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For the past few weeks Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson and Mayor Greg Ballard have been in “talks” over who should control the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. A hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday on an ordinance that transfers control. The Mayor and Sheriff have maintained a very civil public front, even going so far as to issue a joint memo to the department letting officers know they are united in making sure citizen safety is a priority.   It has been a different story behind the scenes.

Anderson and his attorney, Kevin Murray, have been playing the race card in conversations with the Mayor’s Office and some City-County Councilors in an effort to hold on to the department. According to my sources, both Anderson and Murray have gone so far as to even drop the “n-word” on several occasions in their attempt to accuse the Mayor and the Marion County Republicans of wanting to take power away from the “Black Sheriff.”  I find this laughable because they both seem to have forgotten that the Black Sheriff has endorsed the very white Kerry Forestal, his chief deputy, to take his place as Sheriff when his term expires in 2010. By the way, that support of Forestal has also cost Anderson some crucial support of a significant number of Black clergy in Indianapolis.

If  I were the Mayor, I would not trust Anderson and his cronies half as far as I could throw them. In part because every time he meets with Anderson’s attorney, the taxpayers get a bill. But if Greg Ballard were going to work with the Sheriff and Murray on a peaceful and orderly transition of power, I would deny any request they would have to stand behind me, because I’d rather have them in front of me where I could keep an eye on them.

  • Think Again

    Your post is a tad paranoid, but mostly on point.

    I think the new Mayor is handling this just about right, and I did’t vote for him. But his future holds promise, and he owes no one, which I find refreshing.

    Look Abdul—the real pressure is on the new City Council leadership. The Mayor’s party has one vote more than required for passage. If he holds his caucus, he can pollitely give the middle finger to Anderson.

    Playing nice while that council is debating, is prudent on Ballard’s part.

    If he loses that council vote, or it gets amended heavily, he’s screwedd I think he gets it.

  • Terry

    I would not trust Anderson either! Next thing you know Anderson and his cronies will go public with the “race” card.
    And why are they even talking, the public spoke at the ballot box!

  • just a beat cop

    No need to worry about a peaceful transistion. The men and women of IMPD will ensure it while we’re standing next to the mayor

  • Rick

    Frank Anderson is the least articulate, least effective public official this city has endured. To make this a race issue only diminishes Frank more in my mind(and I didn’t think that possible). The race relations in this city are only harmed by this kind of move.
    When will the black community in this town demand results from their elected officials? They support Frank simply due to the color of his skin. It can’t be due to his deeds.
    Dr. King’s dream has been hijacked. Skin color matters, character doesn’t. Race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton(I refuse to call them reverends)perpetuate the racial divide. It is there business. It is their livelihood. We have our own Jacksons and Sharptons here in Indy. We all know who they are. Now we can add Frank to the list.

  • BigRic

    Love it when you have to sink so low as to pull the race card b/c you have nothing left to argue… sadly typical of the changing tune of our city.

  • http://indianapolsnewgoverment2008.blogspot.com/ David

    The meeting that Abdul is taking about is the public safety committee meeting to held at the city county building, room 260 at 5:30pm January 30th. The meeting is public and the public will have an opportunity to speak. I believe that this should be a very interesting meeting and I for one plan to be there.

  • Christine

    The Public Safety Meeting has been changed from January 30th, to Thursday, January 31st, same time, same place.

  • Front Row Spectator

    Check that David. It has been resheduled to Thursday night, January 31st, same time & place. “Please make a note of it.”

  • RDK

    “If I were the Mayor, I would not trust Anderson and his cronies half as far as I could throw them.”

    With your back Abdul, I wouldn’t throw anyone!

  • http://westclayconservative.townhall.com WCC

    Abdul – interested to hear/read your thoughts on the Black Expo – 80% of Indiana blacks born out of wedlock story in the Star today.

  • Rob

    Anderson and his lackey Murray can throw the race card all they want, but they are going to lose. The citizens of Indianapolis want a leader to fight crime in the city. Anderson has proven that he is not a leader. His lack of leadership abilities and not his skin color is why he finds himself about to lose control of IMPD.

  • http://indianapolsnewgoverment2008.blogspot.com/ David

    Thank you Christine for the correction. I just notice that myself on the city website. Thanks again. It will be interest to see who and how many people will show up. DavidM

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