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Night of the Living Ed

I ran into Marion County Democratic County Chairman Ed Treacy this week.  I would like to say it was a pleasant, cordial yet somewhat lively meeting. I would like to say that.

I had invited Ed on my radio program to debate GOP County Chairman Tom John on the Mayor’s budget. I never got a reponse back from the County party so when I saw Ed I told him it would have been nice for him to come on and we’d like to have him on sometime.  We probably wouldn’t have agreed on much but it would have been fun and fair. 

Ed told me he would never come on my radio program. He said he doesn’t do “entertainment shows.” And he also called the program a “POS.”  That’s a polite way of writing “piece of s****.”  

Now I was a bit taken back by Ed’s statements.  But I have to give him credit for at least being honest to my face.  I won’t hold his statements against the members of his party.  I think most of them are decent people who I just have a different philosophical perspective on how government should run.  And while we may disagree, it is a rare moment when we interact that we are disagreeable.    So they have nothing to worry about.  Ed, on the other hand, is a different story. 

Maybe Ed is starting to get up there in years and forgot one of the key jobs of a County Chairman; promote his party’s agenda.  Former Chairman Mike O’Connor would have never let an opportunity like this slip by.    Now I don’t blame Ed for not wanting to face me and engage  in a discussion.  I’d be hesitant if I were going head-to-head with someone who was my intellectual superior.  I’d also be worried about throwing verbal grenades at someone who would just pick them up, pull the pin and throw them back.    And I’d probably sweat like a Girl Scout at R. Kelly’s house if I had to argue on the merits and couldn’t just talk out of my rear.  But oh well. 

Ed, if you ever change your mind, I’ll be more than happy to sit and talk.  The door is always open, but until then it just may feel like open season from time to time.  I miss Mike already.  

  • Think Again

    It would’ve been fun to listen to…but it sounds like it won’t happen, sadly.

    Nice try, though.

  • On Who Knows

    Ed Treacy is not a man of substance or class. He is a “flame thrower”. Incites the ignorant and the passive members of his political party in Marion County to vote a straight Democrat party ticket without considering the qualifications of the handpicked candidates running for office. Reason why you have the kind of people representing them today. Voter ID is a major threat to his strategies for winning elections. He was the former Monroe County chairman prior to moving to Indianapolis. You need to check out his background and track record there. Actually, he doesn’t know how to relate to intelligent and educated voters. Distorts the facts for non-thinking supporters. Temporary brainwashing, after winning elections, nothing but scandals prevail. Don’t feel slighted if Treacy won’t come on your show. He is an egotistical maniac with authority.

  • Rob

    Ed Treacy is a bitter old man who was responsible for personally selecting people like the incompetent coroner of Marion Co. Monroe Gray and the other Democratic members of the City/County Council who have either had brushes with the law or who are currently under investigation.

  • pp

    With your two egos in the room, there would have been no room for poor Spangle.

  • Think Again

    Hilarious, PP.

    I’m no fan of Voter ID. I think it’s a solution in search of a problem.

    But Voter ID is no threat to Democrats winning. Until and unless they put up candidates like Monroe Gray.

    When that happens, voters react accordingly. Without or without Voter ID.

    If the Dems put up a half-decent candidate for mayor in 2011, and likewise Council candidates, Ballard and his crew will be gone.

    If they don’t, and if they start whining the same old tunes, they won’t win.

    It’s really pretty simple. This is a Demmocratic county. The Republicans only win when the Dems are fussing among themselves, or when they’re governing stupidly. As in 2007.

    Treacy is a pro. He can see what’s coming.

    For the record he did not recruit the coroner. He shoulda recruited someone, because the back-cracker has been a major embarrassment.

  • Shorebreak

    No offense, Abdul, but if I were Ed Treacy, I wouldn’t appear on your show either. In his shoes, his response is likely a natural reaction. Accepting an invitation to publicly debate his party’s platform and performance would be as smart as accepting an invitation to go hunting with Dick Cheney. Common sense says ‘don’t do it’.

  • flipper

    Sounds like Treacy, Wagner and Wilson need to get over their the losses of last years elections and move on.

  • Angry Democrat

    The democrats have been stuffing ballot boxes for years in their special elections and in precincts in Marion County with illegal votes. Julia Carson was a pro at it. With new technology and voter ID, they haven’t figured out how to continue to steal future elections yet.

