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The Facts Were These

(Apologies to Chris Spangle)

There has been a lot of blog chatter lately over the number of registered voters in Marion County.  Blogger Paul Ogden writes about how the number of registered voters is greater than the number of eligible voters. There are 679,745 registered voters in Marion County, although the population over 18 is 644,197.  

Ogden, and those of like minds, infer there is something sinister going on here.  

Sorry guys, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

The number of active registered voters is 561,234 voters.  There are 118,415 inactive voters.  Those are people who moved, died, or haven’t voted in at least one General election.

That’s it folks.  No conspiracy.

Now if these guys wanted to blog about purging the voter rolls that’s a different story.  According to the Secretary of State’s Office there are 91,000 people who should be purged and Marion County Voter Registration says there are about 46,000 voters who will likely be purged after the next election.

There is some dispute over why these names are still on the poll books.

Demcorats say the process has to be done carefully so voters are not disenfranchised.  Republicans say Democrats did not want to spend the money to clean the voter rolls.

Both sides admit though it the extra 118,000 names costs the taxpayers money because of ballot printing.

So if any you folks are looking for some ACORN conspiracy here, there is none.  

It’s just Marion County being Marion County.

That’s not ACORN, that’s just nuts.

  • Mike B

    “The number of active registered voters is 561,234 voters. There are 118,415 inactive voters. Those are people who moved, died, or haven’t voted in at least one General election.”

    How many Active and inactive voters were there in 2006 ?

    Mike B.

  • Fack Check

    True, the benefit of the doubt must be given. Don’t worry though, apparently the news reports of voter registration fraud from the left keep piling up: http://tristatehomepage.com/content/fulltext/?cid=31681

  • Old Sarge

    The test of the pudding will be at the precinct and voting place level.

    The rules are clear. New voters must have more than just a photo ID.

    Training dates and places have been published for poll workers. If the training is conducted in accordance with the Election Day Handbook, November 2007 [last update supported by most recent legislation] there should be no problems.

    If at the training sessions, the requirements and the duties of the Inspectors,Judges and Clerks are not made clear, then we can take those who are responsible for the training to task.

    If after properly trained and subsequently, sworn, a poll worker fails to properly perform, there is recourse.

    The real deal is that every eligible voter must be afforded the opportunity to vote. However, others must be denied.

  • http://none Mauri

    Because we have a voter ID law here there is less of a chance that ACORN can steal an election. But I’m sure that that the DEMs are trying – especially in Lake co.

  • varangianguard

    ACORN – nuts. Hardy-har-har. Funny on multiple levels. Abdul, you wag!

    The ACORN thing isn’t necessarily a conspiracy to commit voter fraud. It seems more like a bunch of young people heavily pressured to sign up “voters”, else they won’t get paid.

  • Think Again

    I’ve attended inspector training–again. The voter ID law is amply covered by the clerk ona video, and in the Q/A. If you’re interested, the video is available for public view on Ch. 16 or on the election board website.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Abdul….I called the Clerk’s office yesterday in the late afternoon and talked with a very agitated supervisor. He assured me that they are very watchful of ACORN registrations and explained the process to legally purge bad registrations is lengthy.

    However, when ACORN obviously fraudulently registers voters nationwide, then we have every reason to believe it is happening here too. And it was happening in Lake County. If ACORN truly was non-partisan, they would be EVERYWHERE (not just in poor neighborhoods) registering voters.

    Thanks for the heads up! And getting this record set straight!

    And I hope more states will adopt Voter ID laws. I’m glad we did here.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Think again? WOuld you mind popping me an email? I would like to ask you something. melyssa.donaghy at gmail.com

  • Jan

    If there is any fraud from ACORN it will be through ABSENTEE BALLOTS, not at the poles. Their ruthless, not stupid.

