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Now that we’ve marked the first 100 days of the Ballard administration it’s time to give the Mayor a grade. 

He gets high marks for taking back IMPD and putting it back under the Mayor’s office.  He also gets credit for getting the state to pick up the pre-1977 police pensions as well as some of the other levies.  He’s putting a plan together to tackle abandoned housing, ex-offender re-entry programs and is working to fix the financial disaster that is Indianapolis’ money situation. 

For those he gets a big thumbs up.  They’ve made a few missteps, luckily for them the only people who paid attention were the political class and regular people could care less.   

My only real criticism of the administration you might find odd.  I honestly don’t think they are political enough.  Ballard is more about getting the job done and tends to shy away from the “political” side of being Mayor.  That’s admirable but you can’t be Mayor of 12th largest city in America without having to play the game.  You need to do it to deal with your enemies and to occasionally keep your friends from straying off course.

For example, one draft of the Mayor’s speech had a laundry list of things done by the Peterson administration which would have turned your hair white and made your teeth itch.  Ballard chose not to use it but instead focus his goals and vision of the city.  

I will give him high marks for being a nice guy and above board, but he may want to to make sure he’s got enough political ammunition stockpiled for the remaining 1360 days of his term.  He wants to truly do the best for all citizens and genuinely wants to work with the loyal opposition.  He just has to remind himself that you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs along the way.

So for your first 100 days Mr. Mayor, you get a B+.  

  • Hailstone


    Though you won’t like hearing this because after all, politics is what puts the moolah in your pocket and cigars in your fingers. Without politics then you don’t have much to talk about on your radio show. Fair enough?

    A large part of what was wrong with the previous administration(s) is all the partisan politics. The Colonel is rising above the politics. He’s getting s*** done. It’s slow, and he’s going to meet resistance on both sides of the aisle. HE WILL GET IT DONE! Personally I feel the 2011 election is the furthest from The Colonel’s mind right now. After ’10 we might see a different face as The Colonel gears up for another run (assuming he stands for re-election). Right now he’s busy cleaning up the mess the previous administration left behind.

    Politics is what the Dems are up to now in the Gubernatorial race, with Jimmy Paycheck being “for the repeal of a gas tax before he was against it” when Jill Long Thompson came out in favor of gas tax repeal. Yes, it’s populist. Without gas taxes under current funding formulas the roads don’t get repaired. As you know sometimes the dumbest ideas get traction during election years. Such as The HAIR-brained idea to peg property taxes to ones income.

  • Proud Indy Resident


    Seriously, give me a break. WHEN will you hold this guy accountable for breaking his promises in just 100 days??

    Here’s s smattering…

    •No Lobbyists or Cronies on City Boards. Broken.

    •Super Bowl. Ballard last year: “Everyone likes the Super Bowl, but it makes no sense for the mayor to spend money, time, energy or political resources on a do-over on a failed Super Bowl bid when we have a serious police shortage and rising violent crime.” Broken.

    •Cuts in Mayor’s Staff. “I believe there are cuts to be made in city-county personnel, beginning right at the top in the Mayor’s executive office.” Broken.

    •No Cronyism. Tobias? Grand? Lincoln Plowman? Barnes & Thornburg? Broken.

    •State Bailout. Ballard last year. “Bart Peterson’s plan is to wait for the state to bail him out. How many times have we heard Mayor Peterson blame state government for his fiscal problems?” Broken.

    •Sales Tax Hike. “I know many of you want a straight sales tax, but I’m not there. I think that on a state level, it is too regressive and would hurt the poor too much.” Broken.

  • stop saying it

    Ballard was a Lt. Colonel, stop insulting actual Full Colonels by needlessly and undeservedly promoting him.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Both prior posts have good points. It’s early, and if the tail-end of Mayor Ballard’s tenure careens as much as Mayor Peterson’s, he won’t be back. I’m not tickled about the Super Bowl, the need for Bob Grand’s “ethical screen”, and taxpayers paying for some aide for Mrs. Ballard that we didn’t have to pay for before (personal assistant? what was it?). However, relatively small potatoes if crime becomes reasonable, headway’s made on spending, taxation, and debt, and the city gets out of the headlines for a dismal graduation rate. My impression of retired military folk is they can get as political as they need to, but not until they need to.

  • Watcher on the Wall

    “Ballard was a Lt. Colonel, stop insulting actual Full Colonels by needlessly and undeservedly promoting him.” whined by ‘stop saying it’

    Lt. Colonels are COLONELS and are addressed as such. One does not differentiate between 1st Lieutenants and 2nd Lieutenants, you simply call them lieutenant.

    From Wikipedia
    While written as “Lt. Colonel” in orders and signature blocks, as a courtesy, Lieutenant Colonels are addressed as “Colonel” verbally and in the salutation of correspondence. The U.S. Army uses the three letter abbreviation LTC. The U.S. Air Force and United States Marine Corps uses the abbreviation Lt. Col.

    So pull the wadded panties from your crack and post something useful.

  • IndyErnie

    Abdul you blew the grade on this one. If you are grading on a curve and if the curve was set by Peterson then Mayor Ballard deserves an A+++++++++++++++++++++++. Sorry to have to disagree.

  • Chief Bob

    Watcher on the Wall

    Well Said!

  • DavidM

    I agree Ernie no matter what Proud Indy Resident
    has posted. But I am a little suprise at everyone not to notice why the Mayor has mention repealing part of the Maion county income tax. Good political more on Ballards part.