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Frank’s Follies

There is another story of another IMPD officer getting in trouble.  This story is on the heals of another IMPD officer who got in trouble and three other IMPD officers who got in trouble.  And they are not to be confused with the former Public Safety Advisor turned Marion County Sheriff employee who is also in trouble. 

While it is important to know that these handful of bad apples are not representative of the other 2,000 or so men and women of law enforcement who go to work everyday to protect us and keep our streets safe, they do give cops a bad name.  Of course it doesn’t help that all this bad news comes at one time. 

While the officers are ultimately responsible for their actions, you can’t ignore another individual who also bears some responsibility for this, Sheriff Frank Anderson.  When Anderson ran IMPD, the department ended its polygraph practices, which some top officials in the department tell me could have been a deterrent to some of this behavior.  Anderson was also in charge when another one of these officers was reportedly kicked out of the Police Academy and rehired under IMPD.  And it was Anderson who hired Jerry McCorry.

It was Anderson’s leadership that set the atomosphere that allowed this type of bahavior to grow and now Mayor Greg Ballard is cleaning up his mess and cleansing the air he left behind.   

  • Concerned Taxpayer & Citizen

    And THAT, folks, is the way it was in 2006 and 2007.

  • John Howard

    Doesn’t Frank have a H-U-G-E wooden carving on his desk saying ‘The buck stops here?’

    Well, Frank, does it? Or is that just a pretty decoration?

  • Muckraker

    Face reality, by eliminating the polygraph requirements, Frank opened the door to say “I know nothing” as he filled his department with cronys who are corrupt.

  • Angry Caucasian Boy 2008

    Sounds like Col Ballard has been cleaning house. Good job to all the IA pros that are doing a great job. This is what we have been waiting for. The community will be better served from your leadership Col and all the fine men and women working under your command.


  • Rugger

    While it may be possible that the culture within IMPD is changing now that the department is under the mayor’s office I would not go so far as to say that Ballard is the reason this mess is being cleaned up. You have to remember that the Feds where the ones running the investigation of the 3 officers shaking down drug dealers and the 1 officer selling guns to known felons. I highly doubt Ballard know about these investigations until right before the arrests were made. It is quite an overstatement to say this was all Ballards doing. However, I will concede that officers on the department may be more willing to cross the thin blue line to report miss-doings of others within the department.

  • Really

    I will disagree. Couple of issues have come into play, directly and indirectly. It is my understanding that there has been a push/concerted effort to hire 1. minorities and 2. ex-military. Reasoning. Minorities in order to stay compliant with various laws,regulations,etc.. and to prevent lawsuits based on race. Former military because the belief is they bring a sense of self discipline about themselves plus well we are at war with terrorism, drugs, etc… And who better to fight a war than the military. I am not going to say that college educated pukes would not have done these acts or non minorities as well. What it comes down to is this…The qualifications (hiring process) to become a police officer are lax, outdated or not being adhered too within IMPD/IPD/MCSD. Funny how people selectively forget Myron Powell and how he was a Goldsmith hire.

  • Shorebreak

    What I’d like to know is what it’s gonna take to get IMPD to shut down the illegal peashakes and to indict those who are impeding their shutdown.
    Years ago, I moved into a temporary apt. in another city and soon discovered that the level of foot traffic on my floor was highly unusual. It was a secure building in a great neighborhood, in a nice city. It turned out that a neighboring apt. was home to several “in call” escorts.
    I called the police to report the activity (for obvious security reasons) and was assured that something would be done. After a week, the activity was the same. I called again and was promised action. Another week and no change. I called again and told the detective that I want him to show up with copies of my initial reports, and that I wanted to file another report. He showed up and hung around to “observe” activity, watching several arrivals and departures over the course of a few hours. He promised immediate action.
    A week later, nothing else had been done. I got on the horn with the chief of police, gave him the report #’s, explained the background, the empty promises, and that the dept. has 24 hours to respond before I go to the media with all of the details. My wife told me about the police raid of the property the next afternoon. Local news picked up the story and the police came out looking like an effective organization.
    It’s too bad IMPD doesn’t have that kind of leadership.

  • flipper

    Speaking of Pea Shakes. What ever happens to all the people who get arrested at the pea shake houses? Does Brizzi let them out the back door of the prosecuter’s office. Why don’t we ever hear of them going on trial?
    Now to the king of the Pea Shakes. What ever happened to the CCC ethics investigation into Sweet Pea’s corrupt deeds?

  • Disgusted

    Comment #5 brought up Myron Powell…..So far I have not seen reference that Myron Powell was step-father to James Davis. “Apple does not fall far from the tree”.

  • Muckraker

    Disgusted: how about the fact that Myron was recommended for termination by supervisors…disciplinary action by supervisors, yet Chief James Toler made it all go away, it never happened.

    -As many said: He’d have to kill somebody to get fired…well, he participated in it.

  • http://indianapolsnewgoverment2008.blogspot.com/ David Myers

    Fipper, the ccc ethics investigation into sweet pea’s corrupt deeds has almost died. There was three hearings on the subject but no one seem to be interested from the public. The only way is to email the CCC about this matter to get the ball rolllng again. The Star was the only reporter to show even thur the media knew about it. Even our own Abdul knew of the meeting but did not show.


    I would like to know of those who were arrested, where were they on the hiring list, I’d bet a paycheck they went to the bottom of the list, passing over many other qualified individuals, in the name of affirmative action!

  • John Doe

    “I would like to know of those who were arrested, where were they on the hiring list, I’d bet a paycheck they went to the bottom of the list, passing over many other qualified individuals, in the name of affirmative action!”

    Affirmative action, low pay, bad background checks, diversity at any costs, poor supervision, and greed will always equal bad cops. The worse these things are, the worse the cops will be.

    Can anyone in the know shed some light on this: I once heard that IPD had a class (this would be late 90s) that was all African-American. I heard that Powell was part of this class. I also heard that many of the others in the class had gotten into trouble as well. Any truth to this?

    As far a low pay and greed. We will always have folks who can’t live within their means. IMPD third year officers are going to $60K/year starting in 2011. When you add the take-home care at $7,000/year, that is $67K working your normal shift, no over-time, no off-duty. If you can’t live on that, you are either very, very greedy, or very bad with your money.

    As far as hiring minorities, the department should resemble that of the city they serve. However, quality should not be put on the back burner just to appease race baiter types. I know some good minority officers and they hate when a bunch of minority officers end up with their faces all over the TV. Luckily we have had some white cops get thrown in with the mix. Now we are hearing the one guy who sold the gun to the felon is back in jail, because he violated release conditions.

    Oh, and what is up with the background checks? I just now confirmed I went to high school with the escort service cop. I did not know him very well at all, but after high school, I found out through a friend of his, that he was involved in an escort business where ever he lived at the time. That was around seven years ago. I guess they just check for arrest and that’s it. Maybe it is time for intelligence units in this country to get on board with helping out with background checks. My guess is that there was something on this guy if he and his wife have been doing this for years, yet maybe never enough for an arrests. I also wonder what these personal references told the department? Surely some of them knew what this guy was doing, or what he had done in the past?

  • Snark

    A thousand years ago I researched polygraphs (to see if they should be administered to people working in the financial industry), and discovered that their accuracy was not much better than guessing.

    That’s why they’re not admissible in court.

    It’s a waste of time and money to use them to sniff out bad cops!