  • Shorebreak

    Au contraire, AD. According to numerous studies and sworn testimonies, new technology makes it easier to steal elections.
    For example, in 2002 in Georgia, the Diebold CEO flew out to Georgia from Texas before the elections to “fix a bug” in several of the machines. The CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation “graciously” took it upon himself to perform the minor repair. All machines had the same software, but the CEO only visited two counties to “correct” the software. Oddly enough, the ballot results in those select precints defied expectations.
    Voter fraud is easier now than ever before. Especially when stories like this are ignored by the mainstream media – including Gannet publications like Indystar. The general public has no concept or understanding of how common this type of crime is at the highest levels – on both sides of the “imaginary” aisle.
    Here’s a link to the story, which also includes testimony details regarding 2004 in Ohio:

  • streetfighter

    The true liberal democrats like free speech for themselves but not for others and they never like to be challenged nor are they able to answer questions without doublespeak.

  • Think Again

    Shorebreak has it right.

    I’ve been involved with elections here for almost 30 years. I have never, ever seen a single instance of vote theft or fraud.

    Funny thing is, on election day, people of both parties get along, at precincts all over Marion County. Any disputes are usually settled quickly and quietly, amicably. The overwhelmingly common attitude is: let’s help people vote, not fuss among ourselves.

    Todd Rokita needs to stop travelling the world on someone else’s dime, and pay attention to homebase. He solicited examples of vote fraud for over a year to bolster his argument, and could not find one example of unprosecuted voter fraud in Indiana in 40 years. And only a handful of cases that were prosecuted.

    Ample statutes and case law exist to convict anyone who attempts voter fraud. Voter ID was, and in, a solution searching for a problem.

    Julia stuffed nothing. If you are so concerned about voter fraud, and have witnessed it, report it already. Or pipe down.

  • streetfighter

    There is no logical reason not to have voter ID. I want all who vote to show an ID-and anything else that deters fraud even though you -thinking again and shorebreak -insist fraud never has occured during elections and only registered legal citizen voters have voted and voted only once. The biggest fraud to come are the absentee ballots. We shall see how well they oversee that.

  • Angry Democrat

    Response to Think Again:
    Sorry to disappoint you. Obviously you have limited knowledge of what actually goes on in select precincts. Example: 5 to 10 illegal votes cast over 100 precincts can give the winning countywide candidates a 500-1000 vote advantage in a recount. They don’t steal in every precinct, just a select few. It is even more damaging in district races of about 50 precincts. Only 5-7 precincts maybe targeted for the fraud in a close race. Of course you would have to know which precincts out 590 precincts the fraud was being committed.

    I to have been involved for more than 30 years and I know for a fact the cases in Marion County were never prosecuted when challenged.
    People voting in precincts where they do not live to drive up the vote count at the end of the day. These efforts were orchestrated by elected officials. Money talks on election day and the very people taking the money will never admit it to you or anyone. Its a Class D Felony if they were to get caught. More recently, I do believe the Mayor of East Chicago and his cronies were indicted, convicted and thrown out of office for this very act along with vote buying. Another reason they selectively pick election day workers and place them in certain precincts. You can’t have intelligent and honest people working in those precincts.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    How much longer will fraud at the polls even be a factor, if all expecting an entitlement are counseled that their check comes not from the labor of ALL taxpayers, but from the benevolence of a particular political party?

  • Jerry

    The biggest fraud is from those who claim there has never been an act of voter fraud, not prosecuted, just fraud – simple as that.

  • Jon G

    I’ve seen first hand the envelopes change hands and the driveways being poured in East Chicago. So if any one says there is no voter fraud in Indiana then they are dreaming. And to say it doesn’t happen in a city the size of Indianapolis and with the local democrats track record is also a dream. Hey it’s politics, tell me everyone is being honest?

  • Think Again

    Jerry: prove it.

    Angry Democrat: Ditto.

    If you think there’s been voter fraud, prove it. If you witnessed it, report it.

    Otherwise, enough already. You won the day. You got a silly Secretary of State to push an unneeded law on all of us.

    Please detail the exact precincts or areas in which voter fraud occured. Please detail when it occured. And whether you witnessed it first-hand or it was reported to you second-hand.

    And if you witnessed it or had it relayed to you by a solid source, did you file a complaint with the election board and prosecutor? If not, why not?

    I’ve heard the absentee argument, too. It’s full of cold water.

    These stories of massive fraud are fun for some folks to tell, but they’re mostly urban legend.

    Speak up. Give us specifics. If the evidence is convincing I’ll eat my words.

    I’m waiting.

  • http://bigdawgtales.blogspot.com/ BigDawg65

    Just goes to show all of us that it’s all just politics as usual with our bank accounts.


  • http://www.seanshepard.org Sean Shepard

    I’m a Libertarian and I don’t mind the voter ID law.

