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My good friend and former Indianapolis Star editorial writer RiShawn Biddle has a thought-provoking piece today on the legacy of 7th District Congresswoman Julia Carson.  It’s on the American Spectator’s website.  It makes for very interesting reading. 

  • Centrist

    RiShawn mentions a battle between her “arrogant and corrupt old guard allies”, and the “young leaders in the Democrat party”, but I’m not aware of any of these young leaders throwing their hats into the ring just yet. Will they? If so, who would they be?

  • varangianguard

    “Young” is a relative term.

  • Centrist

    Outside the relativity of the term “young”, I’m trying to figure out whether there are even ANY members of the party who didn’t ride in on her coattails. Are there any independent thinkers left in the Democratic party? Is there anyone who denounced Monroe Gray before it became the popular thing to do? For so long, “the queen” and her “machine” have quashed internal opposition. Those are the types that would be the “young leaders” he is referring to; I’m just trying to figure out if they even exist…

  • TaxPayer-46205

    Its sad that we will never see this sort of realistic analysis about our “queen” (oops, I mean representative) ever appear in the Star.

  • Nytlaw

    what a great article. “queen” she is far from. a MONSTRESS yes

  • anonymouse

    Rishawn wrote it like he would never had been allowed to write it at the Rag, I mean the Star.

  • varangianguard

    No matter which party you affiliate yourself with, I’m thinking that “independent” thinking is quietly discouraged. A political leader (at whatever level) comes to some sort of decision and then further discussion is ignored, insulted or dismissed. Too bad our political society has been driven so far away from the ability to coexist while still disagreeing on some issues.

    Does “if you’re not with us, then you’re against us” sound familiar? Attitudes like that are not confined to any one point of view, or political affiliation. The mere concept of a “Whip” in Congress says volumes about what political parties think of independent thinking.

    Offhand, I couldn’t say who did or did not benefit from a political association with Rep. Carson. But, there does seem to be some unspoken agreement which would perforce narrow the Democratic field somewhat.

    I think that whatever else Rep. Carson is, monster isn’t one of them.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Hoosiers For Fair Taxation

    Courage and heart. That’s all that is needed. The rules are changing. It looks like you no longer need money to win political races.

  • arnie

    HFFT…Sorry to say but you are so wrong. It will always take money and plenty of it. Courage and heart alone only works in OZ.

  • Centrist

    HFFT, you’re right; you don’t need money to win political races. All you need is an incumbent opponent who champions an income tax increase in the same year your constituents suffer a property tax increase and within a few years of your state levying a sales tax increase. But since we’re not likely to see THAT scenario again any time soon, I’m guessing money still matters in campaigns.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Money matters 100% in campaigns. Whether it is money spent on campaigning or money forcibly removed from citizens by the government is the deciding factor.

  • Bruce Henry

    Thank you for providing this unique and daresay, thought provoking analysis written by Mr. Biddle. I am regularly reminded about the fallacies promulgated by those entities attempting to lead us away from taking the “road less traveled.” Please be mindful, that as a community, we took that very important intrepid step in the right direction once before and I remain faithful that we will do it again. Give my best to Mr. Biddle and thanks again for the prespective.

  • Adam

    E-Gad! I’ll need to wait to try & take Rishawn seriously. Wait until he writes for a publication related somehow to actual journalsim. The American Spectator? An even sadder publication than the Star!

  • jim stolly

    David Lewis, african american, appointed to statewide office by Joe Kernan…works for Chase Bank now. Young, very smart, politically savvy, positive outlook, great looking family, friends with all factions, he would be a great candidate.