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Governor to Unveil CIB Plan This Week

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he will unveil a plan this week to address the Capital Improvement Board’s financial situation.

The CIB is running an estimated $47 million shortfall and lawmakers failed to come up with a funding solution during the closing days of the last session.

The Governor said that the plan will a reveal a way forward that people can gather around and bring about a successful outcome.  He also says it will look different than previous plans and that he and his team and have made some discoveries that will help them find a better way forward.

Daniels did not give specifics, but sources tell me his plan will likely  include consolidating the operational functions of Lucas Oil Stadium, Conseco Fieldhouse and the new Convention Center.  Currently the Capital Improvement Board manages Lucas Oil and the Convention Center, while the Pacers run Conseco.   The plan will also look for efficiencies and savings in operations.

The Governor did stress the importance of the new Convention Center and that it is a profit center for the entire state.  And that could mean less money for programs for communities from across Indiana.

The Governor made his comments today at Lucas Oil Stadium at a fundraising event for Riley Hospital for Children.

  • Nick

    Can’t wait to hear his solution.

    Mitch’s plan needs to have the Colts and Pacers pay their own operating costs and return the profit/loss equation to these private businesses instead of the CIB’s solution of a endless and limitless blank check of taxpayer subsidies.

    We don’t want to follow Washington’s solution to GM (Government Motors).

  • John Howard

    Lest we forget: The CIB is running a $32M shortfall and they are hellbent on giving $15M to the Simon boys, despite being in debt to the eyeballs. While they go scrounging for money, they ignore the one obvious thing: They cannot afford to succumb to pressure from the Simons (although the popular story – lie – is that the Simons have not demanded that $15M).

  • http://www.ogdenonpolitics.com Paul K. Ogden

    Nick, what you said makes perfect sense. Too bad we don’t have elected officials who think like this.
    I don’t know when I have ever seen public officials so out of touch with public opinion and so determined to do something extremely political unpopular. The only time that comes to mind is 2007 when Peterson insisted on an 85% in the COIT which would take effect a few weeks before the election.

  • flipper

    I sure wish Ballard would stand up and make the right decision on this mess, but he can’t because he works for Irsay, the Simons, B&T, Brizzi and Tom John.
    You remember the guy we all worked our asses off for. The Peoples Mayor. What a scam we all fell for.

  • Nick

    “Mitch’s team have made some discoveries that will help them find a better way forward.”

    Wonder what discoveries they have found?

    Maybe that the Simons have NOT lost money every year they have owned the team and they can afford to pay there own expenses without public subsidies?

    Maybe that the CIB has inflated there budget and projected losses and the annual deficit is much less?

    Maybe the Colts have come to there senses and will agree to a reduction in subsidies with a discovery of some prid quo pro with the CIB and a healthy dose of breach of fiduciary responsibility?

  • Nick

    Darn spell check..

    Please note the term is “quid pro quo” which on the federal level, relates to the Hobbs Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 1951 [1994]) and is a felony.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Similar to fiscal conservatives needing to better sell the dire consequences of overspending, the Governor needs to prove the “profit center for the state” assertation. I don’t care if he’s running for President, dog catcher, or retirement- with football owners getting non-football profits, 10% unemployment, flat budgets ahead, & we’re doing “well” compared to most states- there needs to be palatable stats to back this up.
    If there’s to be an Obamaesque “investment”, he needs to do a heck of a better job proving the return ahead compared to our President.

  • Think Again

    I’ve tried very hard to keep up on this, but the figures are like a moving target.

    It’s clear the solution must involve a reworking of pro sports mentality, at least as far as Indy is concerned.

    We’ve been hell-bent on having these teams as a corporate amenity. I agree that their presence is helpful to a national image. But not at any cost. Here is a list of larger cities which have zero or one pro sports teams and they aren’t falling off the face of the earth:

    Cincy, Louisville, Columbus, Nashville, Providence, Birmingham, New Orleans (OK it almost fell off), Memphis, Tulsa, Ok. City, Austin, Sante Fe, Sacramento, Portland…

    There are more. Each of these cities developed an identity of their own based on something other than sports. I know we have no water or mountains nearby, except the (puke) White River, which we pollute on an unacceptable level daily.

    I have no ideas here. But I’m just saying, if we put our minds to a collective solution, and use say–half the angst surrounding the CIB, we can come up with something.

    And if we’re saving one of these teams, my vote is with basketball. Always. Even with thuggish, childish players from time to time, Hoosiers love their basketball. Rebuilding the Pacers is easier, and cheaper, than trying to prop up a much-larger pro football team. If it comes to that.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Melyssa

    Yep Flipper…once Mayor Ballard got elected folks like you and me weren’t needed anymore.
    Do you have any doubt Ballard will be completely humiliated during the next mayoral election?
    I have zero doubt.

  • http://www.ogdenonpolitics.com Paul K. Ogden

    Flipper, I don’t buy that. Mayor Ballard is the elected Mayor. He is not required to sell out to those folks, giving away his power. He chose to do that.

  • cole

    The Governor needs to save the day? This goes to show everyone not created equal. Local GOP sucks (mayor, county head (ache)). The Governor did not help the mayor get elected and cant stand idot gop head because they are incompetent. he will get this working properly.