    Remember the old political wisdom … “If it’s not close, they can’t steal it.”

    I’ve been told that the Republicans often don’t have inspectors at a lot of Center Township polling places. Can anyone verify if that is true? I find it hard to believe, but …

  • Melyssa

    I feel my vote (and my privacy) is being protected when I first must prove who I am with a simple, easy-to-get ID before I cast a vote for a a person who will charged with the responsibility to make decisions on my behalf in government.

  • flipper

    If I am going to be in a crowded area, even at the polls. I want every one to show I.D. Times have changed………remember 911.
    flipper / retired firefighter/.. RIP Gary Henry.
    We will always remember.

  • One Who Knows

    Response to Sean:
    No, the Republicans do not have precinct boards in some Center Township precincts, likewise for the Democrats in some Republican majority Township precincts. Both political parties have to find workers on election day to fill board positions, clerks and judges. Presently, in Marion County, the Democrats appoints the inspectors. By law, a bipartisan board should be appointed to run the election. The county has only 590 precincts, both parties should be able to appoint 590 registered voters to work on election day. The workers are paid by the county’s election board [our tax dollars]and not by the political parties. The inspector serves as the supervisor in a precinct and both parties appoint 1 clerk and 1 judge. Ideally there should be 5 workers per precinct to oversee the election.
    However, it is the county clerk’s job to insure each precinct is covered. The clerk should be recruiting democrat and republican workers now to fill the positions for November. Usually both parties are scrambling at the last minute to find workers to fill these positions. Reason why some are vacant.
    Both parties have problems finding people to serve as precinct committeemen. These are the positions that are hard to fill for either political party. Precinct committeemen are elected every four years in the Primary Election and are paid for their efforts by the party they represent. Each county chairman appoints people to fill vacancies where they exist. Their job is to organize the precincts, to identify the party’s supporters, get them registered and get out the voters on election day. This is the problem, it has become difficult for both parties in recent years to find citizens willing to serve as precinct committeemen in their precinct to perform these duties. Both parties have vacancies at present. If you are interested in serving as one, you should contact your respective political party chairman, Ed Treacy or Tom John. A precinct committeeman is the less important elected office defined in the constitution. Very little attention is given to this position by the public. We need more voter education in our schools to insure these positions are filled.

  • Ash

    Working the polls is the worst way to see voter fraud. We live in a world full of idiots, but it takes a rare idiot to try to vote twice at the same precinct…

    Does paying people with booze and cigarettes to go vote count as fraud, even if you’re not telling them whom to vote for?

  • Think Again

    Still waiting.

    Melyssa…for some folks, as simple as it sounds for you, it’s not easy to get ID. There are folks without transportation, without birth certificates.

    9/11? Please…..

  • One Who Knows

    Resonse to Think Again
    The people you are referring to get around this city the best way they can everyday. If they really want to cast a vote,the law is in place to protect each voters rights and they are going to have to abide by it. Stop making excuses for people you don’t even know. They find ways to support themselves and to open bank accounts, credit cards, cash paychecks, social security checks, insurance policies, professional licenses, mortgages,etc. For the record, most retirees or senior citizens already have some form of identification and the one issued by BMV is free to those persons who can not afford the fee.
    The Democrats have raised the issue regarding difficulties of obtaining birth certificates. Why? Most senior citizens have been issued a social security number and even if they need to order a copy if one has been lost,they know how to get a record of their birth from their place of birth if they start in time. The same process is required to attend a public school in this country. I am sure they can find the means to solve this minor problem. Failure to present a proper form of voter ID at the polls creates the opportunity for fraud or impersonating another registered voter in a precinct who is registered but does not vote in every election. This has been done even if the individuals were not caught and prosecuted. The fraud is usually orchestrated by some of your politicians who have taken advantage of the opportunity in select precincts to increase the vote tally for a particular candidate. Some of us are quite experienced with the correct voting procedures and want the election laws enforced. So quit the dumb stuff!

  • John Howard

    There are typically 2 years between elections. I cannot accept that it is so ‘difficult’ to get one’s self a proper photo ID in that amount of time. If one can’t do that, one probably will not be able to get to the poll on election day, either.

  • Think Again

    Again, One Who Knows: Still waiting. You cite the typical mantra, but I know four Eastern European immigrants in my area alone, who cannot get birth certificates. One works for state government. She cannot vote.

    I’d favor some type of relaxed ID situation at the polls. A government-issued photo ID should not be the only acceptable form of identification.

  • Think Again

    John Howard; just because you cnanot accept it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It is. Plenty.

