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If You Can’t Beat Them…

Advance Indiana is demanding I disclose the details of some annoying e-mail I received regarding how I should cover future taxpayer revolts.

I took me about a micro-second to figure out how to deal with this.  Ignore it. I mean if I’m a such a fraud and charlatan, then why would Advance Indiana spend so much time obsessing over what I do?  Who spends a lot of time on someone who apparently doesn’t matter, right?

There must be something else going on.  It could be because I’m black.  After all Advance Indiana’s favorite targets tend to be black men: Barack Obama, Andre Carson and now the new guy who runs the airport, so it’s just the cost of doing business.

Oh well, time to head to the Statehouse and continue to be the legitimate, well-respected media guy that I am;  jealousy is such an ugly thing.

By the way, I hear the city has reached a settlement over the use of polygraphs in the police department which may clear the way for their use in weeding out corruption.   Just thought you should know.  There’s that darn legitimate media guy again.

  • arnie

    Thanks ern. You are a compassionate guy.

  • IndyErnie


  • http://parttimeslaves.blogspot.com/ stringchopper

    just one more guy here that can’t figure you out Abdul…

    You’re a political platypus.