  • Tom

    Acorn is an advocacy organization for poor people. It is what they do. Poor people have few ways to watch out for their interests except voting. So Acorn helps them sign up to do that. All of this silliness about more registered voters than people is just that. It has been adequately refuted and explained but now keeps showing up even in mainstream press articles. (Good job, spin machine.) The clerk’s office knows that there is significant duplication and periodically purges the rolls for that. There are numerous safeguards in place to prevent “voter impersonation”. And, in spite of numerous investigations, there is little evidence that this kind of massive voter fraud really occurs. Personally, I find voting enough of a hassle that I can’t imagine doing it twice. I think we would be better off spending our time looking at how the votes are actually counted. Seems like we have had some difficulties with that in the past couple of elections.

  • http://www.ogdenonpolitics.com Paul K. Ogden

    Of course I knew when I wrote the piece that the voter registration lists includes “active” and “inactive” voters. That’s the whole point I was trying to make. When you have bloated voter registration rolls filled with people who are deceased or who have moved and are registered at multiple addresses that is a problem. How are you supposed to catch the “inactive” voters from mailing in an absentee ballot and voting? And what about precincts which do not have Republicans and Democrats strictly enforcing ID regulations.

    My primary point was that bloated registration rolls with inactive voters is a huge problem that has grown worse. A secondary problem is that even using the Secretary of State’s numbers, the number of “active” registered voters in Marion County is 92%. That problem can be laid at the feet of groups like ACORN. The former problem can be laid at the feet of silly meddling by the feds that make it difficult to purge “inactive” voters.

  • Shorebreak

    My personal opinion is that ACORN and the media’s focus on their efforts are nothing more than a distraction from the real issue. If the media had any actual dedication to serve the public, they would remind voters that the ACORN issue is irrelevant, given the fact that the two candidates are preselected by a single shadow coalition of globalist finance.
    So, in one sense it dissappoints me that we have a system that allows/enables groups like ACORN to muddy the waters and influence voter roles and ballot results. But in a more relevant sense, unless we can solve the root problem of private interests pre-selecting both presidential candidates, the activities of ACORN and other groups are irrelevant.
    The GOP and Dem candidates are opposing faces of the same coin. They look and are presented differently on the surface, but when it comes time to lay the money down, both are equal in every relevant facet.

  • Jerry

    Yeah, this whole voting thing is no big deal.

    Watch the “Palestra’s Voter Fraud Investigation” video and look for the lady about 30 seconds into it. She is an honest, responsible, non-partisan helper of the homeless so they can vote for who they want to.

    No worries, folks.

  • Katie

    I love how everyone in the Democratic Party jumps all over Lindsey Graham, like he is crazy. ACORN has already proven it is an illgitmate organization throughout the nation (see Vegas). Guys like Dan Parker and democratic hacks love cheating in poor nieghborhoods. They feel good about themselves for “helping poor people.” Really they are about keeping poor people poor – thereby giving themselves hi paying do nothing government jobs. I pray that good and just white knights like Tom John will continue to expose these lies. All people who appreciate fair elections and honest voting will stand with Tom John in his crusade. Tom John, may God Bless you sir.

  • sue swan

    This whole election is getting weird but what has stayed same is people being rude and insincere in days leading up to election. Both sides should be ashamed. The dems victimize the innercity poor before the election and republicans after. The scum of the earth are involved when tom john is complimented he is biggest retard of all and noone respects him. Then linda pence says she can prosecute and cant and she lies about her clients. This is bad year i don’t care much for politicians or politics any longer.

  • Rico

    There you go again, Abdul, defending everything Obama. Make no mistake about it–ACORN IS OBAMA! He’s taking his corrupt Chicago politics nationwide. God help us all!

  • http://www.indianabarrister.com Abdul


    I have never had to say this about anyone who posted on Barrister but you are officially a complete tool.

    I did not defend Barack, I gave you the facts about Marion County’s voter registration rolls and what the true problem is.

    ACORN is not the issue here like it is in other places.

    You really need to get over yourself or go get a regular girlfriend because you are wound way too uptight.

