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Time to Take the Kids Gloves Off

There are two more stories of violence in Indianapolis this morning.  One involved the shooting of a man at 38th Moeller Road, the second was a shooting last night outside the Walker Theatre.

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of  reading or watching another story about violence in this community.   And while I’m all for crime prevention, I’m falling back into my old belief that what this town needs are a couple good police beatings.

I don’t want anybody killed or put into a coma,  but I honestly think that a clear message needs to be sent that crime won’t be tolerated and if these knuckleheads even dream about pulling out a gun on someone or committing an act of violence, they will wake up and apologize.

Of course this is also based on weeding out the bad cops, which makes me wonder who was responsible for hiring our latest round of bad actors?

  • John Howard

    By the way, the 3rd one was near SE side, where homicide #2 of the night took place.

    I can’t believe you advocate a ‘Rodney King’ event for Indy!

  • Wilson46201

    Wouldn’t a real Indiana barrister, as an officer of the court, be disbarred for publicly advocating “a couple good police beatings”?

  • Concerned Taxpayer & Citizen

    “…which makes me wonder who was responsible for hiring our latest round of bad actors?”

    That’s easy. They came from the sheriff department under the “consolidation.”

    At least one of them had already been fired from IPD when hired by Frank Anderson.

  • Muckraker

    I’m with you on the problem with hiring bad cops…and remember, Bart refused to hire any for two years, then Frank Anderson lowered the standards for both hiring & promotion, putting a political hack in charge of personnel.

    I am grateful that our Mayor is now in command of the police department and have confidence in his ability to return the hiring standards to the previously high level.

  • Think Again

    Muckraker, let’s not get the facts distorted. Peterson did hire officers consistently throughout his terms, including right up to the end. It may not have been the number people like, and in fact, on one occasion, it was one or two at a time. But hiring never stopped.

    The problem is the ready availability of guns, and the common-day-culture which advocates use of guns instead of mouths.

    In the not-too-distant past, when folks got into a dispute, they’d mouth it up, and maybe exchange a punch or two. Listen to or watch the MTV nonsense these days, and it’s clear: too much urban music and culture glorifies immediate violence as a solution to any problem.

    In the conflict mediation process, we’ve jumped past “f— you” and gone straight to gunfire. Sometimes, it’s as subtle as gang turf violations without an accompanying violent act, until the “boundary” message is delivered via bullets to any suspected “trespassers”.

    It’s insane and 1000 more police officers won’t stop it. It’s cultural and the longer we stand for it, the wider the corral of acceptance gets.

    And it’s not just here.

  • Randy


    Do you understand the word sarcasm? Or is the 2×4 so far up your bum you can’t take light humor?

  • Muckraker

    Think Again, you are wrong (or lying)! Peterson REFUSED TO HIRE and canceled police academy class that was set to begin during his term. It is fact. Here is the source: Peterson Press Release 6-29-05 in which Bart says “the city froze many positions, canceled an Indianapolis Police Department (IPD) recruit class and made other cuts since January 1.”

    Hiring did not resume until he gave the police department to Frank Anderson, and Frank lowered the standards that allowed for hiring the dirt. Frank had lower standards for hiring deputies pre-merger and imposed them on the merged department until Frank Anderson was relieved of command.

  • BigRic

    Frankie J. Anderson would be the answer to your question.

  • True Conservative

    I ahve an idea turn off the air conditioners in the police cars, have them role down their windows and occasionally walk to talk to residents and business owners. Also, stop wasting money on seat belt traps or haven’t you heard about the oney being spent on having at least 2 patrol officers in an area one to look in to car windows to see if the person is properly wearing a seat belt and the other down the streeet to write tickets. I guess that is time better spent than agressive patrol.

  • stimy

    true conservative you sound more like tru whiner.

  • Jerry

    I’d like to take this moment to point out Think Again is once again Wrong Again – you’re on a roll buddy!

  • Greg

    Several thoughts reading the above.
    1. Wilson, get a life, please.
    2. Guns. Well, we have them. Now lets inforce tough laws against those who abuse this right.
    3. The seat belt posse is directly related to government funds. Expenses are paid through a grant, and metrics must be met in order to qualify for the funds.
    4. We are beyond single points now. There is a confirmed trend. Anderson and his so-called leadership have been far too interested in nepotism. Standards ignored for a favorite few. Sad.
    5. Randy, your response leaves such an opening. Kindness will leave it where you left it.

  • sue

    He said “good” police beating so that is ok. Don’t lose sight here, cops are good, criminals are bad. Every now and again a mistake is made in the heat of the moment and someone gets their ass whupped. I want to see more criminals beaten and less cops injured or worse yet killed. Police need all of our support. Democrat liberal criminal loving people should worry, but honest law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about. Abdul keep on this, power needs to be restored.

