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I think I have officially seen it all today.  Instead of debating real issues such as Iraq, health care, the slow meltdown of the American economy, the blogosphere is ripe with stories about Republican Jon Elrod’s sexual orientation and  Democrat Andre Carson’s religion.

It’s ironic that individuals who want to be treated with the same deference as mainstream media are clearly demonstrating they are as about as far out of the mainstream as possible. 

As one of the premiere bloggers in this state I can solve their issues for them right now.  Andre Carson is not a member of the Nation of Islam and is not a follower of Louis Farrakhan.   Jon Elrod is not gay.  He is a single man who is straight and takes the institution of marriage seriously and has a “live and let live” attitude.

Now that I’ve settled that,  perhaps we can back to a real conversation.  Or if not, leave the race to the grown ups.

  • Mike Bowman

    I have not seen or heard an iota of difference between what Andre Carson has stated and in his ads and those ads from the DCCC for Andre and against Elrod that show he is any different than Julia Carson. If a person liked the representation we got before they will vote for Andre.

  • Wilson46201

    Mike Bowman is clearly a perceptive and astute observer of the political scene – I quite agree with his analysis. Keep a Carson in Congress!

  • Gary

    The US economy is in very bad shape and people are worried about Islam and homosexuality?Where have the issues been buried.I will vote for the guy that digs up the issues.

  • patriot paul

    thank you Abdul for sticking with the issues instead of the distractions. Hoosiers are hurting, looking for relief. The problems are not what goes on in the bedroom, but what is happening to their entire home. Thanks for staying on message with the Statehouse issues that will affect all of us. Please research how the nearly 4 Billion $ got overlooked.

  • http://www.commonplacebook.com Steph Mineart

    “As one of the premiere bloggers in this state”

    Funniest. Abdul. EVER.

  • David Wene

    When a Republican hints that a Democrat who supports gay issues might be gay, then Democratic Gay Activists say those Republicans are “gay-baiting” and homophobic.

    I think it is amazing that this rumor about Jon is promoted by a Democratic Gay Activist because she supports Carson.

  • Abdul

    Ah Steph,

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it. I’ll gladly take my number of hits per day over yours anyday.

  • max

    Who is “she” David? Many of the gay Dems would like to give her our opinion of this crap.

  • Mike Bowman

    Wilson46201 – Keep a Carson in Congress!

    That is saddest thing I have heard from Mr. Wilson – not to vote ANDRE into Congress – but to keep a Carson in Congress. I do not advocate people to blindly vote for a name like a flock of sheep.

  • Wilson46201

    The voters consistently returned Julia Carson to Congress — André Carson was mentored by her and will hopefully represent this District as well as she did. The voters sure liked it!

  • Muckraker

    Wilson obfuscates yet again. You see, Andrea was not mentored by her, he was given everything he has by Julia…state job that everyone else obtains by merit was given him, and he was barely able to pass the class (some say he didn’t pass & was given ‘private’ tests that he passed), then he gets appointed to the city council (by her) and gets offered a job with a city contractor, now he’s running for congress….with militant racist Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement.

  • Bob Miller

    If we get the representation we deserve, we’re in trouble.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com melyssa

    Sean Shepard held a press conference at Monument Circle last week to talk about the real issues facing this country…specifically the FDIC’s announcement that 100 plus banks are going to fail and the resignation of David Walker as comptroller of our country.
    One news outlet showed up and I was bummed that you or Chris weren’t there, Abdul!
    You think the fact that our country is sexually REPRESSED has anything to do with people’s pre-occupation with it? Even YOU are discussing it on this most esteemed blog.

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  • Shorebreak

    Abdul, the fact that people focus their blogs on social issues rather than on important policy issues has everything to do with why our political leadership are out of control and out of touch. Voters have been indoctrinated into choosing candidates over issues rather than over sound, legal, Constitutional leadership.

    The end result is that no matter which side wins, the policies haven’t been publicly scrutinized, and each side can justify government expansion by promising to support the “issues” that were promoted in their campaign. Either way, you get a more “Statist” government rather than a “Republican” government.

    If you’ve ever read Marx – not just his Manifesto, but his speeches and other writings – controling opinions by promotion of issues is a foundation to expand government and to create enmity within populations, preventing the unity required to maintain a free state. It’s textbook stuff.

    Getting back to these “issues” based bloggers, they and their audience don’t understand the dynamic. Social issues have been invented as election concerns in order to keep policy out of the spotlight and allow increasingly centralized govcernment – regardless of which party wins the election. The bloggers are fighting to support their pet social issues, noit realizing that these “issues” are the tool to justify increased government expansion.

    “If the people want it, I’ll deliver” etc. It’s called Marxism.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    God now we are bring sex into this race? Wilson wants a Carson in Congress, perhaps we can get Andre a good janitorial job in the Capitol. Thats as close as I want Send My Seed to the business of the nation.

  • Wilson46201

    Slaves built the Capitol Building – I suppose its progress when the bigots are willing to pay for cleaning labor. Real Americans will be electing André Carson to Congress, just like they consistently chose his grandmother, Julia Carson!

  • Jon G

    “Real Americans” WHAT????

  • MissouriDemocrat

    I am not putting race into this opposition. You did. I oppose Carson because he is not qualified and Granny gave him all he has in life and politics. I might have supported him had he earned the right to run by holding office longer than one month last year and had the Send My Seed mentality not overcome the entire Marion County Democratic Party.

  • Democan

    Like his grandmother this Carson will also be out campaigning instead of voting in Congress. Another coronation is about to happen, along with Hillary Clinton.

  • scared senior

    The ideas that Elrod has for social security scares me. I have worked almost 40 years and I deserve my social security. The last think we need is for Bush and his cronies to be investing it with his buddies like Halliburton. Carson will protect my retirement.

  • Jerry

    scaredy cat senior, that is the biggest crock I have heard in a long time on here…and the same thing Andre Carson is saying. “…it would be a DISASTER,” is what his TV commercial says, and implies seniors are done for if Elrod is elected. Pllleeeeaase. Do you think your children or grandchildren deserve their social security? Well, we can’t just sit back and “protect” what won’t be there, especially with the spending ways of the Democrats.