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I’ve been spending the past few days trying to see how the Presidential primary will impact the 7th District race.  With so many new voters coming to the table, no true “incumbent” in the race and no candidate having hitched their wagon to either Hillary or Barack – the political class is wondering where the new voters will go once they’ve cast their ballot for President.

I would have to say right now the momentum favors Dr. Woody Myers.  I say this because many of these new voters likely get their news and information from  television and Dr. Myers has had the strongest presence on the airwaves so far.  He even has ads running on the Greg Garrison show.  (I consider that either really brave or really brazen).   

I saw my first Carson television ad this morning and Carolene Mays has a radio commercial.  I have yet to see or hear anything from David Orentlicher.    So unless this dynamic changes, I think the new voters will trend towards what they see on television and right now it’s Woody Myers.

  • Mrs. Democrat

    I think that Dr. Myers has a pretty good chance to break up the Carson machine in the 7th. I recently had the chance to talk with him and left with the feeling that he really wants to help people in the 7th.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    The difference between Dr. Myers and Andre is as boldly strong as the difference between a new Lincoln Towncar and a 1970 Pinto with Dr. Myer being the Lincoln. I suspect that Andre can’t hold a candle to the knowledge this man holds in the very tip of his little pinkie unless Grandma left him a playbook of phrases that mean little but sound like a lot.

  • http://hoosierhousewife.blogspot.com Kathy

    I have enjoyed your visits to the Channel 6 studio and am so happy to find this site. Great work, Abdul!
    I am a lifelong Republican who will be voting for Senator Obama in May…if I don’t get stopped by those who think I am a Republican Spoiler voting for Hillary!!! And I will be voting for Dr. Myers. I don’t like the idea of family dynastys in politics.

  • Wilson46201

    Marion County tax protestors will appreciate that Woody Myers is living in his $2.1million condo in the downtown deluxe Conrad hotel, fully tax-abated! While the rest of us pay property taxes, he’s a multi-millionaire subsidized by the rest of us…

  • IndyFacts


    I just saw this report on the WTHR website at:
    Woody Seeks To Buy Win

    It looks like Myers is trying to buy the race. He has already spent $550,000 om his own campaign. The good news is that now it looks like other candidates can get supporters to donate about the normal $2,300 limit!

    It looks like the choices are the Muslim, the Millionaire or


  • Anonymous

    Wilson, getting little nervous about Woody? It’s a bit early to be throwing mud…even for you.

  • Wilson46201

    Multimillionaires (like Woody Myers) living in tax-subsidized condos is not a new topic on this blog!

  • http://infredheads.blogspot.com Joel

    Why is Myers’ financial situation or where he lives an issue for the election? In short: who cares?
    What I care about is his insane commercials full of non sequiturs.

  • http://myers2008.org Joh Padgett

    Dr. Woody Myers is the right man for the job. His political leadership on public health and in particular the HIV/AIDS crisis, experience and corporate connections will help Indianapolis find more jobs in the health care and life sciences sectors of the economy, a strong suit in these parts.

    As someone who has not spent his entire career on the taxpayer’s payroll, unlike most of the other candidates, Hoosiers can identify with a man who made his own way in life by working hard to achieve the success he has enjoyed. He now wants to pay back those who helped him along the way by entering public service once again as our Congressman.

  • Wilson46201

    By the way, Joh Padgett is the paid internet campaign operative for Myers. He might have a slight bias ;-)

  • Pine Rider

    If Myers’ home address becomes an issue, it’ll be the second time Andre’s political career got a big boost from another Democrat’s “wrong address”…

  • flipper

    Wilson. you are such an idiot!. a person can live the life they can afford. evidently Woody has earned it and deserves to live like he wants. Andre is living off the 160,000.00 he and his criminal brothers received because Julia wouldn’t retire and died in office and our tax money gave her another year of salary.

  • http://the-russ.blogspot.com Russ

    Nothing like having a fat doctor lecture you about health policies…

  • http://the-russ.blogspot.com Russ

    And before the Missouri Democrat gets him/herself a Woody and comes in here complaining about me making fun of his weight, my comment from last week stems from the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words when you look at the guy… if you went to him for medical treatment or advice and he told me to lose weight, I would tell him, “You first.” That would be hypocrisy to me. I’m not making fun of his weight… I’m considering the fact that I wouldn’t trust the guy with my health, so why would I vote for him as my Congressman, which is nearly as important?