  • Rico

    So Indy’s the only place where ACORN is above board? I’ve been approached no fewer than 5 times the last few months by ACORN–usually at gas stations in the inner city. Twice, when I said I was already registered, I was asked to register again. Yeah, they’re legit here in Indy.
    While I admit I’m extremely disappointed in you for supporting the most liberal member of the Senate, sometimes I post to get a rise out of you. It’s seems to have worked.

  • Rico

    It seems to have worked.

  • Think Again

    So, let’s assume that ACORN is registering nowhere but in poor neighborhoods.

    And that’s somehow wrong?

    It is their right. If you are approached and don’t want to register, you can decline. If you are positive you’re already properly registered, that’s fine, too. Many people–in fact, by my experience, almost half–don’t honestly know if they’re registered. And the best way to solve that dilemna is to register the person. A “Default” stance, if you will.

    There is nothing wrong with that at all. Quit looking for boogeymen under every rock. Pay attention to the issues.

    Voter fraud is not an issue in Indiana. If you suspect it, report it already.

    Damn this drivel is getting old.

  • Rico

    Voter fraud is not an issue in Indiana. You are certain of this how? I guess Lake County Indiana is not in Indiana.

    I’m of the belief that a civics test should be mandated for those wishing to vote. Without the clueless, ignorant, or uneducated, liberals would never get elected. Then they would quit screwing up this once great nation.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I’ve never heard a more gifted public public speaker than Senator Obama. He seems to be a man of great intelligence, quick thinking, illustrious education, and an ethnicity that might permit negating some “racist” accusations in America. If I were in the same collective ballpark of ethnicity, education, geographic roots, and dismay over our incumbent Presidency, I might find it tough not to support him. Millions of people believe in Obama and may share none of the qualities I’ve listed.

    However, none of this makes it acceptable to “nationalize” our Center Township dilemma and reenvoke the perfect spending storm of one party occupying both Congress and Presidency. By assuring non-taxpaying recipients that they will receive “redistributed” wealth and health care courtesy of a “right”, the productivity and compassion of American taxpayers of both parties is cast aside, replaced with the brainwashing of the imperative to elect one, and only one, party’s candidate. Senator Obama seems more concerned with stampeding consumers to the polls than explaining logically why and how these benefits are to be paid for by producers. The Bush Presidency spending under sole control of Republicans is textbook on why not to have single party control Capitol Hill. All while the media seems willing to forego economic reality and two-sided journalism, as long as they can escape any stigma of racism and stick it to Bush.

    I’m there for a return to common sense in foreign policy, tax reform, reregulation, and a bunch of issues people in the middle agree upon. But, unless we elect the highly imperfect Senator John McCain, that stirring we hear from the graveyard is George Orwell working on his sequel to ‘1984’.

  • http://circlecitypundit.com Jacob Perry

    I got tagged by a number of people the last few days (via email) for refusing to post anything about this “issue”.

    My response was that I’ve been around long enough to know there had to be a valid reason, it simply wasn’t as simple as it appeared to most (who truly wanted to see something in the first place), but that I didn’t possess either the time or inclination to dig into it.

    Kudos to Abdul for taking the requisite five minutes to verify this.

    Perhaps Mr. Ogden would’ve been wise not to have jumped so quickly into the “conspiracy-theory” waters that many other bloggers currently inhabit. It would mar what otherwise appears to be an outstanding local blog.

  • Rico

    I agree that Obama is a great speaker. I have yet to see anything even close to ‘quick thinking’ from him, however. The man needs a teleprompter when addressing a crowd at a rodeo. That doesn’t exactly cry out ‘quick on his feet’.
    It apparently doesn’t take much to impress liberals. Other than his obvious oratory skills, I have yet to hear from any of his supporters what the man has actually accomplished. Barack Obama has proven to be a man of words, not deeds. His past is littered with people who have seen the true value of his words. Since his words don’t seem to hold much value, what is there left? Please somebody explain it to me. Does delivering a good speech really qualify someone to be president?

  • Taxpayer 834512

    No, it does not.

  • Jon G

    All this talk about voter fraud just proves how much we need voter ID.