  • Think Again

    Jerry: no, I’m not.

    Hiring at IPD continued throughout his last term.

    Officers are not hired only upon the completion of an academy class. Attrition hits on a regular basis, and, thusly, for qualified, academy-trained personnel, hiring went on.

    Even through the “freeze,” because IPD retirements were exempt from the freeze.

    Try to keep up, huh? Just because someone types it here, doens’t make it real.

    My cousin was hired in such a “freeze” period. He had graduated from an academy class earlier, went to work elsewhere, and came back months later and is still an IMPD officer. He despised Peterson and we argued often about that. When he was hired, it was to replace one solitary officer who’d gone on indefinite medical leave or retired (I can’t remember which).

    And he has told me he was definitely not alone in his hiring circumstance.

  • Shorebreak

    Let’s put this in plain english: We should allow the police to play judge and jury because “the system” is broken. Correct?
    I say go for it, if you can stomach a split within the police ranks between those who believe in the law and those who believe they ARE the law.

  • Rico43

    When the people of this community elected Frank Anderson to be sheriff, they set the bar as low as it could possibly go. Did they really expect him to give us results? At the press conference after the tragic shooting at Huntington Bank, all Frank could give us was a lame ‘Jesse Jackson type’ rhyme. He’s a disgrace, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some of the loot from the three busted cops found its way to Frank’s pocket.
    By electing and re-electing Julia Carson, the voters of the 7th lowered the standards for all locally-elected public officials.

  • flipper

    Lets see. A bunch of bad cops involved in drugs. Bling Bling hires some of them. Thugs are shooting up the town.
    Where is Sweet Pea in all these Ghetto Mafia activities?

    I don’t believe these cops would have ever been busted had Ballard not taken back IMPD from Bling Bling

    Oh! Wilson.
    Get in line for your police beating along with all the other thugs.

  • Wilson46201

    Flipper: pound dust, loser!
    Sounds like you are threatening physical assault in print. Not too smart but whoever said you were?

  • JW

    I used to care, used to be embarrassed when it seemed that you couldn’t turn the TV on without seeing yet another YBM being shown or mentioned as a suspect in a crime. Now I don’t; they’re not me, nor are they reflections on me except to ignorant (closet) bigots. I also stopped being the localized reference source for all questions about “black” people at work; hell, I have little else beyond pigmentation and an affinity for hip-hop music in common with the people I’m most asked about.

    A few beatdowns of criminals need to be administered by the police, but then you’d have to live with either the feigned and lemming-like exhortations of racial injustice or the local media using the story as a stepping stone to their next Emmy or Pulitzer nomination. Barring the proper dispensing of ass kickings, the other thing is to ratchet up the presence as someone suggested and get our uniforms out of the A/C cars and onto the local corners or at least to patrol “old-school” by driving around on small local streets slowly with their windows down and their ears open.

    Lastly, the knee-jerk reaction towards blaming the music is just plain stupid and an attempt to pick the low-hanging fruit. Just so you know, the majority of the teens I encounter around here (95% Caucasian Hamilton Proper/North Geist) listen to the same “gangster” music being lamented in the blog and on the show, yet somehow have the sense to not act out the violence in the songs.

  • John Doe

    This idea that patrolling or walking the beat will do anything is laughable. The simple fact is that I know that seatbelt and DUI checkpoints actually do more to get criminals off the street than just routine patrol. For starters, the ghettos are such a mess, most officers don’t have time for routine patrol in most of the county. They are too busy going from run to run. It is also very unlikely for officers to just randomly come upon a crime like a vehicle or home break-in. The only crime you really see is open air drug dealing, but the hug-a-thug courts are so pro-criminal, that unless you actually see the crack rocks (which are too small to see unless you are right there), then they will view it as a group of people just hanging around.

    I will stay in my vehicle with the AC on. Sorry, but I am wrapped in a polyester uniform along with about a 1/2″ of Kevlar wrapped around my torso. That uniform gets very hot.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Can’t reduce crime with seat-belt spotchecks- encroaching on civil liberties. Can’t reduce terrorism by questioning more likely airline passenger suspects- you’re profiling. Can’t tell us the crime was committed by an illegal immigrant- you’re a racist. Can’t transition childbirth subsidizing to child protection- you’re a hater. Can’t have a different tier of medical care for the poor- that would be unfair. Can’t stop financial gouging like offshore tax loopholes or petroleum speculators- that would limit investment opportunities. Can’t audit and compare school district spendings- that would offend the teachers union. I enjoyed the occasional episode of ‘Fantasy Island’ as much as the next guy, but I wonder how long we can live in it?

  • flipper

    WOW! I finally got under Wilson’s skin.

  • Uncommon Sense

    Yes, flipper, you did. And of course, the rest of his response was utter nonsense and distortion. It’s shocking, I know….