  • John Howard

    TA: If someone who’s in need of an ID can’t get one within two years, THEY are the one with a problem, not the law. Am I supposed to think these people never leave their home, have no means of getting from there to anywhere else? How do they get to the poll, then?

    The very problem you cite, an immigrant (applies equally to a natural citizen) who cannot prove their identity, is exactly the reason the law shouldn’t be softened. It opens the door for fraud a whole bunch wider.

    I’d rather have 1 person who cannot prove their identity be disenfranchised than to have a hundred others erroneously permitted to vote because it was so easy for them to work the system.

    And no, I would ultimately prefer everyone who is legally entitled to be able to vote, in answer to your anticipated reply.

  • One Who Knows

    Think Again

    If they work for state government, they have a state issued ID card. Please don’t use immigrants working for the government as a reason for the majority of legal citizens who can prove their identity to change the law. You must be a supporter of an illegal voting practices. Again, quit the dumb stuff!

  • Moneyguy

    Yup the Democrat’s are in denial! A good counselor or psychologist would do them all some good! Hmm can’t remember is it psychologist or psychoanalyst that hands out the drugs! I suspect the Democrat’s could use some!

  • Think Again

    One Who Knows: I’ll try this r-e-a-l slowly, so you can grasp it:

    In the household I cited above, there are five residents, three of voting age. All are from Eastern Europe. One works for the state government–a job he got with w/green card before he became a citizen.

    All became citizens within the last 12-18 months. Each has a citizenship ceretificate–so INS evidently thought they’re good enough to be here. But not Todd. None has a birth certificate. So none of them can vote, because a BC is the portal through which FieId Marshall Rokita and his zombies think all voters must pass.

    With this family–and there are many more on Indy’s northwest side, where much of the Eastern European Jewish immigrant community resides–public transport is their only means of getting around. They don’t have a car and therefore didn’t need driver licenses when the emmigrated here.

    John Howard, these folks–and many more–can’t get a state issued ID in two years, two decades, two lifetimes. They cannot use citizenship documents, utility bills, leases, library cards, college IDs, work IDs, nothing.

    I do favor some type of Voter identification process. The one implemented is blitzkrieg in style, and overly oppressive.

    Again, I’m still waiting on some valid and real citations of unprosecuted voter fraud. Or do we rely only on those urban legends for your (acecdotal) information?

    My overall points is: the law worked fine. There was no need for a new one. Isn’t that what Libertarians and the far right want–less government in our lives?

    Except, of course, when those vaunted urban legends creep in.

  • Near East Side Resident

    You certainly talk a good game. You speak of these people you know who are being disenfranchised but my question to you is why did they not step up and speak to that affect? I do not discount the fact that you may know these people. But when the Dem’s where pushing to have this law overturned why did these people not step up and be that person that the law is affecting? In Justice Stevens comment on the law being up held by the United States Supreme Court stated “We cannot that the statute imposes ‘excessively burdensom requirements’ on any class of voters” Again I ask where were these people that are being disenfranchised? All they would have to had done was speak up and say hey wait a minute. They would have been lached on to faster than it takes me to write this reply. The Dem’s would have loved to play up their story to the media. But since they did not speak up for whatever reason whether they exist or not the law has been upheld in our nation’s highest court so it certainly is not going to go away without it being repealed by our legislature and that will never happen due to the backlash it would have on the people responsible. Plus I just find it really hard to believe that they cannot get their birth records even if they are from Europe. It will not come without a little digging but contacting the embasy of the country they came from could more than likely help them obtain some sort of birth record.

  • One Who Knows

    Response to Think Again

    Your friends should contact their congressional representatives who can assist them with getting their paperwork in order. I certainly agree with NESR. The ambassadors at the embassy can help them obtain a birth record or certificate. There are no elections in 2009. Your friends could start now, in fact you should assist them with their problem. Without sufficient evidence and victims, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the majority and not the minority of voters who would be disenfranchised. The two plaintiffs in the case were not victims of this law.
    Were you just as concerned in 2007 Primary Election when five precinct polling places did not open at all? There was no lawsuit against the county clerk who happens to be a democrat officeholder. Those [3,000 or more] registered voters were denied their opportunity to cast votes and there was no outcry for them by you or the Democrat Party. How many contests did those five precincts effect the outcome? Again, quit the dumb stuff!

  • Think Again

    Thanks, guys–and I’m way ahead of you. I asked them to step up. They’d have been excellent co-plaintiffs. I asked–no, begged them. They left their citizenship ceremony downtown, presided over by no less than Judge Sarah Evans Barker, and went straight to the clerk’s office to register, which they accomplished. They were so proud of their citizenship certificate and their receipt for voter registration.

