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Budgets & Birth Certificates

A couple items popped up on my radar screen Wednesday that probably didn’t get much attention in the local media, so here they are now.

Marion County Sheriff  Frank Anderson is reportedly rebuilding his office’s gang unit and traffic branch.   I’m confused as to why Anderson is doing this.  Most of his enforcement duties were transferred to the Mayor’s office last year when Ballard took over IMPD. However, if Anderson does have the manpower to duplicate the functions of IMPD, maybe his office doesn’t need as much money and can have his budget cut as the Administration looks to cut $20 million to balance the budget.

And just so you don’t think I’m picking on Democrats today, 5th District Congressman Dan Burton has gotten my attention as well and I can see why so many people are running against him.

Burton has agreed to co-sponsor a bill that would require candidates to show their birth certificates to prove their citizenship.   In other words, Burton has joined the Obama “not really a citizen and why won’t he show us his birth certificate even though if we saw it we would call it a fake”  crowd.   A spokesman for the Congressman says the bill is a good idea because  “If candidates provided that information to the Federal Election Commission you wouldn’t have all this hullaballoo. You don’t want to needlessly expose presidents to crazy conspiracy theories.”     No offense but from the stories that have been running around the 5th District for years regarding Burton you would think he would be the last person talking about birth certificates.

  • Think Again

    Re: Burton: you are SO right.

    Re: Anderson: re-read above.

    Dan Burton has terrorized women in DC and Indy for decades. He has trotted onto the House floor in Indy and DC and spread hate and nonsense. Yet time after time, voters of that district send him back. Every time folks scold me about my party producing incompetent coroners, I use Dan Burton as my comeback, and, well…it's a universally-accepted comeback.

    The Sheriff is on his way out. There'll be a big fight to replace him. If I understand the statutes correctly, his duties have been reduced to jail ooperations, and serving of court papers. Both hugely important. But in my eyes, he doesn't even need a car for that. Some jail vans and that's it.

    Prediction: we're coming upon the silly season–budgets for Indiana governmental units. The council will reign Frank in, Amos Brown will scream “racism!” and we'll be distracted from budgetary facts.

    This is probably the only time I'm glad we have a Republican council. The sheriff's office needs to get the message, loudly and clearly, that the baton has passed to IMPD.

    Fingers crossed.

  • gordonsmileyfaces

    Am I the only one wondering why it is not already a requirement to turn in at least a copy of your birth certificate to the Federal Election Commission when running in a federal election. It sounds like its easier to put your name on a ballot than it is to get a drivers license. I even had to get a copy of my son's birth certificate just to play little league baseball.

  • John Howard

    If I have to show my birth certificate to get a driver's license, showing it to register as a candidate for office isn't much of a hardship. Unless, of course, I don't have one or the information on it is different from what I may claim is on it.

  • westsidebill

    Abdul, I love you man, but there is nothing crazy about this. We in Indiana now have to have to show a birth certificate or copy thereof and or a US Passport to renew our drivers license. The only document that Obama has provided us is a certificate of live birth. When he or the state of Hawaii has the original or copy of the actual birth certificate – why didn't he show us this? Same stuff came up on Mccain by left groups and he showed his? Why not the same from Obama? Nothing crazy about that. Please also ask the question: Why hasn't Obama released any documents from his K-12, college, community org., lawyer, IL. State Senator days? Even his US Senate seat days? He opened himself up for everyone to see by writing 2 books about himself, but why not let us see the transcripts, how he payed for college and so on? Take a drink of the kool-aid and pass it on.

  • wilson46201

    Sounds like “westsidebill” has been drinking heavily the kool-aid flavor: “Sour Grapes” !

  • Fact Checker

    The U.S. government accepts a Certificate of Live Birth for a passport so WTF is the problem here other than we have a group of sore losers running around trying to find some way to force Obama out of office. It is not going to happen. Remember that Dan Burton is the same man who responded about his out of wedlock son by calling him “that boy” That must make a young boy feel good about his father…Of course, the fact that Burton did not support the child probably didn't help either. What a scumbag. Sure glad he's a republican.

  • Shorebreak

    I know a lawful permanent resident who can show a drivers license and social security card – and he has no accent after living here for over 20 years.

    Under current circumastances, could he use those as ID in order to run for office???!!!!

  • Think Again

    Well, Shore, he couldn't vote or run for office without the Birth Certificate, as I understand Field Marshall Rokita's Voter ID law. The accent is irrelevant.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com/ melyssa

    Wow. That Dan Burton is pretty cool. (I love him already for being a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax).

    I think his proposal is a great idea to protect America. We need to expose politicians to as much scrutiny as possible. It would cost virtually nothing to implement Burton's plan and would save so much money. I hear that Obama has spent millions to keep this birth certificate story as under wraps as possible. I know he has internet hit squads that show up on any blog that talks about the birth certificate red herring.

    The longer Obama goes without opening up his records to public scrutiny, the more suspicious he looks.

