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Welcome to Disturbia

There’s word on the street that some of the local activists folk may show up at the Mayor’s Community Luau this Saturday (1-4 p.m. at the IMS Pavilion ) and cause a stir. 

Apparently they have some issues with the administration and who it uses to lobby and they think the “People’s Mayor” has forgotten the people.

This is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t know if raising a big stink at a charitable event meant to get food to the hungry and raise money geared towards underprivileged kids is the best way to express your grievances with your government.

You’ll probably get attention, but not the kind you’re looking for.


  • varangianguard

    Perhaps they feel it to be the only way to get a public hearing?

    The Mayor hasn’t shown me that he has any intention of listening in any other fashion, so I hardly blame anybody who feels this to be their only outlet for expression.

  • patriot paul

    Sad to hear about chasing unfounded rumors. However, the people’s Mayor welcome’s the public’s concern at these informal events. It hardly warrants any hysteria over canned goods (unless you planned a large take-home barrel).

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    The Mayor is always up for listening at these events. But acting silly isn’t going to score anyone any points at a charity event.

  • pascal

    Bloggers and activists seem to be the only sorts raising questions about the Capital Improvement Board’s stiffing of taxpayers. The Mayor needs to make some changes of people if he is going to obtain transparency.

  • varangianguard

    “Acting silly” is a matter of subjective perspective.

  • Dave

    Abdul’s right, this is a CHARITY event & effective activism would be better targeted where public business is being done. I believe the referenced activists are supporters of Mayor Ballard & imagine they’ll celebrate the spirit of the event.

  • patriot paul

    There are terrific real issues in today’s world, yet blog space is given to unfounded rumors with no substance. I hope this blog has not descended to the level of tabloidism in place of real reporting.

  • Daw-g

    >“Acting silly” is a matter of subjective perspective.
    In certain circumstances, perhaps. Showing up at a charitable event, disrupting it over political issues isn’t a matter of subjective perspective. It’s boorish, rude, and yes, silly.

  • Shorebreak

    I may not like a message but I’ll stand with anyone willing to defend our right to express it.
    Politics is a daily part of our lives. Anyone who signs up for public office better be willing to face their public. If they’re gonna be nit-picky about the venue, hand the baton to someone else and become a spectator rather than a participant.

  • varangianguard

    I’m with Shorebreak. It may be boorish, it may be rude, but it’s politics. Besides, I don’t remember the Mayor offering to meet with them privately in his office to hash their concerns out.

    Besides, you want to talk about “silly”? Have you seen the Mayor in an Hawaiian shirt? Last one I saw looked pretty silly. Kohu ‘ole wahini.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Abdul…you sure do read a lot into things. I know I’m not high on the Mayor’s list anymore. Heck, my Christmas card wasn’t even signed. It was blank. Problem is, Abdul, OUR mayor has people around him that are going to stab him in the back. If he puts the people first, he never has to worry about us doing it to him.

  • patriot paul

    we need real substance…where’s the beef?

  • http://www.seanshepard.org/ Sean Shepard

    Conservatives and Libertarians going after each other publicly just makes Democrats and leftists chuckle.

    Melyssa, Ogden and Abdul all, to me anyway, seem to be fighting, arguing or advocating on the right side of the equation just with different perspectives and biases.

  • Dave

    Amen brother Shepard.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I voted for Ballard and overall like his priorities re safety and budget, while wishing he’d get more into education. I’m not happy with lack of transparency in the CIB and ISC, and wish the city was doing most of it’s business with more than one law firm. Kind of like using more than one vendor as a check and protection against any one going south on you.
    These qualifiers being said, what explicitedly does “some issues with the administration and who it uses to lobby” mean? This is law firm issue? I’ve asked the mayor 2-3 questions at least since inauguration on Abdul’s show. I find him available at least monthly to ask questions on Garrison’s as well. I haven’t gotten to community meetings like I should, but I understand he attends those as well. He can’t be asked questions at these meetings? What people are being forgotten?

  • http://www.chris-spangle.com Chris Spangle

    I don’t know why there would be an issue with someone explaining their positions to the mayor in a public forum?

    Abdul, your definition of acting silly is disagreeing with you, or not practicing law, lol.

  • patriot paul

    I’ll call some Hollywood friends I know. Maybe they can fly in as the Ghostbusters. Oops, I forgot..there at WXNT.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Taxpayer…questions of accountability with the CIB have been raised for months and months on the blogs. The mayor knows the blogs, for he read them daily while on the campaign trail. Winnie, I’m told particularly liked HFFT.
    Makes you wonder why he’s not addressing accountability issues with the CIB in the sunshine, doesn’t it?
    The mayor needs to be de-slimed from that which descended upon him on election night 2007. I’m telling you, they are setting that man up to stab him in the back.

  • Flipper

    Mayor Greg,
    If you read this myself and Bob Gray still have your back covered. If you see something in the corner curled up and hissing at you I don’t think you should put much trust into that person.
    be safe.

  • KC

    Whomever they are, did they request a face to face meeting wih the mayor in his conference room? If not, why not? A public protest can always be done when all other attempts fail.

    How can you claim to be so supportive of the Mayor if you have not requested a private meeting with him to address your concerns? I am sure the Mayor is not afraid to meet them.