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Next Time, Try Google

My Democratic friends are throwing some criticism at Indianapolis Greg Ballard saying he has failed to speak out on the problems facing IMPD.

In a news release put out today Marion County Democrats stated…

“Since the arrests of nine public safety employees including police officers the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is in turmoil and Mayor Greg Ballard has shown a true lack of leadership amidst the crisis. In just the last few weeks, IMPD officers have been arrested for allegedly selling guns to a felon, stealing drugs and money, and running a suburban prostitution ring. Yet, Mayor Ballard has remained oddly quiet about the mounting problems that have plagued the department since he became mayor in January.”

Apparently my Democratic friends missed the past couple news conferences where the Mayor spoke out on the problems facing IMPD. They also must have missed his recent appearance on my morning radio show where he answered the question as well. They also must not know how to use Google and do a news search.

I understand this may be a little difficult for them to do; with fellow Council Members getting arrested, local officials handing out political literature in their government offices, and internal race-based fighting over who should run the County party.

Maybe someone could take a few minutes and sit down and do a Google search.  At least this way they could put out news releases addressing the substance of problems within IMPD (created in part by the atmosphere set down by Frank Anderson) instead of putting out news releases that are easily refutable.

Ah, if only life were that simple.

  • http://www.pamhickman.com arnie

    I did hear the Mayor in your morning show but his stumbling and incohearant speech patterns made very little sense. Guess that’s why he most often leaves the talking to others. I’ll try again tonight at the Mayors Night Out in Washington, a Peterson tradition.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Arnie, if you want some slick talker that says absolutely nothing but what you want to hear, I suggest you go put your nose in Bart’s butt. Otherwise quit making up excuses for your own hatred.

    I listened to some of the mayor’s interview on Abdul and I specifically heard him say that we are having issues with some of the officers who were brought on by “someone else” after they failed to get on the old IPD first. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • John Howard

    Gee, we could go back to Barton’s glazed-over-I’m-in-a-dreamworld facial expression. Yeah, that instilled confidence.

  • flipper

    Those idiot democrats have room to talk. All the mayor is doing is cleaning up the corrupt mess left to him by Bart, Frank, Monroe and the rest of the Ghetto Mafia.

  • suga

    it just shows how dems don’t care about facts just making political points. it also shows how ignorant the masses are for believing it.
    kind of like people swooning over “change.”

  • Greg

    Why are idiologs from either party so quick to show just how stupid they can be in making statements without thought? I must admit however that Dems seem much quicker and much more at ease in this demonstration. Can they be this mentally corrupt, or is it ignorance, that what is happening now with IMPD was all installed during their time in power. WOW? I am not sure this is where I would shoot off my mouth. Kinda reminds me of all the crap that Treacy was spilling out over election difficulties, and then, no where in sight when the worm turned and Beth White had control, or not.

  • Melyssa

    That’s their government education at work, Abdul. Hilarious post!

  • Think Again

    I don’t cut my Democratic friends much slack, but damn, Abdul, your post was straight out of Republican headquarters.

    The mayor asked for this job. I’ve listened to him numerous times, and while he’s not a great public speaker, I’m gonna give him some leeway on the crime rate. These things don’t tend to crop up overnight, and I’m not sure the polie department can do a lot about it except fan out and look bigger than they are.

    And, can we all please stop blaming Frank Anderson or Bart Peterson or anyone else? It’s partially true, but as a complete answer, is factually-challenged.

    It’s getting real old. We have a new mayor, he’s completely in charge of the police department, and I can’t wait to see the first budget he proposes, next month. That will tell us much. He’s living under a budget he didn’t create now, and that’s never easy. The 2009 budget, which must be advertised in late July, is publicly aired in hearings in August.

    Let’s dissect that document for the new mayor’s priorities.

    Until then–a truce, huh? People are dying on our streets, and homes are getting robbed at an alarming rate.

  • Greg

    Think again, I am with you. However, I think you are talking to the wrong person. Lets start with the Dem leaders in town who initiated all this with their press release. I totally agree to the truce. Human life is too precious to lose.

  • Think Again

    Ignore the press release. It’s ridiculous, of course.

    And ignore the Republican response, which will be equally stupid.

    And I’m also gonna ignore the routine insults hurled against Frank Anderson and Ballard.

    The merger happened, it’ll save us money, and now the mayor controls it all, thankfully. Get over it already.

  • http://www.pamhickman.com arnie

    Went to the Washington Township Mayors Night Out tonight. Still don’t know what he is talking about. Wonder if he does. He should get together with Monroe grey for diction lessons.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Tough crowd tonight.

  • Robert

    The problems within IMPD were predicted and very few people had the courage to stand up and object to the establishment of a totally political police department! So many high ranking police officers just stood by and let it happen in an effort to keep their jobs and appointed ranks. Everyone was warned about the increase in crime and homicides as a result of the dirty politics in policing! You were all informed that there would be no savings of money as promised by Bart Peterson and Frank Anderson. You were warned that nepotism and politics would determine who would be hired, promoted and appointed. Experience, education and honesty were not even considerations. You listened to idiots like Jerry McCory! As a result of the decline in professional policing more than two hundred experienced police officers have left IPD and MCSD. It will take twenty years to rebuild our police department. Unfortunately for Greg Ballard, he is using some the same police leaders who were used by Bart Peterson, Jerry McCory and Frank Anderson to destroy the police department! They said they supported consolidation under the sheriff at that time, now they swear that it was a mistake and support consolidation under the mayor? What a bunch of incompetent cowards! They should all be fired!

  • IRoc

    Taxpayer, tough crowd huh? I can’t wait to see it on channel 16.

  • Think Again

    Robert, honey, it’s time for your meds.

  • http://indianapolsnewgoverment2008.blogspot.com/ David Myers

    Lets see here. Gray retired because he knew that Ballard would be after him. We have ridden the nine public safety employee,who were selling guns to a felon, stealing drugs and money, and running a suburban prostitution ring

    What do people call doing a good job is today?
    I would say the Mayor is doing a great job of firing and getting people arrested.

  • John Doe

    Who hired all the current officers in trouble? Democrats or Republicans?

  • Concerned Taxpayer & Citizen

    Robert 10:00 PM, you are EXACTLY right. Many of us put our careers on the line by testifying in open meetings against Peterson’s plan. NOBODY would listen.

    Now, the citizen’s are paying the price for it. Marion County is a lost cause.

  • BigRic

    “Who hired all the current officers in trouble? Democrats or Republicans?”

    Frank Anderson (D)

  • retired ipd

    lets bring back those 200 retired officers that just left impd. offer them new employement at an hourly rate with no beneifits. this would end the shortage on the streets immediately

  • Do you Know

    Has anyone been in the Center Township Small Claims Court lately?
    In plain view in the basement of the CCC, in court office are two Carson signs.
    Stop by, stand at the counter and look to the back right corner.

    The MCD’s should clean up their own party before they speak ill of a republican.

  • IRoc

    Yes, they are cleaning up the police department, but unfortunately they are still playing politics in the cleanup and those officers who are also corrupt and on ‘the new team’ are simply getting rid of their competitors on the force.

    New blood is needed yes, but new blood leadersip would possess no departmental memory. It was a mistake to get rid of Robert Turner and to allow those 200 officers to leave the force. They all need to be brought back as a special task force to clean-up the department.

    Also, Ballard needs to fire his current set of advisor, they are dividing our community and have no idea what they are doing.