  • Think Again

    No, Rico…by the admission of your own secretary of state, Todd Rokita, the champion of the Voter ID Law, there is no evidence of voter fraud in Indiana.

    He spent lots of money and staff time, canvassing the state looking for exmaples before the law was introduced. None could be found. Anonymity was offered to some in certain parts of the state, and still, no one came forward with credible evidence of anything remotely associated with voter fraud.

    The national association of secretaries of state conducted a study on the fraud issue, and found the same national scene Rokita found here in Indiana. Yet he plowed ahead.

    So Rico…checkmate on voter fraud. We have the law, and we’ll live with it, but it was not necessary, at least to this extent.

    A more moderate form of proving your identity was likely needed. The law we have is like quail hunting with a cannon.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/08/mayors-budget-prosposal-on-monday.html Melyssa

    Ummm….I broke up with a boyfriend cause he was short on deeds and long on words. I sure don’t want a President that can’t back up what he says.

  • Rico

    What checkmate, idiot? 2500 voter registrations in Lake County appear to be fraudulent. It seems it took Barry on the ticket before such corruption reached Indiana. What more ‘moderate form of proving I.D.’ did you have in mind? Perhaps voters could flash a birthmark. Only a mind-numbed liberal would have a problem with a person being required to show valid I.D. in order to vote. It does make it tougher for ACORN to steal the election, but not much tougher.

  • Rico

    Dozens fraudulent in Lake County, not 2500……..yet.

  • Tom

    Shorebreak. We probably come at it from different sides. And I am not sure what the “coalition of globalist finance” is but I do agree that too often the Dems and Repubs are in cahoots. Witness the way they fell in line with the big bailout which was nothing but legalized larceny resulting in the possible nationalization of the mortgage, investment and banking systems. Combined with the loss of civil rights and constitutional erosion over the last 8 years it is enough to think there is a conspiracy….a confederacy of dunces, perhaps, but dangerous nevertheless.

  • patriot paul

    To say there is no voter fraud in Indiana is overstated. There is an historical trail of Acorn’s national involvement in more than just negligence. The New York Post, Cnn, Fox News, our Attorney General, and even Congress are looking into this and now has reached the U.S.Justice Dept. Acorn targets the same swing states of which Indiana is one. The legal process will take care of it at this point. Of more concern is why 90,000 people (dead or otherwise) were not purged as required. Now that we fall into a period within 90 days to election when we cannot lawfully do the purge, the clerks office should not be given a pass. This is gross negligence. Is all that will be done is to say bad doggie,don’t do it again? Where is the will and remedy?

  • Think Again

    Wow, Rico…you never let facts get in the way, do you? The CBN and Fox talkign points, a/k/a McCan talking points, really keep you fueled, don’t they? Who said there were 2500 “fraudulent” Lake County registrations? Anyone authoritative. Please refrain from inflamatory remarks and loose unfounded charges until you solidly back up that claim. “Fraud” is a very tough word…back it up or shut up. I’ll wait right over—–> here.

    Please tell me what’s wrong with anyone registering voters by target area. Quit looking for terrorists and felons under every rock. Damn, it must be tiring to exercise only one part of your brain.

    For instance, if I wanted to pile up GOP registrants, I know exactly where I’d go and where I wouldn’t go. Republicans tend to stay registered and vote more often, so the target would need to be finely-tuned, but you get the drift.

    As for moderate form of voter ID, anything that did not require a birth certificate, which is still unreasonably difficult for some segments of the population to obtain. Admittedly it’s a small group, but they’re important.

    I’m thinking, for instance, that any legitimate work or school ID should work, not just state college IDs. We could come up with smething reasonable as long as we don’t leave it up to that globe-trotting fool Rokita.

  • Think Again

    Say, Rico, just curious, now that your girl Sarah has her fingers in the wringer over Troopergate:

    Just what are the CBN/Fox talking points on that one? I thought I’d bypass the more-difficult route ans ask you.

