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Party of One?

Expect an announcement tomorrow morning from the Marion County Libertarian Party that At-large City-County Councilor Ed Coleman is joining their ranks.

Coleman would not comment on the move when I spoke to him tonight at an east side forum over a proposed city-wide smoking ban.

Libertarian party officials were also silent, however, I have confirmed  that Coleman will make the switch.

Coleman was one of three Republican at-large members elected in 2007, giving the GOP a 16-13 majority.  His defection now makes that 15-13-1.  Relations had been somewhat strained lately been Coleman and members of his party.

There’s no word yet on whether Coleman will be allowed to keep any of his committee assignments now that he is becoming a Libertarian.

The last time there was anything close to this shift of a Council make up was when Republicans and some Democrats joined together to elect Steve Talley Council President over then President Rozelle Boyd back in 2005.

21:50 UPDATE:

I spoke to CCC President Bob Cockrum this evening who said he was surprised to find out Coleman was leaving the party.  He said Coleman had not contacted him yet about his decision to join the Libertarians although he got his first call about the defection mid-afternoon.

Cockrum said while there had been some disagreements in the GOP caucus, there was always open discussion and debate was never stifled.  He also noted Coleman voted with his caucus a majority of the time.  Cockrum did not say that Coleman would immediately lose any of his positions on the Rules or Economic Development Committees, but he did say that matter would have to be taken up with the GOP leadership.

Cockrum does not expect Coleman to vote very often with the Democrats on the Council as Libertarians tend to be more conservative on many issues.

  • patriot paul

    At a meeting tonight, Ed Coleman announced he was a male nurse, but then proceeded to tell the audience at a smokefree townhall meeting he favored choice rather than legislation to protect citizens equally in a confined workplace. I thought I saw steam coming from Kent Smith, who kept telling the audience that the meeting was for the CITIZENS to speak and for the councilors to listen. The other councilors announced it was their job to protect the public and listen to the public.

  • http://www.libertyfile.com/ Sean Shepard

    Patriot Paul’s recent venom towards his former libertarian friends because he has problems with Libertarian support for people to actually retain some authority over their own establishments and his recently made up lies (or self created delusions) about libertarian political philosophy aside, here is some additional information on the Coleman situation.


    One excerpt:

    “While criticism for the move and the typical and intellectually dishonest character assassination attempts are likely to come from Republicans and biased pundits who may lack impartiality due to their friendly insider relationships, this is an extremely bold announcement and one that everyone can be certain was not undertaken without fully understanding the implications.”

  • http://www.ogdenonpolitics.com Paul K. Ogden

    Patriot Paul, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how it is any of government’s business to tell private business owners that they can’t allow a legal activity on their property. I don’t like smoking which is why I CHOOSE not to go to places that has smoking. That’s my choice. I certainly don’t feel I have the right to impose my views on a private business owner. I let my opinion known by not patronizing the business.

    Ed Coleman is exactly right on this isue. The fact he has a medical background is irrelevant. It’s a fundamental issue about freedom.

  • Confused

    paul, wouldn’t Ed Coleman be a nurse? I am a student, but I don’t go around saying I am a male student, and she is a female student. This would get confusing and redundant. I mean Paul does a male mail man bring your mail?

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Melyssa

    My view about Ed’s departure is posted over at HFFT. Abdul, you rock! Ed, you rock more right now!

  • J. P.

    I’m switching my support and allegiance towards the Libertarians too. I was a Republican yet after eight years of GWB and six years with a Republican-led Congress with the government growing beyond reason, they can kiss my #%!. I can also state that more people will jump political parties in the future because I hear the grumbling from my family and friends. Even my financial advisor who voted for McCain released in his newsletter to all of his clients that the only Republican he supports is Ron Paul and he is now a Libertarian as he urged us all (through our conscience) to dump their political affiliations and start voting outside the two-party system.

