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With June right around the corner, both Indiana Republicans and Democrats are getting ready for their state nominating conventions.  Normally, these are periods of party unity and togetherness, however this year may be a little different.  Both Marion County political parties could be going into the state conventions with some “family issues.”

On the Republican side, Chairman Tom John tells me there are some differing opinions with regards to the race for Attorney General.  Current AG Steve Carter is stepping down, the two main candidates for the job are his Chief of Staff Greg Zoeller, who’s been endorsed by his outgoing boss and Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas, who enjoys the support of the Governor.  According to John, Marion County will back Costas with a solid majority, but there have been those Republicans backing Zoeller, the most notable is Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi.   Some pundits are accusing John of playing hardball by forcing delegates to sign oaths that they would support Costas and retaliating against those who don’t get on board.  John says his job as County Chairman is to back the Governor’s pick, but anyone who has lost a party  position, as of late, has been more about competency than politics.

Things aren’t all rosy on the Democratic side either.  I wrote a while back that City-Council member Joanne Sanders might be in jeopardy of losing her position as Minority Leader because some Council Democrats thought she should have backed Andre Carson in the May primary instead of David Orenlichter since Carson was the party’s slated candidate.  It seems now that movement is gaining steam.  My sources inside Democratic circles say there is a growing movement within the caucus to replace Sanders with fellow Democrat Mary Moriarty Adams.  If  Adams replaces Sanders she will be the Democrats fifth Council leader in four years.

  • Think Again

    We Dems can’t seem to get over these “litmus tests” on certain issues. And it’s a shame. Joanne is a solid ML. Two and three yrs. ago, she and Jackie N. did yeoman’s work on budget cuts, with lmost no Republican help, when they could see the income/expense was getting out of control. The work they did, over hundreds of ours of long committee meetings and behind the scenes work, saved us from even worse financial mess. Mary B. would do a great job as ML, too.

    The failure to support Andre is a hotly-contested primary should not be a litmus test in this matter. If this is the Carson wing of he party trying to flex its muscles, it won’t work. I doubt that’s the case anyway-Andre is way too smart to make enemies this early in his career. Remember, a year or so ago, he was a corrections officer. Now he’s in Congress, presumably as long as he wants to be. He does not automatically inherit all his grandmother’s political muscle, and it would be counter-productive to her legacy. She earned that muscle over three decades of hard-fought and won battles.

    Andre can build slowly and some day have that kind of clout. Sharp elbows under the basket is not the way to accomplish that. Tip O’Neill used to say: “Revenge is a dish best served cold, or not at all.”

  • max

    The three stooges, Vern, Dane and Monroe are behind this.

    Pathetic….these morons didn’t ask Monroe to step down but they want JS ousted and she’s the best leader that they’ve had.

    Apparently the last election didn’t leave a big enough impression on them.

    Total idiots.

  • Think Again, Think Again

    It’s not about Andre’s revenge. It’s about a party leader not leading the party. Joanne should have sucked it up and supported the slated candidate. Pure and Simple.

  • the party hypocrisy is staggering

    She did. I voted at the precinct that she was working and she was passing out the slate all day long.

  • Indiana Barrister
  • Think Again

    1:15, I believe TATA is trying to tell us, that Joanne wasn’t goose-stepping quite high enough, thus engaging the wrath of the Center gang.

    And I believe that 1:15 just drop-kicked your argument into Hendricks County, TATA.

    If May 6 slate loyalty is the barometer by which you measure party depth, then there are hundreds of committeepersons and vice committeepersons who do not meet muster. I attended the special caucus Jan. 12, and party slating a little later. Both total jokes. Actually–that insults all good jokes. I felt zero loyalty to their decision, pre-May 6.

    But now that Andre is the party’s officially-nominated canidate, he has the complete support. As he should.

    It was the right of many party loyalists to support someone else. Not to rub any salt in the wound, because Andre ultimately won–but to many of us, he was the least-qualified candidate of the top 4.

    Still a lot better than anything the GOP could muster.

