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Act Like a Man

As I said in my previous, I will give Hillary Clinton credit where credit is due and she gave a great political speech last night, but the true test will be whether her supporters get on board.  The problem with most of them, usually the middle-aged women who came of age in the feminist movement, is they don’t know how to act like men. 

These are the people who say women and men should be treated equally up until the point that they actually are.  Feminists will whine and complain about how Hillary Clinton was treated unfairly by the media, when she wasn’t.  She was treated just like a man.  

Men get tough questions, tough scrutiny and a tough time.  And so do female candidates who want to be taken seriously.  They don’t cry, they buck and get in and fight.

In addition, whenever feminists get into the debate and their position gets the same scrutiny as the opposing side, they quickly retreat and say they are being treated unfairly because they’re women.  No, you’re get the equal treatment that you asked for.

The middle-aged feminist supporters who think Hillary was treated unfairly by the media need to get a clue.  They need to stop being angry, bitter and clinging to their bras.  They need to buck up.  In other words, they need to act like men.

  • Silent Bob

    Obviously, Hillary just can’t get “over it”. She and Billy will only go through the motions for Obama making the race extremely close. On the other hand, she will be political toast if she tries to run again.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Yes, and there are other examples of having it both ways. Is Limbaugh entertainment or credible information? He can’t hide behind one when he screws-up the other. Is it just because he’s a Democrat that Obama reaps few questions of specificity on policy, yet can subtlely play the race card with a Jacksonville, “Oh, did I mention that he’s black.” comment. Whether sex, occupation, race, or religion- good luck satisfying everyone’s definition of equality.

  • Jerry

    I’m no fan of Hillary or Obama, and no feminist, but clearly Obama got special treatment by the media.

  • Juno

    I’ve never been a fan of the Clintons, but if people were unable to discern the disparity in the treatment NObama got, they either weren’t paying attention, just plain didn’t care or thought it was necessary. Like her or not, she has worked her tail off to get what many think she deserved over her far less industrious and qualified opponent. He’s getting a big pass because of what he is, not who he is.

    I know a lot of middle age women who don’t like her personally, but identify with her circumstances. You can act like a man, but people generally don’t react to that positively. People still like hearing the same message spoken in a baritone. I don’t know very many middle aged women who are accomplished, credentialed and talented that feel they’ve really gotten a fair shake relative to their male counterparts. Hillary’s treatment underscored the point for many. Her giving that unity speech will not change that.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/08/mayors-budget-prosposal-on-monday.html Melyssa

    Obama and that machine literally stole the election from her. There are countless witnesses. We posted some of the video and written accounts on the HFFT blog. Didn’t Hillary get more of the popular vote?
    I actually like HIllary a lot more now than ever before. I think she played it pretty tough considering the media IGNORED the fact that Camp Obama time and time again bullied her supporters at the primary and denied their votes.
    And I hope to God that lawsuits challenging Obama’s citizenship are filed in more states.

  • Rico

    It seems that Abdul, like most of the MSM, is in the tank for Obama. If the media was ‘fair’ in its treatment of Obama, he would not be the nomineee. Any intelligent, objective journalist would have no choice but to admit this fact.

  • stimy

    I’m with Abdul. Women quit holding on to you bras! (not ol beat down middle aged women but young hot ones). no offense melyssa

  • http://infredheads.blogspot.com Joel

    The other thing that gave the Dem nomination to Obama was the weird proportional distribution of delegates. Of course that system was put together by the Dems when the Clintons were running the party, so it is somewhat ironic.

  • Think Again

    I don’t know what planet some of you are living on, but Obama’s website had perfectly cogent and specific plans and issue papers 19 months ago. It’s grown in the interim.

    Now mind you, you and I might nont agree with some of those policies, but they’ve there. In more specificity than most candidates.

    Just sayin’…

    Do a little homework, huh?

  • Jerry

    Where the hell did that comment come from Think Again? Nearly every commenter in this thread is saying there was bias in the media for Obama. Did anyone say he didn’t have plans, etc? No!

