the CIB mess] the best they could.”

    Are you kidding me?

    The CCC did not ask for a single reform of the CIB in exchange forthe bailout. They gave us the highest hotel tax in the country and let the CIB engage in yet more borrowing they'll never pay back. They wouldn't even make the CIB take the $15 million gift to the Simons off the table and now the administration is talking about the taxpayer forking over even more money even though the Pacers have no leverage whatsoever to make this demand. Pray tell, in what way did the CCC handle this “the best way they could?” They could have hardly messed it up any worse.

  • Think Again

    “Matt every new officer needs to be trained. They also need equipped. Gun, uniform, vest holster, car etc. Attrition over the next year will resolve the need to layoff LEOs. Any extra monies will go to Public Safety.”

    Ernie, you may not realize it, but this is the EXACT same argument re: police staffing levels, that the Democratic council and mayor used in the 2007 campaign.

    Your observations about the police are largely correct. Your observations about water and sewer and particulrly insulting and incorrect, because:

    Former Mayors lugar, Hudnut and Goldsmith ignored our Combined Sewer Overflow problem for decades. As the city grew, and stormwater runoff increased due to less green space, the sewage treatment plant was overworked. In 2007, the last year for which figures are avaialble, we had 107 days of excess runoff into the White River. That means, Ernie, that our toilets went right into the river, literally. Former (GOP) Councilwoman Beulah Coughenor recognized this problem and chaired the appropriate committee for years. She tried to geet the “old boy network” to wake up and smell the coffee, and she failed. She earned some intra-party enemies in the process, and when she didn't run for re-election, it was largely because of those internal GOP enemies.

    The days of poop-in-the-river are down from the high 100s when Peterson took over. Why? He refused to ignore the problem. The Pogue's Run project, a major improvement to that cause, was begun in 2001. More projects were engineered, begun and/or await funding now.

    The total fix, estimated at $60-100 million in 1969, is now close to a billion. We won't get there until 2021. But we're closer than ever before.

    End of lesson, Ernie. Learn up before you mouth off.

  • Indiana_Barrister


    The budget does not rely on stimulus dollars to keep it balanced. All stimulus money goes towards additional projects that otherwise would not have been funded.

    As far as the police go, I'm not a big fan of using stimulus money for that, however, the 50 new cops can replace 50 retiring cops over time and the city is using a grant from the ICJI to pay to quip the officers.

    And the money funds the cops for the next three years.

  • Indiana_Barrister


    There is no stimulus money to balance the budget. Dave Reynolds was being very conservative on incoming revenue, and actually over- estimating, on purpose, the amount the city will lose due to property tax caps.

  • pogden297

    That's what I thought, but then I saw other people saying otherwise. I would certainly disagree with using stimulus money to hire cops. Bad idea As far as balancing the budget, they are using inflated revenue estimates which isn't very realistic in a recession.

  • IndyErnie

    Paul I think you should run for Mayor. You seem to have all the answers to our problems and with all the support that you claim to have your election should be a slam dunk.

  • IndyErnie

    Obviously FACT CHECKER you know nothing about me so don't even go there. I didn't attack any of our LEOs. Most of the LEOs on the east side know me to be a big supporter. Anyone who would suggest that I'm anti police is an idiot.
    The fact is… under the Peterson Adm our law enforcement efforts were sub par. That wasn't due to the quality of our LEOs it was directly contributed to Peterson's leadership & vision for our city and his turning over our Police Department to Sheriff Anderson.
    Crime was sky high, LEO moral dropped to an all time low, our LEOs were running all over town because of a manpower shortage and Anderson couldn't command his way out of a paper bag.
    Those are the FACTS Checker.

  • IndyErnie

    TA you can address “Former Mayors lugar, Hudnut and Goldsmith” all you want. The fact is Peterson was our last Mayor and he did nothing but line the pockets of his development buddies. Ballard is attempting to tackle issues that Peterson ignored for eight years.
    There has never been a poop issue with Pouges Run. The Pouges Run project only controls rain runoff. Those aren't turds floating in the pond they are ducks. Pouges Run is after all a nature preserve.
    TA maybe you should check the facts before you open your mouth.

  • Think Again


    Excess stormwater runoff goes into the sewage treatment plant. If the STP cannot process sewage, because it's processing rainwater, we all lose. It's really pretty simple.

    Multiple issues affect stormwater. We've eliminated a substantial amount of greenspace in the last 25 years, and replaced it with hard surface, which means less absorption.

    Most of the city's storm drains connect, sooner or later, to the poop plant. When we have too much rain or snow melt, it directly affects the poop plant's ability to process poop.

    There have been many days where absolutely **zero** sewage is properly processed before dumping back into White River, for periods of hours at a time. Ask the folks downstream in Morgan County. By the time White River water reaches us, it's already got enough agricultural runoff in it to choke a horse. We don't need to be adding to the problem with extra poop.

    So, to put it bluntly–yes, there has been a poop issue with Pogue's Run, via the larger stormwater collection areas since 2001-5. Less stormwater per hour=more poop getting properly processed, thus less poop in the White River. Now, Pogue's Run is biugger, can hold more stormwater for longer periods, and the poop plant is freed up more often. But the proejct is far from finished. What you see just south of I-70 is only the visible above-ground portion.

    Do you get it now? If not, maybe we can get an engineer to stop by and prove it to you.

    And not one mayor prior to 2000 spent more than a few leisurely hours on this issue. It's more expensive to fix now, as a result. But it is getting fixed. Need a copy of the Pogue's Run Stormwater Treatment Plan? It starts up by Geist, and runs underground to Pogue.

  • IndyErnie

    “That's what I thought, but then I saw other people saying otherwise.”

    Do you always believe everything that you hear? Maybe that's apart of your problem.

