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Mayor Calls For $18 Million Tax Cut

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is calling for a nearly $18 million cut in the County Option Income Tax over the next three years.

Accodring to a city spokesman the city no longer has to pay for police pensions and child welfare so it no longer has to levy taxes for those costs, thus the COIT reduction.

The Mayor will hold a news conference on Monday to discuss the rest of the details.


  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Melyssa


  • Flipper

    I agree Melyssa. Go Commander!

  • Think Again

    As noted oft before: I didn’t vote for him, and I think he’s a one-termer, and many of his other decisions have been just awful.

    But this is a home run. Out of the park. Grand slam. Made possible largely because a rookie mayor delved into the House of Goofs, er, Representatives, and got a legislative reprieve from these pensions.

    He was successful at the legislature because no one told him he couldn’t do it. And because it is America’s Worst State Legislature. He went in, saw the window, and went for it. Bully for him.


  • IndyErnie

    I wonder how Sanders, Gray, Brown and the rest of those left threaded wingnuts on the CCB will respond to this? The next few CCC meetings should be interesting.

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  • Think Again

    Well, Sanders is smart, so she’ll take the temperature of her caucus, which will get a new member soon (Cherrish Pryor, yet another gov.t employee, got elected to the House, and will need replaced on the council). She has a tough job–that caucus is not flooded with brains.

    Gray and Brown will undoubtedly demand that their caucus leader scream bloody murder on this. But I doubt she will. She’s starting to strike out on her own. It’s subtle, behind-the-scenes stuff, but if she can do it successfully, it could spell the end of the Center Gang’s nonsense. Good government could actually result.

    Coupled with the dumping of assessors, maybe the Center Gang gets the message. I hope so.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Even if this doesn’t get off the ground, thanks to Mr. Mayor, Mel, Abdul, and everybody who cares about fiscal sanity, beating the drum, and getting the word out. We need all of you.

  • Dave

    Dear Colonel Mayor Sir: Lead on!

  • Rico E

    At least publish the all the information. A total of 12 dollars for each tax payer. Also this is money the city could not keep by law.

    So I usually don’t compliments to people doings things that they have no control over and I won’t start today.

    .3% tax cut.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Think Again…I agree that Sanders is class act in the midst of her challenges with that posse of colleagues she has to endure.
    HFFT blogged this good news. I think we need to see if we can shine some NATIONAL light on this achievement. I’m writing the Drudge Report.

  • http://www.seanshepard.org/ Sean Shepard

    When is the last time you heard about this kind of tax reduction? Sure, it’s only $18 million (is that the per year target in 3 years or is just $18 million total over 3 years??)

    $18 million, BTW, divided by roughly 800,000 Marion County residents would be more like $22 I think. I think you’d have to include the entire metro area (which doesn’t pay Marion Cty taxes) to get down to $13.

    And if we do it my household we’re probably more like $60, right?

    Still. $60 buys 15 gallons of milk for somebody or a Christmas gift for some kid, a tank of gas. It’s good money to somebody. ;-)

    And I saw the .3% calculation.
    When the .65% additional tax was added I put some effort into explaining to people that since the FEDs and State 1/3 to 1/2 it’s really like saying that tax was 1.3% of what you had left. ;-)

    Good to see other people thinking about the numbers and how it breaks down by person by the way.

  • http://none Mauri

    Well this is a good start. Now let’s see if we can bring real relief(without using Tums) by permanent repeal of property taxes.