  • Rico

    Gee, Abdul, why would you have a problem with a candidate for the most powerful position in the world being required to show his birth certificate? Why won't your hero Barry produce his? ..or his college records, health records, etc.? Does our constitution mean nothing to you? Your president has already demonstrated that it means little to him. As much as you may find amusement in others questioning why the transparent president won't produce these documents, it does matter to some of us. There were actually hearings to determine John McCain's status to run for POTUS. Why were there none for Barry?

    By the way, TA(linguistic scholar), a person can spread 'hatred', not 'hate'. You're the last person I would expect to be confused by the difference between verbs and nouns.

  • gp38_2

    There are always sour grapes after lost elections. The term 'stolen election' comes to mind at the top of the sour grapes list.

    But truly- if gov't is going to make citizens show 'papers, please' for so many things, its candidates should lead by example… ESPECIALLY when that candidate ran on a platform of transparency.

    It would be different, I suppose, if Obama ran on a platform of secrecy. I wouldn't begrudge him a thing, then.

  • Flipper

    More Dan Burton crap. Just think, We the taxpayers are paying these congressional idiots to spend our money on this sh!t.
    When is it going to stop?

  • Think Again

    Rico, touche, pal. I typed on a BBerry-, too quickly, and didn't catch it…

    Melyssa, honey, you've go to start getting your news from more places. This BC thing is settled, and was long ago. A CLB (Cert. of Live Birth) is accepted as legal in all 50 states.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com/ melyssa

    Rico, not only is this COLB issue not settled in my mind, it is not settled in the minds of a lot of people I respect who are mostly right.

    When I first started following the story it was only on a few blogs. Eventually 2 weeks before the election it got a little play on talk radio. Now it is coming across lots of different news sources.

    There seems to be a very large segment of the American taxpayer employers of the President who are not happy with the fact that we don't have solid proof of Obama's origin and many questions concerning his past and citizenship remain unanswered.

    I doubt the president's taxpayer employers will stop beating this drum until they get some answers.

  • Think Again

    Melyssa, what answers do you need?

    The president live COB is admissable in all 50 states as evidence in a criminal or civil trial. And here's a tidbit you may not have known:

    Last year, when flood devastated several areas of Indiana, many county Health Departments didn't issue their BCs for a few days to a few weeks, while they performed other duties. Or while they pulled their computers and records from three feet of water.

    In each and every instance, the hospital's issued COB suffices for the new babies. All those little Hoosiers are eligible to vote in 17 years. If they so choose.

    If I were Obama, I'd tell the lunatic fringe–and that's what it is–to go screw themselves on this issue. It is, in legal terms, settled law.

    Except with Sena Hannity. Who can kiss my birth certificate. Ever keep trakc of the times that loon is wrong?

  • Think Again


    Even loons deserve to have their names spelled correctly.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com/ melyssa

    I would like to know the hospital and physician attending Obama's birth. I would like to know on what passport he traveled to Pakistan on 1981, how he got inside Pakistan, and if he was using anything other than an American passport, how he qualified to have said passport.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com/ melyssa

    And Think Again…..I cannot STAND Hannity or O'Reilly and there is really not anyone in the media that I do trust too much except Neal Boortz.

  • Dobie

    A couple of things –
    Last year I had to go get another SSN card (I had misplaced the original and I needed it to get my driver's license renewed). I had a Certificate of Live Birth and I was told that it wasn't good enough. I had to go get my actual, state-stamped birth certificate before I would be given a replacement SSN. I don't know if the rules are different for replacement cards than for original cards, but it doesn't seem to make sense to me that they would.
    Second, does anyone realize that the lawsuit against Obama concerning where he was actually born was thrown out not because of evidence but because the Court found that a private citizen did not have standing to bring suit? For the record, I believe that Obama is a native born American and absolutely eligible to hold the office of President. But I find it ridiculous that an American citizen does not have the right to demand proof.

  • good2

    Abdul–i had to show a birth certificate to join the military. Why shouldnt those who will hold positions that determine, funding, deployment, etc, etc of the military have to show theirs as well??