  • Really

    OK. The executive branch (Mayor) has control over the police department, as many believe he should. This is the same executive branch that hired these idiots under the previous administration. But why? Politics. Look at the last round of promotions. Who got promoted, who didn’t get promoted? It is my understanding that this department has become less and less professional over the years. Less accountable and less responsible specifically, at the supervisor level which are political appointments to begin with.

  • Short stop

    Hey Abdul,remember that ‘lone’ black guy who ran for state representative during the 2006 Dickerson Congressional campaign?

    The one who was advised to stay away from the Eric Dickerson campaign and other black people?

    The one who instead of campaigning for himself found himself a cheerleader and crowdfiller for Brizzi? Blacks needed to be represented, didn’t they? lol

    Well, he has found his ‘blackness’ but of course its for the folks who told him when to lose it. I guess they allowed him to find it, his blackness, for the limited purpose of f–king with you.

    Let me know if this means war!

    See Below from Avachino Reeves:

    Mr. Shabazz has either lost his mind or just has the worst comedic act in Indiana, maybe in the entire Eastern Half of the US. The violence in Indianapolis has gotten to a ridiculous level but the response from Abdul Shabazz deserves even more ridicule.

    Mr. Shabazz wrote in a blog that this town needs a couple good police beatings. Poor taste, poor judgment, and definitely a poor decision. The cost of life is not worth the entertainment value he has attempted to provide. Police beatings are a serious crime and they still do happen in Indianapolis, OFTEN!

    I was at the event being held inside the Walker Theater when the shooting happened in a parking lot North of the building. A couple idiots did exchange in violent acts leading to someone being shot and others being injured but inside the Walker Theater, hundreds of young, positive people emerged themselves into a summer celebration of fun.

    We can talk about the negatives that happened that night and almost every night in Indiana but is that fair to all the young people who live positive lives everyday. Young people who were in the Walker Theater displaying their talents for hundreds of family members, friends and fans. To ignore this is unjust.

    Maybe Mr. Shabazz should focus on using his achievements as a radio talk show host and an attorney to provide some encouragement for inner city youth. While Mr. Shabazz plays behind the Mic, we will be out here in the community making a difference through actions. I have no problem leaving the speaking for the spectators.

    Avachino D. Reeves

  • Mike Holland

    Found his blackness..Short Stop you obviousy have not done your home work on Mr. Reeves. I advise you to take a trip to the neighborhood he’s from and still does work in. Let’s see if you feel that way after you take a trip down 42nd and POst Road. And last time I checked, he was the only Republican, black or white, going in these areas trying help change things. Just do your homework buddy!

  • tailormade

    Has Avechino found a real job yet? After losing the election he couldn’t even get a job from the republicans. So, they have him as a token at headquarters attacking good people like Abdul.

    How long can you get Avechino, brotha!

  • tailormade

    That’s how “low” can you get Avechino, my brotha!

  • http://n/a Mauri

    The “good ass whupping” should come from home not the cops. @What do we have to do to get todays’ parents to be concerned for their children?

  • Short stop

    Mike Holland said: And last time I checked, he was the only Republican, black or white, going in these areas trying help change things. (referring to Avechino Reeves.

    Mike you’ve made my point with this very comment. Think about it, what is ONE BLACK REPUBLICAN going to accomplish? Nothing, just be a token for the county and attack blacks on command on behalf of the unscrupolus Marion County Republican Party leadership that has been hostile and unsupportive of other black republican supporters, candidates and potential candidates.

    Avechino is being used as a token for the county to prop up as an example that we welcome blacks, not, and he’ll have to take his lumps for it. That has to be a bettr job for a black man in 2008.

    Oh, and before you say it, there are MANY black republicans who’ve attempted to get involved and they’ve been shove aside because they were ‘token’ material.

  • Short stop

    Correction: Because they were NOT token material.

  • Wilson46201

    Non-token Black Republicans will be taken seriously by the Republican Party when they can either win elective office by themselves OR deliver substantial numbers of votes OR raise substantial campaign contributions. Without those political achievements, Black Republicans will remain merely tokens and window-dressing.
    The essence of politics is winning elections: if you can’t do that, you are just trifling and will be treated as such.

  • Mkay

    Kent Smith and Barbara Malone might disagree with your opinion, Wilson. In fact, they did “deliver substantial number of votes”. Much more so than long time councilman Boyd, to say nothing of Conley and Gibson, all who are black.

  • IRoc


    You are correct, but both would not have won had it not been for the activism by the activists, a group these two fail to acknowledge. ANY black on the republican ticket would have won those seats. They climate they won in was the climate we created.

  • IRoc

    Now Wilson is speaking for white republicans?

    Willie Training is old Wilson, I