    So, the process was: register, attempt to vote in primary and turned away, and then six months to November, and multiple attempts to get the problem solved.

    But here’s the rub: 1. they are far from alone. 2. the culture of Eastern bloc natives is to never question government. Simply put, they were afraid they’d lose their jobs, their apartment, their way of life. You and I will thankfully never know that kind of fear.

    Potential solution No. 2: Have them vote absentee. Again, that pesky mistrust creeped in. These folks are in their 40s, and their 18-year-old son registered with them, along with their two aged parents. They thought that voting ahead of time, on paper, was somehow not going to count.

    Now mind you, throughout this process, I’m pushing them pretty hard. Their citizenship class taught them that voting is a right. THeir heritage taught them that elections are required, and each office contains only one candidate.

    They enlisted the office of Rep. Julia Carson and Sen. Richard Lugar to help. In the end, it was determined only the son could likely get a coopy of his birth certificate.

    You’re applying western world solutions to Eastern bloc governments. Birth records, hospital records, etc., are just so much nonsense to dictatorships or oppressive regimes.

    And I’m just as outraged as you that thousands of folks did not get to vote in the 07n primary. That situation was fixed–very well. The difference is, those folks got to vote in the fall, and every one of them can vote in the future.

    The people mentioned here have since told me they have several fellow emigrees from their temple who were similarly affected.

    I suspect only the youngest among them will fight forward and get to vote.

    What would’ve solved this problem?

    A less-stringest Voter ID law. Or, frankly, no law at all. Multiple documents could’ve been presented to verify these folks’ status.

    Again…no problem existed before. Evidently the posters here have the same problem Todd did, in fiding actual harm prior to the law.

    Only in Indiana, where we have a state-sanctioned religion (Christianity) via license plates.

  • Think Again

    One more thing: I’ve read the Indiana Democrats’ plaintiff case record in the Supreme Court ruling.

    It’s pathetic lawyering. The minute I saw Bill Crawford’s name as a deposed party, I knew it was a loser.

    The justices were basically begging to find just one actual harmed party.

    I wish I could’ve persuaded my friends, noted above, to become part of the lawsuit.

  • Near East Side Resident

    Come one man are you serious? At most you are being disingenous with your comment about Indiana having a state sponsered religion. The license plate you speak of says In “God” we trust. It does not say in “Jesus” or “Christ” nor does it have a cross anywhere on the plate itself. So to infer that the plate is promoting christianity is lucidrous. Come on you seem to be a better blogger than that. To make wild claims that you should know cannot be backed up.

    And when it comes to the people you purpotedly know that are being disenfranchised. If they are not willing to stand up for themselves why didn’t you do it for them? Why did you not call the Democrats fighting the law and give them the names and situations? They would have paraded them around like they where absolute royalty. So don’t cry to me that your purported friends are being disenfranchised when they where not willing to stand up for themselves. And if they are to afraid to do it then again I ask why did you not plead their case for them? I am very happy with the law until it is proven to me that it trully is affecting people with more than rhetoric on a website blog. Go ahead bring them to light I am sure we will all be waiting.

  • Angry Democrat

    Where there is a will, there is a way regarding obtaining an acceptable voter ID. Reason why the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law. The justices knew that if a citizen wanted to excercise their right to vote badly enough, they would do whatever it would take to make it happen. They were aware of the legal means available to make it happen. No excuses allowed if a citizen really wants to vote.

  • Think Again

    Near East Side: if only you understood the law, and the Constitution

    The God license plates refer to a religion. No question. And wiht no exctra fee, it amounts to state-sponsored religion.

    If that wasn’t enough reason to oppose it, Woody Burton was the legislative author. And he can’t come in out of the rain.

    And my non-voting friends are not purported. Again, I offer to eat my words IF you can cite one case to the contrary. I’m still waiting.

  • varangianguard

    Dear Think Again,

    Please take the time to peruse the documentary requirements for Indiana I.D. If your Eastern European friends cannot come up with this kind of documentation (that they supposedly obtained in the last year, or so), then perhaps they are being a bit disengenuous with you about their legal status as residents/citizens.


    Except in extremely limited cases, especialy where the aggrieved are obstinate in their opposition to I.D. requirements, anyone can obtain a sufficiency of documentation required. If it weren’t the case the plaintiffs in the SCOTUS I.D. case would have been able to lay out a real case, instead of the lame hopes more befitting a starry-eyed first year law student.