    What a stupid thing you just said. I just lost a ton of respect for you, to think one needs a birth certificate to die for their country, but not to lead it or be a member of its legislative brand is one of the most arrogant comments i have ever read.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Count me in with the loons. If we had to haul a birth certificate all across Indiana for our kid to play ball, what's the big deal about sharing your birth certificate, college records, medical records, and anything else that darn near everybody else seems to share when they want to run for the most powerful position in the Western world on our planet?
    None of this discounts President Obama's genuine oratory, international recognition, enhanced environmentalism, wanting to put banks and Wall Street back on a leash, and the genuinely amazing historical feat of seeing a significantly different face when we look at a Presidential placemat. But, refusing, not avoiding- refusing to share this part of his past with the American people he has given an oath to serve, all while the national and local media scratch for fleas instead of doing a fraction of the legwork they did on that perceived intergalactic threat, Sarah Palin, make me prepared to join others for the fourth time since his election in protest. That, and that little matter of usurping bankruptcy convention while quadrupling debt and deficit obligations. Our national leadership has taken the fiscal idiocy of the preceding administration, quadrupled it and effectively sentenced our old age and offspring to debtor's prison in pursuit of a childish egalitarianism, while ignoring the grandiose collective effort and former robust affluence required to achieve it.
    I despise George Bush. I never voted for him. I resent the capitalistic, greedy, self-serving, excess that can froth from the worst of the Republican party. But, BOTH our parties are the problem. I am damned if I'm going to watch our country descend to the lowest common denominator for a Chicago politician whose ethnicity, tongue, money, and historical timing happened to make him the the hottest thing since sliced bread.
    If you don't like what our President and Congress are doing regarding health care, you need to be at the downtown Indy Market Tower, Monday, July 27th at 4:30 PM. A bunch of people (125 last time), will express their displeasure with Washington's proposed health care and economic path. They will do it in a more civil fashion than I. If you think there's a chance to save the fiscal future of our country, we need your participation.
    Abdul- you remain a class act for allowing not just your praisers, but your detractors this forum. Thanks. Sorry for whatever typos.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Sorry- Representative Burton's almost the opposite of President Obama. I'm with him on most issues, but he doesn't have a toolbox, let alone know when to open it up. Along with Speaker Bauer, the biggest local examples for term limits. Anderson just seems corrupt, but in AA ball compared to those two. Read the articles on Indiana lobbyists lately? Whew….

  • Indiana_Barrister


    Take a deep breath and pay attention. Where did you see me write the President doesn't have to prove citizenship? That's right you didn't! Don't any of you people think that if this were an issue that someone a lot smarter than the wingnuts would have uncovered this already?

    If Bill and Hilary couldn't pull it off, what makes you think a bunch of GOP Congressmen could?

    I thought so, too.

  • Rico

    You continue to mock those of us who feel it should be required to prove 'natural born citizen' status to be our president. Screw you if you think it's nonsense'! The Constitution still means something to some of us. Your hero could put this all to rest by producing his birth certificate. Yet, he fights every effort by any group to learn more of his past. The exent to which you've sold-out never ceases to amaze me.

  • Fact Checker

    I suppose you think that shooting watermelons in your backyard is a scientific way to solve a suspected crime and prove yet another conspiracy theory that Wacko Burton believed.

  • Think Again

    Melyssa, with all due respect—and I do love your posts—the method by which a private citizen traveled to Pakistan, or England, or anywhere, in his capacity as a private citizen, is none of your freaking business. Ditto with attending physicians at a birth. A LCOB has been produced and ends this nonsensical argument once and for all.

    Oh yeah–Boortz is nuts, too. Certifiable.

    Rico–I love the Constitution as much or more than you. I've studied it extensively; ditto with its authors.

    You're wasting time on this issue. It is not meaningful except to a fringe element who needs to find some other theory to chase.

  • Indiana_Barrister


    Apparently you have issues with what I write which is fine. We can solve this in two ways. You can stop posting or I can do it for you. How would you like to handle this.

  • Rico

    I'm not a 'birther'. It does bother me, however, that we know virtually nothing about your president's past. Why the secrecy? Can you answer that question? Even G.W. Bush revealed his college transcripts. What's this genius hiding?
    ….and I'm all for anything that can stop this Marxist from completely destroying our way of life!

  • Think Again

    Rico, wrong again. W only released his college records under threats from a free-lancer writing for Mother Jones magazine and other publications.

    And he became a poster child for C students everywhere, kinda like David Letterman. I admire some of that attitude.

    We never got a good look at W's service record, though. But hey, he flew that nifty jet onto the deck of an aircraft carrier, engineered for PR by Karl Convict Rove et al. And Scooter and all the boys.

    Mission Accomplished.

    You really don't want to begin comparing the last president with this one on anything substantive. You lose on all counts.

  • melyssa

    Think Again….I appreciate what you say too. Boortz is not a nut.
    And when our President travels to a restricted country somehow, it is our business. It is our business because we are his employer. How did he get into that country when they were not allowing Americans to travel there?

  • Think Again

    When he allegedly traveled to a “restricted country” (you'd best look up the State Department's definition of such travel–Neal is wrong on this one, as are most bloggers) he was a student, right? A private citizen.

    So it is still none of your business or mine.

    Good Lord get off this train of drivel. It's just silly.

  • Rico

    What do you pretend to know about this president that nobody else knows? What substantive revelation have you witnessed from this guy?

    Socially-elitist liberals love Barry because he looks and sounds good. Also, it makes them feel enlightened for voting for this nation's first black president. Folks like you are too blind to realize that liberal policies are what have prevented a black American from being president long before now.

    It was a bit revealing when Barry played the race card at his press conference the other night. Those of us who were paying attention before the election knew he'd pull that crap. I predicted that race relations would suffer under this administration, but I never thought it would be so deliberate.

  • wilson46201