  • patriot paul

    Wow Sean, Apparently I struck a nerve. Seems strange you attack people instead of the issues. You should applaud anyone who stands up for their beliefs, right, wrong, indifferent. I suppose if you lose in the world of ideas, you shoot the messenger? All my friends know I’m anti-smoking and anti-abortion and if one is to err, I would rather err on the side of life than choice. It is sad to see you denigrate yourself with sleezy attacks.

  • http://www.libertyfile.com/ Sean Shepard

    Paul, you publicly wrote that Libertarians support rape and murder in some strange twist of logic and then declined to retract the statement.

    These are delusions you appear to have arrived at on your own. Your message is under scrutiny and I think your suggestion that any opposition to such warped logic is a “sleezy attack” is intellectually dishonest.

    My goodness sir, you called Chris Spangle a “Baby Killer” because he does not support the state imposing a smoking ban on bars and casinos? Seriously.

  • Think Again

    It looks like Libs have the same intra-party nonsese both other parties have.

  • Think Again


  • patriot paul

    Your right, TA. Apparently Sean is suffering from patriot paul on the brain. The blog entry was about Ed Coleman. I’m surprised his obsession with me takes priority. It is well known that 3rd partys become a fractured group. If Sean wants to air the LP dirty laundry on blogs, that’s his choice, though I don’t see that as advancing the cause of liberty. Sometimes seeing a financial contributor fall away doesn’t sit well. I’m flattered, but it does a disservice to Ed Coleman, which is the subject at hand.

  • Dave

    While we enjoy instances, we’re here not so much as examples, but more in need of perfection. Stepping outside the hyperbolic chamber for a moment; Ed Coleman’s candor & citizen centered concerns are refreshing. My guess is he hasn’t left the Republican Party so much as they’ve left him. Kudos to Mr. Coleman for his distinction; between delusional “power” and the constitutional responsibilities of representative government.

  • http://circlecitypundit.com Jacob Perry

    Ed is a friend, and he’s naive. He’s been used simply for an ego trip by a bunch of wannabe’s so they can laugh and brag about how cool they are.

    Abdul, Cockrum must really be out of the loop. I can specifically tell you for a fact that the Marion Cty GOP knew Ed was leaving the weekend of the 6th. Ed didn’t cover his tracks very well.

  • Think Again

    Cockrum “out of the loop.” Hilarious.

    Listen to him on Ch. 16. He was never IN any loop. The “loop” passed him by years ago.
    Unless his “loop” is bad grammar, bad common sense, bad polyester, and bad image.

    Are we destined to have lousy council presidents? It certainly looks like it.

  • Tax Payer

    Coleman; You did the right thing. You and everybody else that assisted our sellout mayor to win the election, has been betrayed!
    I am seriously considering contacting the Justice Department about Bob Grand, Joe Loftus and the corrupt Marion County GOP.

  • Jack

    Wow, Sean. Your attack of Paul seems a little out of line. Especially since its coming from a “Libertarian” attacking someone else’s first amendment rights…

  • Shorebreak

    Tax Payer – would that be the same DoJ who was supposedly investigating the peashakes a couple of years ago? Good luck with that.

  • http://www.libertyfile.com/ Sean Shepard

    Jack – There is a different between first amendment rights and libel. Paul initiated the attack on libertarians over opposition to the smoking ban, he submitted at least one letter to the editor suggesting that libertarians were in favor of rape and murder? He then proceeds to blast Mr. Coleman over the same issue with more ad hominem language on several blog comments pages.

    It is curious that Mr. Wheeler accuses me of airing dirty laundry when he in fact is the one that went off the deep end with the ridiculous claims in a Speedway newspaper and then proceeded to try and discredit Mr. Coleman.

    There is a reflexive response to ensure that such utter nonsense doesn’t take hold just because someone wants to make things up and state them as truth. Mr. Wheeler has chosen to attack the character of people by calling them “murderers” or “baby killer”. Very unfortunate as he has done great service in helping with the property tax and many other issues.

    At the end of the day, I applaud Mr. Coleman’s support of property rights and freedom of adults to have a choice in the smoking issue and believe what he has this week is bold and courageous.

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