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Here’s the latest bit of info from your favorite political arms dealer which you can use at your discretion…

I hear the Marion County Democratic party is stepping up their get-out-the vote efforts in anticipation of the special election for the 7th Congressional District. They are not worried as much about Republican Jon Elrod as they are fellow Democrats who think Andre Carson was shoved down their throats so they will crossover and vote for Elrod in order to knock Carson out of the box and make him vulnerable in the May primary.

The city of Indianapolis is looking at making panhandlers register and pay a fee before they can solicit money downtown. The plan would be modeled after a similar ordinance on the books in Cincinnati.

The City-County Council ordinance that would suspend the pay of Marion County Coroner Ken Ackles until he gets his state certification would also impact two of Ackles employees; John Martin and Mike Gillepsie. The Criminal Justice Planning Council is also planning to investigate Ackles. A lack of certification can jeopardize pending homicide cases. Ackles withdrew his bid for re-election after his fellow Democrats told him they would not support him because of they way he has run the office.

State Senator Glen Howard continues to suffer from dementia brought on by Alzheimer’s. As once source close to Howard put it, “he doesn’t even know his own name.” Howard and I have always had a spirited relationship when it came to discussing the issues and we wish him the best as he battles his affliction.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

  • Me

    FYI….John Martin is a retired IPD officer who earns a paycheck as a deputy coroner doing absolutely nothing. Ackles and Ballew would be hard pressed to find a case report Martin actually wrote. Go to MCCO, he’s the guy standing by the front desk reading the paper. A crony hire. Gillespie on the other hand was the frickin’ JANITOR at MCCO and got in trouble for sexually harrassing a former administrative assistant. I’ve seen him on the news at homicide scenes. How scary is that folks? A janitor with no medical background, unable to pass the state exam, is doing death investigations……Yet Treacy thought this was a good choice for Coroner. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wilson46201

    The one anonymous “Democrat for Elrod” online gave up his turncoat crusade after meeting and speaking with André Carson. He’s voting for André March 11th! It’s also hard for any citizen to vote for a Bushzoid Republican like Elrod after the last 7 years…

  • John

    How about a Carsonzoid for over thiry years Wilson, I’d rather take the seven thank you. Last twelve years wasn’t a pleasent one for the poor people or middle class here in Indianapolis I must add, and I am democrat.

  • Wilson46201

    Anybody content with the last 7 years of the continued Bush screwups is no Democrat.
    But go ahead: if you liked Bush, you’ll love Elrod!

  • Me

    Now Wilson is telling us what is and isn’t “Democrat” Like he’s the self-appointed spokesperson for the DNC. He should hold a special summer camp and those of us Democrats who don’t think exactly like him can attend. Maybe you can film it in black and white and speak german too while youre at it. Wow, he never stops does he. Please notice thought, his inability to defend Ackles. Even Wilson knows if it quacks like a duck………it must be a duck.

  • Me

    Typo….meant “though” and not “thought”. Better get that in…

  • Wilson46201

    Good citizens discuss issues.
    Good voters discuss candidates.
    Shadowy gossips discuss me…

  • Watcher on the Wall

    Wilson you are a legend in your own mind.

  • Wilson46201

    quod erat demonstrandum

  • Shorebreak

    I’m not happy when panhandlers approach me. I simply don’t believe that most of them can’t do SOMETHING to earn some cash or get into a treatment facility. But as far as I’m concerned, when they ask me for money, they aren’t violating anybody’s rights. Making them register for a panhandling license is not only unConstitutional, it’s simply going to add to the list of unConstitutional control activities that the police are required to conduct.

    I’d rather be bothered on occasion than to sit idle while our government violates our rights. Who knows, if the emerging recession turns into a deep depression, it could be you or me holding our hands out for a dime. Should YOU require permission to be allowed to do that?

  • John Howard

    So now anonymous cowards are cited as talking points rather than being derided and labelled irrelevant as per usual? How odd. Is Andre so nervous that the ‘team’ has to resort to such frivolity?

  • Me

    Good voters are open minded, a concept so far from Wilson and the real issues that when one questions anything Wilson thinks, even members of his own party, he quickly attempts to spin it into a Wilson/Çarson vs. the World speech. My father always told me never to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. So I’ll leave Wilson alone. Notice he STILL HASN’T addressed the Ackles issue. Typical when he has nothing to say about a Democrat in office that can defend what they have done.

  • Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    Wilson, there are lots of Dems who are going to turn coat on Andre. I know several personally. One is my own wife. (Of course she didn’t vote for Julia for years, either.)

    But good luck with the wishful thinking.

  • John

    The only thing you have going for you is that it is illegal in Indiana to hunt you until squirrel season opens.
    Once it opens. Watch your a$$.

  • John

    Wilson, If you talk to any African Americans they will tell you that Andre is a fake. His ads are very weak, as a matter of fact when he tells us “Every parent should take responsibilty for their own children, is the stand that Republicans take. So, tell us Wilson is he a Repub,Dem,Lib,Indp or what. He has no platform, only his grand mammy. Even the African American community is very suspect of Carson, it it will show in the special elections, and if he loses. Thank, Billy Bro, Bill Crawford, Carl Slummer, Macy Johnson, and the concerned Flunkies(AKA Clergy for selling out the community.

  • Wilson46201

    John, turn on your spell-checker and turn on your brain. Then try writing again…

  • John

    You must be prefering to the political junkies…I mean flunkies. Once again: ” It goes as follows- Billy Bro, Bill Crawfish, Carl Bummer, Ms. Macy Johnson…. If I’d spell these clowns names wrong I appppolligesssssssss. One more…you Wilson…You know Mr. Wilson was one of my favorite characters in Denise the Menace. You spoiled Mr. Wilsons legacy…shame on you….Dumpster Diva out to mislead the African American and the entire community….piiiiitttttiiiifulllll

  • Chris

    Democrats for Elrod!! Love it!

  • Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    And you know, Wilson, it’s fun to think that Bush still polls higher then the DemocRAT congress.

    And support for the war is now over 50%.

    Demoncrats [sic] lose again.

  • Democan

    I am crossing over to vote for Elrod. I personally find Andre discusting and shoved down our throats. I will be back with the Democratic Party in May.

  • Joseph Stockett

    It would be hard for me to actually vote for John Elrod because I am a Democrat.

    Andre’ Carson isn’t the type of candidate I would vote for either, so perhaps I’ll just sit out the Special Election.

    Perhaps Andre’ is just a product of the conditions that exist within the political system and he can’t do things differently.

  • Denise Turner

    I cannot believe that Glenn Howard is suffering from alzheimer (I don’t care if it is spelled correctly or not you know what I mean) has taken such a vital voice of the Black community. It seem like a cruel joke or trick for Glenn not to even know his name. He was a master of history and information. God bless him and his family. What nursing home is Glenn Howard in?