  • ezzard

    Why…? Well, he appears to have the mandatory case of Bush Derangement Syndrome (judging from his TV ads) that Democrats demand of their candidates. Beyond that, he seems to be a standard liberal straight out of Central Casting. Not sure which is worse…a loose-cannon liberal, or a best-congressman-money-can-buy like we’re used to having?

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Russ I hope you gain about 100 pounds due to some health situation and the only doctor that will see you is Dr. Myers. Perhaps if he saved your life you might see him a tad differently. I dont care about his belly, I want him to have a decent brain. As for his success and the financial ability to live in a condo, at least he earned his money the old fashioned way and got an education that allowed him to do so. He didn’t attend a correspondence course university and have granny get him a job. You can continue Wilson to attack Dr. Myers housing all you want, but you can’t escape that Andre is granny’s seed… and that the apples are rotten on Park Street.

  • Adam Longworth

    Imagine that–wilson complaining about tax abatements etc–talk about the pot and the freakin kettle–didn’t hear anything about tax abatements from you while peterson was ruining things…

  • http://the-russ.blogspot.com Russ

    All I’m saying is that for a guy who brags so much about how he improved healthcare in the state of Indiana, uses Ryan White’s name to get himself over, and complains about how bad healthcare is in this country and uses healthcare as a talking point in his commercials, maybe he should stop hanging out at the back door of the Twinkie factory.

  • Greg

    For what it is worth, I am totally with you MD on the Lincoln towncar and Pinto comparison. In fact, and without throwing mud at Carson, it is the intellectual equilivant of comparing the computerization incomporated within the Lincoln to the computerization incorpated with a model T. Night and day difference. Lets see, who do I want to represent me in Washington? Someone with mental horsepower like Myers, or someone who barely made it out of his law enforcement program. Just dealing with facts here. No mud.

  • Greg

    Russ, in a perfect world, I would agree with you. However, few are perfect. It can be booze, women, drugs, tobacco or food. Most in the political arena, heck, even life itself, have fallen into one of these traps. It might be food has Myers. But then just maybe it is a medical condition that through the grace of God neither you nor I suffer.

  • http://the-russ.blogspot.com Russ

    Greg, I don’t expect perfection as much as I would expect due diligence.

  • Think Again

    Oh Good Lord, Adam, get off the Peterson slams. It’s so August-2007. It wasn’t true then, it isn’t true now, he lost, Ballard won, and most of us have moved on. And wished the new Mayor well even if we didn’t vote for him.

    Wilson’s tax-free-condo observation has no relevance. Especially when you consider his favored candidate held a publicly-funded job for several years, for which he was qualified by the sheer fact he finished next-to-last in his academy training class of 86 or so fellow Hoosiers. Next-to-last. That’s the cerebral power representing us in Congress. Color me embarrassed.

    And who got two college “degrees” within about 20 months, one an advanced degree, one in Wisconsin, one here, while working fulltime at the state government “job.”

    Dr. Myers is not my preferred candidate, but he’s more qualified asleep than your candidate is awake.

    Get a life Wilson. And before you whine, yeah, I’m anonymous. For several reasons, none of which is any of your business. Get over that, too.

  • SW

    one might be a lincoln and the other a pinto, but they were both made at the same state ran commie factory.

  • Topo X

    Would we rather that Dr. Myers was never able to lift his status through hard work and study? He didn’t have a grandma or Nation of Islam friend to boost his campaign. He did it on his own. That is impressive.

  • John Howard

    I agree with Wilson – the apalling Peterson-and-Democrats initiated property tax abatements for the rich are so very wrong.

    And what about that extra Homestead Credit that Monroe Gray was claiming? Did he ever pay back what he unlawfully gained until now and has he stopped claiming it going forward? Seems like NOBODY wants to talk about that issue.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Both parties are responsible for taking credit for rebuilding downtown indy to the point that a reasonably good rat can’t afford to live in the dumpster at the new Weber Grill. So lets not blame one party here. If Dr. Myers has a nice place to live, can pay his rent, has a income source that allows him to lend his campaign cash, so be it. His abilities do not diminish him they enhance the liabilities of his opponents one of which has granny to thank for dying to get where he is.

  • Think Again

    Mo. Dem has it about right, except:

    Dr. Myers’s main income source, for many years, has been the corporate medical field, read: health insurance. That’s how he can afford this fantastic apartment. Whether it’s tax abated is of no concern to me; Al Kite lives there, too. He raped the community a hell of a lot more than Woody Myers.