    By the by, the Alaska Senate is a Democratic majority by one; their House is a Republican majority. So the predictable McCain “partisan report” rant will not fly.

    Seems Sarah is just one of the boys, huh? Normal like the rest of ’em, blatantly abubsing power.


    Here’s a link to the report by Stephen Branchflower, special counsel to the Alaska Legislative Council, the state’s bipartisan research and investigative entity:


    The report is 263 pages long: I skimmed it, and will read the entire thing later. Refusing to testify: her guy Todd.

    What a tool.

  • Angry Democrat

    The late Julia Carson machine was a master at voting people in select precincts to run up the vote totals for herself and other democrat candidates throughoutCenter Township. It was common knowledge that she used paid street people to go into select precinct polls and vote in place of the deceased and inactive voters. Usually, the democrat clerk and judge were paid to look the other way and allow these persons to vote during the last 2 hours of the day [4-6 PM].

    The Democrat Party knew this was going on and denied any knowledge that individuals were driven in vans to these precincts and allowed to vote in place of the ones listed in the poll book.

    Example: In a close race what is
    5-10 extra votes in 50 – 100 precincts [250, 500, 1000 votes]. Do the math, in a district or countywide race an opponent loses an election.

    The democrat clerk then would sign the names of the registered voters in the book.
    When challenged after an election, these acts were considered “honest mistakes” or just voting irregularities which could not be proven.

    Voter ID will limit illegal voting in person, only if the precinct election boards check a voter’s identification. It does not stop voter fraud by absentee ballot.

    Note to the Obama supporters, don’t get caught cheating!

  • Jerry

    Think Again – big problem with your Troopergate / blatantly abusing power smear campaign . . . no one is going to care, no one except a couple crazy libs. Abusing power is no good, but this wasn’t done for political gain, to start a war, etc. This was done to protect her family from an angry and abusive ex-husband. Todd supports his sister and does whatever he can to get the threatening police officer off the force, far from being a tool, but nice try once again. Trust me, that’s how normal Americans will see it, too bad for you.

  • Rico

    Palin violated no law, and did the right thing–something foreign to you it seems, Think Again.

    I’ll bet the same dead voters who helped Julia each election cycle will come out to vote for Barry. Hell, perhaps even Julia herself will cast a vote. Hopefully she doesn’t have as much trouble voting in the afterlife as she seemed to when she was among the living.

  • Ash

    I do find it ironic people blame the government for being reactive instead of proactive. Regardless of whether or not there is voter fraud in Indiana, doesn’t it behoove us all to prevent it before it starts (or continues?) Are we supposed to wait until there IS proof of voter fraud before we address it?

  • Disgusted Voter

    October 10, 2008: Rep. John Lewis Says Georgia’s Massive Voter ID Checks are Harassment
    Today voting rights groups filed a suit against the Georgia Secretary of State charging that the voting rights of a Cherokee County citizen had been violated. This suit comes one day after serious concerns were lodged by the U.S. Department of Justice that Georgia’s attempts to verify voter identity violated the Voting Rights Act, a federal law which mandates states with a history of discrimination clear any voting procedures with the Department of Justice before they are implemented during an election. The Social Security Administration has also raised questions about the number of Georgia’s requests. Georgia has asked to verify the identities of 2 million voters. Rep. John Lewis, a symbol of the struggle for voting rights in America, made this statement in response to these events:

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Agreed, Ash. In the polarizaton of our country, most things seems to come down to who’s ox is getting gored, vs what’s best for all of our oxes.

  • Tom

    Senator Allied with ACORN as Recently as 2006, Now Turns Cold Shoulder….Obama? Look again.


  • Shorebreak

    So McCain was a keynote speaker for ACORN in 2006, heaping praises and extolling the virtues of the organization.
    What we have now is nothing more than a show to make it appear as though there’s a real Presidential race in progress. If that were true, we’d have real candidates representing the GOP – not a tired old canary and a former pageant contestant who’s facing possible criminal charges. Anyone who can’t see through the charade is blinded by the constant barrage of propaganda.