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I’ve been making some calls about Barack Obama and Andre Carson’s endorsements of each other and the members of the political class I spoke with all seem to agree that the race is now Carson’s to lose.

Obama will likely win the the 7th District by a strong margin over Hillary Clinton and there was nothing in it for Carson to support Clinton.  If anything, he would have probably  lost votes to one of his other three main competitors.  By tying his name to Obama, Carson hopes to keep some of those voters (mainly the new ones) and get them to keep their ballot long enough to vote for him.  I argue this shows the race is probably a lot closer than anyone feels comfortable with.  Also, it will be interesting to see the impact on Dr. Woody Myers’ campaign, because he has been targeting new voters with his commercials.

A few other things to keep in mind, first if you are Jim Schellinger or Jill Long Thompson, you want those new voters to stick around and vote for you and not turn in their ballots after voting for the President or Congress.

Second, Karl Rove was in town yesterday for a fundraiser for Mike Sodrel.  He told the small crowd that Obama would be his candidate of choice, because Republicans could compete better against him in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Be careful what you wish for.

And this 7th Congressional District candidate would be happy to get any attention.

  • Think Again

    Quite simply, Abdul–you’re talking to the wrong folks.

    I’m disappointed Obama got involved in this mess, but barring a huge turnaround, Andre will lose. The voter resentment to his coronation is massive. There are at least three candidates impressively qualified to replace him. Indeed, show me any CD in the nation with three so well-qualified candidates running in the same primary. We’re blessed with talent.

    Hillary was never going to bust 40% in the 7th. So this was a safe move for Andre. Nobody cares much about governor (sigh) because we Democrats are terribly unimpressed with both candidates. The presidential race candidate loyalty doesn’t transfer much to Congressional candidates.

    Andre simply hasn’t earned this seat. And he’s fourth-best qualified by any reasonable evaluation.

    Oh yeah—this must’ve been a late-night post for you. It’s “lose”, not “loose.”

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Think Again, for the most part I agree with you on the voter resentment. I talk to a lot of regular people who neither identify with the Democrats or the Republicans. They are well aware of Andre and his ascention to the right hand of God and the “Send My Seed” mentality. All of them laugh and all of them are disgusted with Washington politics, etc. As I have said on a number of occassions the thing that disappoints me the most is the inference that Andre is the MOST qualified individual amongst all, ALL the citizens of the 7th CD to represent us (as Evan baby wants us to think) in Washington. WOW that takes real stupidity. If they gave Certifications for Stupidity Andy Jacobs and Evan Bayh would be the top two certified individuals in America.

  • varangianguard

    Talk bad about André all you want, but he who gets out the vote, wins the vote. Everything else is just so much blather.

    MizzouDem…You give Uncle Andy and Evanescent way too much credit. At best, the are just of average stupidity. Members of the pack. Lemmings.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    HAHA! I suppose you are correct varangianguard…. they are rather mediocre stupid aren’t they? With talent like this it is easy to explain why we are in the mess we are in huh?