    I would be stunned if Dr. Myers’s health insurance tenure did NOT include some pretty big bucks for some insurers who have lousy patient-care records. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but, let’s just say I’ve been around the block a few times. Health insurers don’t pay docs big bucks to pay out claims…they do it to minimize losses, and to figure out ways to cut costs. For most insurers, that’s a polite way of putting it.

    And I’ll be damned if I want a current/former health insurer’s medical director in COngress representing me. No way.

  • StatlerNWaldorf

    All personal slams against Dr. Myers aside, he doesn’t seem to be running for congress. He seems to be running against George W. Bush if you listen to his commercials. Typical liberal crap.

  • Think Again

    Well, Statler, it’s not a slam to observe what a person does for a living, and, if that person is running for Congress, to make a judgment.

    And in case you haven’t been paying attention, Bush’s policies are supported lock-step by McCain.

    Idiotic policies. Don’t take my word for it–America agrees by like 70-30.

    For once America has it right.

    Kinda sucks, doesn’t it, to want to support a president who can’t walk and chew gum?

  • bit

    I gotta say I am surprised but agree Myers seems to have the big mo’ and the new voters as well. I don’t believe yard signs generally can win anyone an election, however, they do tell us a little something about the depth of support a candidate may have (esp, if they’re in homeowners’ yards, not medians) AND they can influence new or presidential-driven voters on downticket races simply on familiarity– ie voters registered and plan to vote on the presidential, but have paid little attention otherwise to other races, and may vote for someone who seems familiar from a lotta yard signs. (I confess, this has been the basis for my school board votes some years)

    I’ve seen loads of Myers signs where past years had a lotta “I heart Julia”

    Will be interesting for sure to see how things spin out in this unprecedented primary. I did hear a guy in the gym in the over-50 white male demographic say that he was “a Republican” generally but had become more independent and was switching to D this primary to vote for Myers and had decided to go Obama also. Who knows if there are many of his type out there also.

  • anonymous

    The people of the 7th want what they have been missing for so long…REPRESENTATION! Julia didn’t do a thing for us here and her ‘seed’ will deliver more of the same. Time for a change. This R is voting for Myers (R’s have nothing against people who work hard enjoying the fruits of their labor) and Obama.

    Fun times in Indiana!!

  • 40 years after MLK

    Yes, Abdul, we’ll get a Woody;

    A testament to Dr. King’s dream 40 years later;

    A self-made black man from Indianapolis Public Schools who went on to an Ivy league college to become a Medical Doctor;

    So, he lives in a condo downtown, pretty small change compared to what a man like him is worth, but for small town Indianapolis folks who’ve never traveled beyond muncie, that’s BIG STUFF! LOL.

    Of course people like wilson, a white man who grew up with the privileges given to the white race and who lives in a dump in poverty, is envious over a black man’s accomplishment without the help of Carson the Queen.

    Wilson, you and Andre had all the privileges, opportunity and ‘juice’ to be ‘accomplished’ as well, but you both were too lazy and trifling to catch a dream!

    Wilson, you won’t spoil our dreams, you won’t spoil Dr. Myers dream, you won’t spoil Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream!

    Dr. Myers finances his own campaign and therefore will not be beholden to the ignorant local politics we’ve seen over the years.

    Woody Myers will be our next Congressman and all racists antics will only ‘continue’ to help seal Andre Carsons fate with the people.

    Wilson, you are a loser and Andre’s a loser for allowing you to be on his campaign staff. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Bill

    “Marion County tax protestors will appreciate that Woody Myers is living in his $2.1million condo in the downtown deluxe Conrad hotel, fully tax-abated! While the rest of us pay property taxes, he’s a multi-millionaire subsidized by the rest of us…”

    So damn Bart Peterson for providing those tenants with the tax breaks.

    Funny to see Andre Carson’s staffer attacking not only Democrat Woody Myers, but Democrat Bart Peterson as well.

  • anonymous

    I am so tired of Dr.Meyers adds. In every one he has to put down Pres.Bush.
    Get over it!! People forget it takes more than just the President to get things done!!!
    Others in the Senate and Congress have to vote with him!!
    Lets get to the real of it…how are you going to change things and give us the possitivies, Bush is old news!!
    Hillary can stop it too……….
    Give us the real low-down on how we can fix all this mess and get on with it!!!

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