  • pogden297

    Well, at least when someone stabs me in the back about a 1000 times as Mayor Ballard has done to the Republicans electorate, I pretty much get the message that he is not someone who should be supported. You on the other hand would support anyone who would put an “R” by his or her name, regardless of what that person did.

  • pogden297

    Give me a break, IndyErnie. Mayor Ballard is doing exactly the same thing with his development buddies. In fact he is worse. Are you not aware of the downtown project east of the Statehouse where Ballard has given away millions of dollars to make a political supporter a millionaire? When it comes to giveaways to developers, Mayor Ballard is Mayor Peterson on steroids. Ballard has totally turned his adminstration over to self-interested insiders.

  • IndyErnie

    So, are you asking for my support?

  • IndyErnie

    Pouges run has always been a part of our storm water shed.
    The city was under federal pressure for twenty plus years to improve the waste water emptying into White River. If the city didn't make the improvements millions of federal tax dollars were to be withheld and heavy finds imposed. The waste water plans and project were in the planning stages before Peterson or Ballard thought of being Mayor. Peterson was no great environmentalist and he had little to do with the Pouges Run watershed.
    TA just so you understand… turds float, ducks quack and float. Pouges run has floaters that float and quack. Pouge Run has no turds and never did.

  • seanshepard

    Well, that's true TA … I mean the murder rate is way down last I checked. ;-) So, something must be different. Other than that, might not be THAT much different – I mean they still transfer millions of dollars to private organizations that have to raise taxes and borrow money to bail out the CIB. How about not giving the handouts and using THAT money if it is so critically important.


  • seanshepard

    Government has made bad choices. we ended up with stadiums and all kinds of other things instead of fixing the basic stuff. then they'll whine and cry about how they need to raise fees and taxes to pay for both.

    Fixing the sewers isn't glamorous, spending the billion dollars on a fancy new stadium … mmmmm… shiny. Whatever would we do without government to spend our money for us.

  • Think Again

    You're hopeless, Ernie.

    Poop flows through sanitary sewers. Stormwater and other runoff flows into storm sewers. Both hookup near the poop plant, and all combined fluids and solids are treated at the poop plants.

    The CSO problem does predate Peterson. But nobody tackled it until he did. He had the political will to start fixing it. The federal threats have been hanging over our heads since 1979. It is not completely fixed. We've spent about $200 million since 2001. If you check your calendar, that's when peterson was in office. The rest of the entire project is engineered.

    One more time: Pogue can now hold more stormwater than ever before, so the poop plant is not overloaded as often.

    What about that very simple concept, do you not understand? Other than your complete and utter hatred of Anything Peterson. The facts just don't back you up. Peterson did plenty about which you could complain. On this one, you're dead wrong. Stupidly so.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Same situation as other recent post. I'm not as enthused about Ballard as I started. On money, safety and education, I think budgeting seems more transparent and grounded in reality, greater emphasis on public safety with fewer glaring summer headlines, and education even more ineffectual and corrupt.
    If there was a candidate of any party who would run with a privitization plan for our convention/sports facilities, overhauling IPS to spin it into the surrounding townships, and specifics on where the cuts will be to pay for any further perceived lack of “compassion” that we're to fund governmentally- I'm all ears.
    My theory is, “First, do no harm” by my vote. If that's not a concern, then I have the luxury of voting “principle”. My last given is that our incumbent political parties are more concerned with their organizational success than the well being of citizenry.
    This brings me to some interesting choices: In a close election: Ballard over Peterson(Bart) at the detriment of the other Peterson (that I might concur more with ideologically). Another potentially close election: McCain over Obama, even though I agreed on issues more with Ron Paul than the other two. “Doing no harm” also means voting for whomever's running against Dan Burton. For me, his corruption is at a level that trumps his ideology. Kerry over Bush. However, in elections not so close, “principle” won-out: voting for Nader and Perot because of their stance on issues, lack of a glaring ideological “bad guy”, and an election not so close that year.
    I'd love to vote for somebody better than Ballard, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • IndyErnie

    TA one reverts to personal insults when they have can't support the truth.
    Peterson didn't have an option he had to continue with the watershed project as does Mayor Ballard. As I stated before …the storm water project was started before Peterson took office. Nothing brilliant or inspiring was accomplished during Peterson's tenure. Peterson was a total failure. I don't hate the man, I'm just sick of the rewriting of his history.

  • Think Again

    Ernie, sometimes you can't get out of your own way, can you?

    Plans were drawn three times over the last 30 years, for a CSO fix. Bids were let and construction began in 2001. If anyone's rewriting history, it's you.

    Peterson could've kicked the can down the road just like all his predecessors did.

    Now, don't get me wrong. There are multiple issues on which I disagreed with Peterson. And many you could've chosen, on which I don't have an in-depth knowledge like this one.

    You're just wrong on this one, Ernie.

    Sorry for the earlier name-calling. You're right. It isn't very civil, and it has no place in public discourse. But you really need to get your fact correct. Peterson get enough crap for the things he did do wrong. And the things folks like you THINK he did wrong.

    On this one, he bit the bullet anddid the right thing, and sped-up the EPA's mandated timeframe by many years.

  • IndyRacer57

    Boy does any one of these guys have anything to do?

  • garyaisterling

    I am considering running for mayor of indpls,35 years background in city-county background,understand the budget and how it all works,good and bad parts.I AM LOOKING TO put together an exploratory committee soon and start speaking to groups and organizations,senior citizens.YOU will be hearing from me soon.

  • garyaisterling

    I am considering running for mayor of indpls,35 years background in city-county background,understand the budget and how it all works,good and bad parts.I AM LOOKING TO put together an exploratory committee soon and start speaking to groups and organizations,senior citizens.YOU will be hearing from me soon.