    Your wilson-like comment trying to argue for Obama is funny.

  • Think Again

    How can someone get special treatment by the media, which implies ignoring platforms, if all the positions are availble to anyone on the web?

  • Jerry

    Whatever dude, keep your head in the sand. Special treatment doesn’t mean ignoring platforms or positions, it’s called giving one candidate more air time than the other. And more glowing commentary than the other, etc. etc. Keep it real!

  • Disgusted Voter

    The Democrats Party is playing the race card in reverse. The Democrat majority controlled congress elected in 2006 helped to further mess up the economy with the loss of jobs over seas and the war in Iraq while blaming Bush/Cheney. Although the Democrats blames Bush for the nation’s state of affairs, they also voted for the war and the budget with him and are not willing to accept any responsibility for it. Both Senators Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. Obviously, the Party had to find the right candidate to accomplish their political goals. The Democrats have never been able to defeat the Republicans without a large black voter turnout in certain house seats.

    Obama who is white in black skin was allowed to win the nomination in order to energize black voters. The real strategy here is to garner a larger black voter turnout in November to win marginal congressional seats across the country so they can [filibuster] tie the hands of McCain in the event he is elected president for the next four years, and to fill vacate federal judicial seats. In 2012, the stage will be set to nominate and elect Hillary Clinton, if she runs again, or another Democrat to the White House.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I have more reading to do on both candidates before voting. But, with the exception of Stephanopolous(sp?)/Gibson & the recent Rev. Warren incident, I think the large newspapers and network televsion have a dual standard regarding probing questions and investigative journalism pertaining to Senator Obama. The blogs and a lot of talk rado do a fine job whining and muckracking on Obama, but I’d say the “left” blogs have the help of conventional newspapers and tv when it comes to McCain. You have to get to Obama to ask him a specific question. Not lots of opportunity to do that for those who aren’t in the tank. specificityJournalism’s kind of shot in this country. Tilt and triangulation are the order of the day.

  • http://infredheads.blogspot.com Joel

    Think Again, I would argue that there was little difference between the platform/policy positions of Obama and Hillary. So the media treatment is going to be based on something else. What are the choices? Experience? Personality? History? Ability to get things done? Electability?

    I don’t know how or why the media made their choice. It clearly had nothing to do with the platforms of Obama vs Hillary. But it is also clear that they are deeply in Obama’s camp.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/08/mayors-budget-prosposal-on-monday.html Melyssa

    Taxpayer…please read the HFFT blog. Mainstream media is not touching many stories on Obama that are easily independently verifiable and should be in the public eye. Hell, the media covered the BigFoot story and that was nothing more than a gorilla suit and some dead animals in a big block of ice
    Do you think a kooky BigFoot story is more important than a constitutional citizenship question for a potential president or the graveness of the economy and the U.S. debt? Cause the media refused to talk to the candidates about those issues.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Muckracking has a positive connotation to me, but I think of it as “fighting city hall”, kind of a swimming upstream thing. I’m used to traditional media holding more credence, but maybe that shows my age. I’d rather banter merit than assume all reporting is suspect and have to cross-verify. But, that’s the world we have. Thanks for your work as well as Mr. Welsh and Mr. Hakim-Shabazz.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    And, hard to beat talk radio for whining, even if I agree with a lot of it.

  • coupon cutter

    One thing I have noticed this election season is that both parties have had voter dissent. Meaning that some of the voters just didn’t accept the shoving of preferred candidate down their throats. Regardless of the chicanery that continued these dedicated voters would not accept the status quo. This needs to be acknowledge for what it is; representitive government by the people. Yes it is messy, it time consuming and can get ugly. But is part of the process of a people’s government. So you men folk out there might want to take a break from the nuggets and see what is really going on. Just my two cents…….

  • Robert-NW Side

    I’m still waiting for NONE OF THE ABOVE to appear on the election ballots.

  • David Myers

    Watch out now Abdul, you offended Bilerico Project “one of the most sexist piece of shit writing I’ve seen this election cycle” “He should be ashamed of himself”