    I’d defy anyone to find a Congressional, Senatorial, gubernatorial or legislative priamry race anywhere in the country, where four such outstanding individuals were competing. It made for a difficult choice for many of us. But now the choice is made.

    And if the councill. Democrats want to dump Joanne because she rian agains Andre Jan. 12, well…it’d be their loss. But they’re a pretty sorry group, anyway.

    It’s no way to build the party for what should be our ultimate municipal goal: recapture the council in 2011 and make sure Greg Ballard is a one-termer. Which he will be.

    UNLESS this kind of party loyalty nonsense wins out.

  • Think Again

    Sorry for the typos earlier…Oh yeah…I’m pretty sure no one is letting Dane Mahern be in charge of anything. Thankfully.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    TA, you seem up for making headway on issues versus “goose-stepping”. If that’s the case, who’s going to be the viable Democratic candidate if Ballard keeps crime stablized and continues to merit positive press on issues (earned,lucky, or otherwise)?

  • 2011 Municipal elections

    I think its way too early to predict a viable candidate for mayor in ’11, either D or R-nothing against Ballard, but he really has not been challenged thus far in his term. Part of that probably has to do with the Council being a R majority. Time will tell.

    As far as the Council: as long as the R members of that body do not personally act in any way, shape or form as several of the D members did while they were majority, it will be very difficult for any of the R seats currently held to be won by D challengers. Again, ’11 is a long way away, and a lot can happen in the meantime.

  • Think Again

    One, crime will ebb and flow regardless who’s mayor.

    Two, he’s getting less and less positive media. I think it’s actually moved to value-neutral. It was bound to happen.

    Three, there are multiple candidates who can beat him, if the stars align properly: Orentlicher, Kennedy, Mays, Sanders, Nytes, Myers, the list goes on.

    Fourth, and this one’s tricky: the city’s budget situation will worsen, and he hasn’t a clue how to fix it. He needs allies on the City Council, but they’re led by that arch-genius Cockrum, and assisted by the even smarter Lincoln Plowman, will fuss among themselves about how to fix it. And when Ballard moves hard on that ban on future councilmembers being public safety officers (he will), he’ll throw a few folks into a frenzy.

    I actually think he’s going to have some bright spots during the next three years, but not enough. Try as he might, he’s not “one of the boys” among the city’s GOP elite. And they’re a clubby bunch.

    Clubby is actually a polite term for selfish, greedy clods.

  • Laddad

    It’s time to move on to something signifcant, like the governor’s race, especially on the Democratic side. Interesting that pundits have not included an African American as a possible running mate for JL-T. Is she that out of touch??

  • Taxpayer 834512

    If they’d acknowledge the need for personal responsibility and fiscal limitations, I’d consider Orentlicher & Mays. If Peterson couldn’t elicit enought reelection mojo, I’m not sure how Ms. Kennedy will make it. Ms. Sanders seems to have been bestowed a scarlet letter from her own party. Ballard will eventually share grim & getting grimmer budget news that won’t disappear with anybody’s magic wand. Win, lose, or draw, I hope the Mayor tackles a council public safety officer ban. Money might not always win, but Burton and Carson reaffirmed that merit is an even worse singular path to public office.

  • Think Again

    What would be wrong with an African American running mate for JLT? And what would make her “out of touch” for choosing such a person? I can think of half a dozen who would make the current Lite Gov look silly. But then, that’s a large club.

    Taxpayer, you had me until you mentioned Dan Burton in any sentence that equates him with anything other than sheer self-absorbed lunacy.
    America’s worst Congressman–Dan Burton. Hands down.

    It’s Thursday–today it’s Woody’s turn to use the Burton brain. I think there’s legislator/lobbyist golf outing-drunken slush fund-whorish event in Columbus or somewhere.

    Woddy won’t get hit by lightning because everyone knows God loves him due to the license plate thing.

    Ain’t God good to Indiana?

  • Taxpayer 834512

    My apologies, I got too cute. I indeed agree that Dan Burton is a self-absorbed lunatic. And, my apologies to the other lunatics for having to share the label with him.